Saturday, April 23, 2011

two sisters - fourteen years

song in my head: "when will my life begin" from tangled
On July 6th, 2009 - during the summer before my fifteenth birthday - I was blessed by a *very* special little blessing. After six years of little boys in the house, we finally had another little girl! Fourteen years separate me and my little Zuzu in age, but we are definitely kindred spirits and I am *loving* watching her grow up! Because we're so far apart in age, I'll probably be out of the house before she's even in middle school, but we're still buddies and always will be :D

I *am* a little jealous of her actually, 'cause she's going to have "grown up" sisters to have fun with and (Lord willing) little nieces and nephews to take care of at a rather young age :)

My little Zu *loves* pink, playing dolls and pretend kitchen, can sing the Tangled soundtrack and *hates* bugs with adorable abhorrence. But, with three older brothers, she's also tough as nails, enjoys fighting with swords and light sabers and can stand her ground in a fight. She's certainly got spirit.

The way she calls out my name every day would melt your heart - but I can't tell you how she says it because she says my *real* name. Not "Jo". Oh, well. But still, those of y'all who have little siblings know the way it feels to hear your name called out by a baby from across the house. :)

I love you, Zuzu!

Even though today isn't her birthday, or even her half birthday, month birthday or quarter birthday, I just felt like posting up something about this adorable little fireball that has changed the dynamics of our house so much :)


  1. Oh my! These are such adorable pictures! I love the progression.

    Zuzu is so adorable. That was one of my fears when Ellie was born that I wouldn't be a close with her as I am with KK and Emma but I have so been proven wrong. My little girl melts my heart ♥. Except for at 2AM this morning when she was standing next to my bed asking me to help her get in Sammy's bed (???). I'm not a very nice person at 2AM after staying up till 12. :P Anyway...three cheers for little sisters who fill their big sister's lives with sunshine!

  2. ADORABLE! She's so cute...I love little people. ;)

  3. I (almost) know how you feel. 9 years seperate me and my youngest sister. We are so close though. I believe I have a special bond with her, mostly because she was the only baby I was big enough to really take care of (I was a really small child and Momma tended to have large babies). I'm going to miss her when I'm married! I know for a fact that she wont even be in highschool then because I'm already engaged. I need to quit talking about that now, I believe I'm going to cry. Do you ever worry your bond will be somewhat broken when your not going to be around her all the time?

  4. I loooooove Zuzu (<-- I almost forgot to use that name)! such a lovely little girl....

  5. I love these new pictures of you!

    I have 2 year old twin sisters and I totally agree with your statement that there is nothing like hearing them call your name across the house. Jesus is so good to bless us with these little girls to help teach us so many things!

  6. Happy Easter!

    I love those pictures! You are so blessed to have a little sister, or for that matter, sisters in general. As much as I love, um, Oliver, and would never trade him for a sister, I always thought it would be fun to have a sister, too.

    In case you didn't know, the Tangled soundtrack is only $6.99 on iTunes, even though each song is $1.29. Just a heads up if you're thinking about buying it.

  7. Aww! What a sweet post! And I can just imagine how much it must melt your heart when she calls out your name... ♥

    You're lucky to have a sister who's still very little. My youngest sibling--Ava--turned 4 this past March. We're all somewhat sad that she is growing up, because it means we have no more little babies or toddlers in the house. :( We've been praying for some time that Momma will have one more baby, except for Ava herself, who wants Momma to have twins. :P

    Adorable photos, by the way. :) I love how Zu is just peeping around at the camera in the last photo, trying to see what you're doing... Too cute. :)

    Love ya!
    Elizabeth Rose

  8. She's so cute!!!!!!! Happy Easter! :)

  9. {Nana} - I was a little worried about that too - but all those fears dissipated when I saw her little face for the first time. Her birth was so special....we're buddies forever!!!

    {Vivi} - Yeah for little people! The days of innocence, being cute and having no school! :P

    {Riah} - Yes, I have worried about that some. But I'm looking forward to having her over for big sister-little sister sleepovers once I'm out of the house :D I want to be the coolest big sister ever...starting now :)

    {gab} - Funny! I forget sometimes too. Ellie Wachter won't call her anything BUT "Zuzu" ...even when we see them in person :D

    {Lindsey Marie} - No matter how frustrated I am, when Zuzu calls me, my heart melts. :) She woke me up this morning by rushing into our room wearing Inigo's viking armor and beating me over the head with a sword, calling my name the whole time. Still sweet, though slightly alarming :P

    {Polly} - Good old Oliver. I'm sure he's glad to know you wouldn't want to trade him for a girl :P And yes, we did figure that out on iTunes and purchased the entire soundtrack for $6.99. Good deal, and we've already got our money's worth out of it :D

    {Elizabeth Rose} - Whoa! Ava's already four!?! Time's flying...she was about two and a half when I first met you :D Yes, Zuzu LOVES to "see". We try to take her picture, but she never stands still very long because she comes running over calling out "I see? I see?" and peering behind the camera :D

  10. By the way, was this in your profile? (About me secion at the top)