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a week of star wars - character profiles

a week of Star Wars
a blog party by jo march of scraps and näna of by the way

The "mini-event" that starts today is character profiles. These are just little "reviews" of a character from Star Wars. It can be as simple as posting up a picture of them with a few sentences about why you like, dislike, admire, etc. them, or as complex as documenting their "spiritual" journey as their character matures throughout the trilogy (or trilogies - for those few that carry through all six). 

Once you've posted, link your "review" below:

Remember, the review can really just a be a picture and a few words  - it doesn't have to take all day :D 

jo's character profile - han solo

Yeah. Had to do it. Couldn't resist. Each character in Star Wars is so important, so well thought out, so perfect in their own way. But my favorite hands down is Han Solo....and even though I thought about doing a character I don't like as much for this character profile, my "light" side finally won out :P So, without further ado, Han Solo (according to Jo)......

Han is arguably one of the most complex characters in Star Wars. He definitely makes the biggest character transition than any of the others - going from looking out for himself to actually taking an interest in others. Going from having one *real* friend (Chewie) to having a whole crowd of them (Luke and Leia of course...but even C-3PO, R2D2.....and Lando *wink*). Going from having no faith whatsoever in "hokey religions and ancient weapons" to having a healthy respect for the Force. *grin* Yes, Han changes quite a bit. I like him best in the Empire Strikes Back - when he's lost that *really* rude edge to his arrogance, but he's not quite "reformed" :D

Han has the privilege of being probably the most quoted character in the original trilogy, due to his huge stash of sarcastic lines :D I quote him just about everyday....most of the time without meaning to :D (yes, I'm a pathological movie quoter - lines just make themselves part of my everyday conversation! LOL) Some of my favorites:

[greedo] "You can tell that to Jabba. At best, he may only take your ship."
[han] "Over my dead body."
[greedo] "That's the idea....I've been looking forward to this for a long time."
[han] "I bet you have." *blasts Greedo* (to bartender) "Sorry about the mess."
"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I made some personal modifications myself."
[han - after blasting intercom] "Boring conversation anyway."
"Listen Your Worshipfulness, I only take orders from one person: me!"
"You know, sometimes I even amaze myself."
"Never tell me the odds."
"It's not my fault!" 
"Not entirely stable? Well, I'm glad you're here to tell us these things!" 
[han] "Hey Your Worship, I'm only tryin' to help."
[leia] "Would you please stop calling me that?"
[han] "Sure, Leia."
[leia] "I love you."
[han] "I know."
"Well, that was a long time ago, I'm sure he's forgotten about that."
"What's goin' on....Buddy?" 
 "I think my eyes are getting better. Instead of a big dark blur, I see a big light blur." 
"Hey, Luke, thanks. Thanks for coming after me. Now I owe you one." 
[han] "Chewie and I will take care of this. You stay here."
[luke] "Quietly. There may be more of them."
[han] "Hey, it's me."
"I don't know. Fly casual." 
[c-3po] "Wonderful! We are now part of the tribe."
[han] "Just what I always wanted."
"Well, short help is better than no help at all." 

Yeah....definitely my favorite character. :)


  1. LOVE Han Solo! As a big Star Wars fan (especially when I was younger) he's one of my favorite characters. Fun post!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Hmm...I had a small suspicion who you would review for your character profile. :D

    Which remind me there is a picture I *have* to email you. You will bust up laughing. I'll try to send it tonight.

    Love you...
    you-know-who :)

  3. {Hannah} - *cheers!* A kindred spirit! *grin*

    {Nana} - I'll bet your character profile was going to be on Obi-Wan....right? :D