Friday, May 6, 2011


song in my head: "waiting for the lights" from tangled

" boldly go where no man has gone before." - Star Trek

You may remember that Mama, Leia, Titty, our aunt and I all went to South Carolina for a short 2-3 day visit at the beginning of April. We were going to help our grandmother prepare to move - and see the old house one more time.

I've always envied my uncle's bedroom in this house. He doesn't use it anymore (hasn't for *many* years :D), but I still think of it as "his" room. The reason I've always loved it is probably because it's what my room would look like if I could decorate it any way I wanted to. (read: without Leia :P) 

I want to remember what this room looks like forever - so I made sure I took lots of pictures. All by myself in the attic, I felt like I really was in a place that was in a different world - even though everyone had been up there going through boxes together just a few hours before. I shut the door, and just turned around and around, loving every messy corner, every movie poster, every sticker on the dresser, every Clemson banner, everything.

from the top of the attic stairs looking down

 view from the door

 view from the closet

 I. Heart. This. Dresser!!! Get a load of those stickers - gotta love it!

 Doctor Spock gave each of us a good scare, as we caught sight of a full-sized man standing in the doorway and then remembered, "Oh, right. It's a poster."

And a classic self-portrait in the mirror - making sure I recorded myself in the room for all posterity.

When my uncle lived here, there weren't all those boxes piled around. His bed was under the Clemson banners and there was more furniture (I can barely remember now....) but the room is still my favorite and always will be.

Ah, nostalgia. Have had a serious attack of it this week - what with the piano recital coming up, friends getting older, friends getting married (still can't believe it, guys!), seeing the end of high school just around the corner and all. *sigh* But it's nice to grow up. :D


  1. That is a neat dresser! I saw the pictures of Captain Picard and Spock, and thought "Hmm... Star Trek fan are we?" :)


  2. Haha! Jo, that room is so YOU!!!

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE THERE IS A RAMS BANNER ON THE WALL!!! AHHH! That's so cool that there are other Rams fans in the world other than Pa. :D

    Just a few changed I'm sure you would make if/when it is your room...

    1. Han Solo would grace to door vs. Spock.

    2. Posters would include (but not limited to): Princess Bride, Star Wars, The Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, etc. etc. etc.

    3. Your awesome Princess Bride calendar would be hanging on the wall.

    4. You would have Star Wars bed sheets (I'm still trying to talk KK into these...). :D

    5. And there would probably be a piano in the room somewhere.

    So how close am I? :)

  3. Whoops! Sorry for the stiff and formal "Brianna Wachter" on that last comment...I was logged into my gMail account and didn't realize it till after I posted that comment. Sorry about that. Just ignore Brianna...all the letters for Nana are in there so just rearrange them a little, k? :)

    Man, I'm confusing myself...

    Now I'm too lazy to sign out so, yep, this one's going to say Brinna Wachter to. You can ignore that as well. :)

  4. Haha, that's funny about thinking Spock was a strange guy in the doorway. ;) I can see myself doing that, too, and giving myself a heart attack! LOL

  5. Hehe...I just noticed that, like me, you call Spock "Dr. Spock". I'm always saying that. Always. Doctor and Spock just seem to go together, don't 'ch think? Only I wouldn't ask Spock for baby advice; he'd probably just say "illogical captain". Which leads to the question, if Spock is "Dr." Spock then is Dr. McCoy just McCoy? In which case, you have to wonder, is is "Dr." Spock with a ex-girlfriend on everything planet? So then is it really McCoy who is saying "illogical captain" and Spock who is saying "I'm a doctor not a miracle worker!" Who knew there were so many thoughts to be thought concerning Star Trek past the giant floating glowing jelly fish and the red shirts??? :D

  6. I love the story about Spock! Wax dummies and life size posters always startle me!