Sunday, May 15, 2011

a year ago today...

May 15, 2010.....the day the March and Wachter families officially "met" in person!!! 

           all the children on that first day                              some of us in October 2010

In the past 365 days, we've met in person three more times (KK's graduation, the week of my birthday, and dish-night weekend) and exchanged countless emails :D It seems hard to believe that two families could become so close in such a short period of time....and we met on the INTERNET!!! How weird is that?!?! Here's to many more years of friendship!!! 

a video Nana made of our trip up to MD to visit them earlier this year :)

Love y'all, Wachter crew!


  1. That looks awesomely fun, I love the video! :D Yay for great friends and fun times! <3

  2. Haha!! I luv it!!! I luv meeting blogging friends!!

  3. are so sweet. :) It's been a great year. Love you lots, dear, and thanks for being such a blessing.

    Hugs to you friend!

  4. That video reminds me of the hilarious time we all played Bible charades. Remember Lot's wife? :D

  5. hey, I say Polly comes this summer, and we have a huge game of Bible charades!! :P

  6. I NEED to meet all of ya'll in person! That'd be so fun! I did meat my pen pal Julia back in January!

  7. {Polly} - Pastor K. just preached on Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah, and all of us were giving each other meaningful glances during the part about "Lot's Wife" and trying not to laugh :D