Monday, May 2, 2011

happiness in sixteen forms

Happiness is....

  • having *fun* at your Spanish oral exam today
  • realizing that there are only eleven days left until the piano recital!!! This year is going to be really great....
  • registering for fall semester classes at the CC and getting into the same Spanish class as your awesome cousin! :)
  • listening to your baby sister singing Tangled songs around the house ("And last....ah see....light!")
  • planning an awesome blog event with an awesome friend for an awesome reason
  • the word "awesome"
  • listening to a two-year-old boy recite Psalm 99 for a cookie during 1st Sunday lunch yesterday, and watching him blush every time you made eye contact with him during the recitation - love you little J! 
  • buying notions to finish a sewing project
  • having a heart-to-heart talk with your mama about life plans and realizing you have the most awesome parents in the world
  • knocking two more arpeggios off your "get this up to tempo" list - now I only have 18 more to go....*half-hearted cheer*
  • learning that your piano teacher thinks that Tangled is very cute movie :) It's for all ages, really and truly!
  • listening to the play Romeo and Juliet for school for the second time this year (I did it for writing in the fall). I really want to see a good movie version....any suggestions?
  • watching the royal wedding live 
  • checking out your two favorite Betsy-Tacy books out of the library and promising yourself that you will not read them until you've finished your final Spanish exam on Wednesday *oh torture!*
  • feeling accepted by so many ladies who are older than you and making so many wonderful friendships
  • posting 400 times on your blog!!! Yup, that's what this is! My 400th
[found via Bleah's Tumblr]

Yes, and Molly reminded me: Happiness is knowing that this country's long, ten year wait is over and justice has finally been done. Three cheers for the USA!!!!


  1. haha, good post! :D awesome is also knowing bin Laden is dead! :)

  2. I am attempting to learn Spanish as well! lol Notice I said "attempting" >_> It's not coming easily lol! :)

    Ooo I hope your piano recital goes well! How fun!

    My sisters and I have been going around the house singing I See the Light, too! It's such a sweet song! ^_^

    Yes, the word "awesome" is, well, awesome. ;P

    My favorite thing to do is have a heart-to-heart conversation with my momma!! I love her so much! <3 Mom's are the best! ;) Speaking of which, Mother's Day is coming up... eep!! ^_^

    Tangled IS a very cute movie, and you're right! It's for all ages!! It's my new favorite Disney Princess movie. :)

    I only watched the first 30 minutes of the royal wedding... I fell asleep. lol :D

    How exciting, Jo!! Congratulations on reaching 400 posts!!! WOW! :D


  3. I have a suggestion for Romeo and Juliet...Ben and Juliet! Just kidding! It's not a "good" movie's a hilariously bad one...:P

    Happy 400th post!

  4. You had fun at your Spanish oral exam?! Please tell me what the trick is, because I always get nervous and forget easy things... which is not good, because my oral exam is on Thursday. It shouldn't be too hard, though--they normally aren't. It's the days before the exam that are worse: the actual exam is never that bad.

    Ooh, I can't wait to hear more about the event! Your Fiesta de Octobre was such fun; I've been eagerly awaiting another event ever since then. I don't think the reason behind my love of FDO was because I won the final giveaway... no, no, that couldn't be it at all. :P

    I *love* talking things over with my momma. She's so understanding and loving... things just make SENSE when she explains them. Sorry, dear, you can't possibly have the most awesome parents in the world... I do. :)

    I really, really, really *have* to see Tangled! Goodness, every post of yours makes me want to see it more... not to mention all of the other posts that have been popping up in the blogosphere lately dealing with this popular film.

    We read "Romeo and Juliet" in the fall for school, and so my Lit/Comp teacher asked our class if anyone had seen a good movie. A friend of mine saw the really old version (from the 50's or 60's, I think), and despite it being extremely accurate to the play, she said there was a *very* inappropriate scene... so I wouldn't recommend it. :( Maybe you could skip that one scene, though...? Having not seen it, I can't be sure.

    Well, this comment is already long enough, and Bree wants to use the laptop. She says you and I could talk for hours... which is probably true. :)

    Love ya!
    Elizabeth Rose