Monday, April 25, 2011

musings of a girl half-way to seventeen

song in my head: "i see the light" from tangled
Today is my "half-birthday!" It's hard to believe six months have flown by so fast...quite a bit as happened since that long-awaited sixteenth birthday. Let's take a look, month by month:

Month #1 (October 26-November 25) - Settling into the life of a new sixteen year old....that took all month :D Also I realized how many things I have to be thankful for....something demonstrated by those twenty-four "song of thanksgiving" posts that I did that month :D

Month #2 (November 26-December 25) - Finished my first semester at the community college this month! Here's a link to the semester review post I did back then. That semester was incredibly eye-opening. Taking a class away from home in a secular environment helped me learn to stand up for my faith and beliefs about life on my own. No background support. God did bless me greatly by giving me a like-minded, sixteen year old girl to partner with, that helped. Very challenging - LOADS of fun!

Month #3 (December 26-January 25) - We joined our church this month....well, walked up and said we wanted to pursue membership. Big turning point here, as I began to feel more and more accepted by the young adults and the ladies of the church and making deep friendships. I love my church...I love the body of believers God has brought together to be a part of my life at the this crucial growing-up time. 

Month #4 (January 26-February 25) - Remember that scary fire? That was here. Looking back, I can see that here was really when God began preparing me to change my "lifestyle". As the threat of losing our home began a scary reality that afternoon, my mind went through everything that was truly important to me. I was able to let go of my anxiety about a piano competition (of all things, honestly!) as I saw how little weight it held in the long run. I probably played better because of that, but that's not the point :P Letting go without's a hard lesson to learn. 

Month #5 (February 26-March 25) - During these thirty days, I went through a short, two week roller-coaster of emotions that was rather confusing but left me in a very good place :D I don't even know how to explain it....but I basically learned that siblings are only annoying when you think of them that way, and that it's *very* possible to learn to love (not just tolerate) their idiosyncrasies. The strangest thing about this realization is that it happened almost overnight and I'm still not quite sure what triggered it. I'll give the Holy Spirit all the credit - it was certainly Providential. I began to really work to love and live *with* my siblings, not *around* them. What was I was supposed to "do" for school also fell in perspective this month - a welcome relief!

Month #6 (March 26-April 25) - This would be the biggest month. All of the six previous months were building up to this. March 27 was one of the biggest turning-days of my life - it was the day our friend began a new life with heaven....forever. This past month has been one of evaluation as I thought through different parts of my life, purged unnecessary things and began to focus on the things that really count in life: relationships. I was so thankful that I'd *already* been convicted that I needed to spend more time with my siblings and was working on a solution. Having to re-order *everything* would've been too overwhelming. God is so good. 

My love for my Savior and my knowledge of His love me has grown so much since my birthday. Overall, I can say that I have most *definitely* matured in the past six months. I have six more months of being sixteen left. While I'm looking forward to being seventeen, I'm ready to squeeze out all I can in the next six months - really living. With God's help, I'll build wonderful testimonies of His faithfulness and love in every part of my life.


  1. YAY! Happy half birthday!!

  2. Happy half-birthday to you
    Happy half-birthday to you
    Happy half-birthday, Dear Jo...
    Happy half-birthday to you!

    Love you! Wonderful post. ;)

  3. Happy half birthday, dear! The 20th was Bree's half birthday, too. :)

    Wow. You're certainly maturing, Jo. (Not that you weren't mature before--please don't misunderstand me!) I can almost *feel* your changed spirit coming through this post. I understand what you mean about little siblings--sometimes I can get very frustrated with them and think that my job in life is to "tolerate" them. As if my parents went around feeling as if they needed to "tolerate" me! What they want and need is LOVE. And I can't give them that on my own: only God can change my heart.

    I'm sorry about your friend. :( But God has a plan for everything, as we know, and you were clearly part of that plan. The work he did, is doing, and will do in your life is incredible. God is so good.

    Well, this comment is already entirely too long, so I'd better go. :)

    Love ya, dear!
    Elizabeth Rose

    P.S. I replied to your email. :)

  4. {Elizabeth} - Thank you, friend. I can feel my spirit changing from that of a young girl to that of a young lady - it's scary and exciting at the same time.
    Siblings are God's way of refining us, I believe. :) The more you have, the hotter the fire :P Okay, okay, it's not *that* bad, but still.... :D After living with my family, I'll be able to handle any type of personality :D