Monday, June 27, 2011

hey tommy.

Hey Tommy.

I feel the need to write you today. All week I've been unconsciously, reluctantly mentally counting the days until today. You've been gone three months now. Three months. There have been a lot of hard moments in those three months. Every time I hear "Give Me Jesus" or one of the songs we sung at your Celebration Service, when I see your email address in my contacts list, when we're looking through old scrapbooks or Christmas cards, when your brother had his fourteenth birthday earlier this month, when we drive by that building each week - every time something triggers a memory, I miss you Tommy.

But this isn't going to be a sad note. This is a thank you note. A thank you note for being an example to us. For being a big brother to us. For loving us, giving us attention, playing with us, and just being there for us. Thank you most of all for modeling Christ to us. You're still influencing us, Tommy, even from your heavenly home. You've changed my life in many ways.

We still love and miss you - we'll always love and miss you, you crazy boy, and we'll see you again...soon!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

{interview #1: blythe}

Our first interview of the summer! *cheers* 

Please welcome Miss Blythe of A Simple Farmgirl!

Who's Blythe?
Hey there! My name is Blythe I'm a 16 year old German/Irish homeschooling gal from the north who is ecstatic about God and His amazing love for me. I live with my parents and 5 of my 8 siblings. I live in the country and love it - I would never dream of living in the city. I play the violin and love any Irish jig. I think Irish dancing is amazing. I am falling in love with hairstyling and hope to go to cosmotology school in the future. Meanwhile, I try my best to get my hands on my sisters hair. *hehehe* (a lot of the time unsuccessful) I recently started my own etsy shop to sell hair accesories. I hope to grow up to be the Proverbs 31 women, marry a man strong in his faith and have at least 10 children. =) I have a heart for the India (I don't really know why), but the saris, bindis, and architecture have got me hypnotized. I pray that I can one day go on a missions trip there, maybe to an orphanage. Until then I'm just a stay at home daughter and blogger. ;)

The Interview:

What songs/types of music do you listen to when you’re happy? 
Irish jigs....Bluegrass gospel

What is the most comfortable outfit that’s currently part of your wardrobe and why? 
My long broom skirt or my A-line denim skirt. They are mid-shin/ankle length, very flowy and free!         

If someone handed you a bar of chocolate, what would you do with it? 
Depends..if its milk chocolate probably eat it or share it with my siblings during a movie. But if it's any other chocolate - give it away to a sibling or parent.

Do you prefer bright, earthy, pastel, neon or dark color combinations best? 
I love earthy colors - the more natural the better clothing-wise (though I'm told I look good in light pink and blue). But I love true natural colors (meaning a bright clear sky blue, colors you see naturally on plants and nature) when I'm in a real spunky, jump-up-and-down, live-life-to-it's-fullest mood, or when it comes to decorations, photography, etc.

Do you like different colors at different times of the year? How often have you changed your "favorite" color?
 No, usually the same color all year round. I change my favorite color every 2-3 years maybe...I'm currently on blue (which has always been a reall big fav. for me) and also an olive green.

Do you normally run, walk, or skip every other step when you’re going upstairs? or none of those options? How *do* you go upstairs? 
LOL! Skip then jump....but I change depends on my mood. If I have something that needs to get done -run, if I'm bored and sad - walk, normal - skip... :)

Which would you rather have on a hot day: a popsicle, an ice cream cone, or frozen fruit?
Frozen fruit or Icecream in a cup (I'm allergic to cones)
What is your preferred style of footwear in the summer? 
Flip-flops, sandals, crocs, barefeet...(barefeet always are in style and are awesome.)

Which do you love most: the mountains, the prairie, the ocean/beach, the forest, rolling hills/farmland, or something other than the above? Why?
Yikes, hard choice..... Rolling hills/farmland or ocean beach.......although I've never seen the mountains which would be cool. Probably the first... Mainly cause it's so beautiful and simple. But I guess anyone could say that about all of the above. Oh,wait the irish sea coast could be a winner too...... I just can't decide...*sighs*......

What makes you laugh?   
Feeling the wind on my face as I walk on a beach on a summer evening, Riley Poole from National Treasure 1 and 2, running through my backyard, swinging on a swing while I think of Gods amazing love, crazy siblings, my dad's sense of humor and so much more...


Thank you *so* much Blythe! I really enjoyed interviewing you and learning a little more about your personality! It was a real pleasure.

Blessings all.....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

saturday morning daybook // 6.25.11

Date... June 25, 2011 (my sixteen-and-eight-months birthday!!!)
Starting time... 9:22am
Mood...normal Saturday morning mood - relaxed :D
Outside my window...a lovely summer day!
I'm thinking...about a lot of things - I don't feel like being specific :)
I'm currently reading...David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. I. Love. This. Book!
I'm listening to...Dad handing out tasks to the folks in the kitchen
I'm wearing...dark pink Faded Glory skirt, short-sleeve Arizona shirt (my typical going-to-the-pool outfit)
I'm looking forward to...hopefully going shopping in the mall with Mama later today, VBS next week, and swim practice on Monday of course
I'm hoping...that I can coach a lot more next week :)
Yesterday, I...did butterfly and backstroke stroke clinic at practice, then played water polo for the last thirty minutes of practice, then dressed up as a pirate with the other coaches for Friday Fun Day at the pool! Our favorite day of the week :)
I'm hungry for...nothing - I already ate some granola
The song stuck inside my head is...The Cha-Cha Slide :) Seriously. More on that in a minute.
I love...swim team!!! 
I loathe...stepping in slimy stuff on the pool deck *gag*
This week, my goal improve my freestyle time by two seconds
Did I meet last week's goal?...I don't think I did this last week....
Swim Team Story or Quote of the Week...This is a new addition for the summer :) Too many funny things happen at the pool not to share them. This quote is from last week, and it's between me and one of our 13-14 guys:
jo: "hey ben, did you coach the other day?"
ben: "yeah, I did. I'm coaching again today."
jo: "That's what I thought. You were working with my brother's class."
ben: "Who is your brother?"
jo: "GoGo....he's four."
ben: "Hmmmm.....wait, the kid in the life jacket? I know him!"
*grin* GoGo is known by every coach and most of the 13-14 and 15-18 swimmers at the pool :) I wonder why....

Ending time...9:38am

Friday, June 24, 2011

the young victoria

I've been longing to see this movie ever since it came out - and finally, this past Friday night, we saw it. 

Victoria. The perfect mix of innocence and intelligence....and slight spoiledness.

Her outfits were stunning.....
I'd make one if I was guaranteed the opportunity to wear it somewhere...otherwise it would probably be a rather impractical project :D

...and her hairstyles I didn't like them all - but Emily Blunt wore them well :)

While I felt almost a little sorry for Victoria's mother, I felt no compassion whatsoever for Sir John. *growly growly* Lehzen was exactly as I thought she would be like from all the history books I've read.

The Duchess of Kent. (Victoria's mother) I spent a lot of time wondering how much she was concerned about Victoria or how much she was concerned about herself. A mixture of both, I would think.

Oh, Lord Melbourne. *evil chuckle* Okay, so he wasn't exactly evil - just a little manipulative.

"Don't you recommend I get a husband to play it for me?"
"I should find one who'd play it with you, not for you."

Enter Prince Albert.

Albert. What's not to love? He had an accent, humor, strength of character, and he truly loved Victoria for herself, not because she was the queen or rich or anything like that.

Their love story was so sweet, innocent and almost childish....

*romantic sigh*

"For pity's sake, smile woman - people will think we've quarreled."
"Don't talk to me."

That scene was a little dramatic - and one of the only not-quite-so-historically-accurate parts of the film - but it still didn't seem out of place. I think Victoria needed that wake up call more than the public did. She was getting a little....arrogant.

The sets and costumes were lavish. Everything was so sparkly and extravagant and the colors were so brilliant. *sigh*

Definitely a keeper. 

for those who are wondering: yes, there are quite a few rather romantic scenes (we skipped some), but since Albert and Victoria were married, it's not that bad. Just as an FYI. No language to speak of, the violence is dramatic but not graphic, and it's only one scene anyway. A splendid movie.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

stella's birthday tag

song in my head: "america" by neil diamond
1. If you could be born on any day of the year, what day would it be?
Hmmm.....tough one. How 'bout October 25th? Sounds like a good date to me :)
2. What do you want your wedding dress to look like?
Like Stella, nothing strapless. Something with a long train....and something with lace like this
3. (confessions time) Tell an odd thing about yourself that nobody knows.
An odd thing about myself that *nobody* knows? Not even Leia? Impossible.
4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I'm actually pretty content the way I am....except for skin condition. (can't say it...)
5. Random time… tell us anything.
We did our abs on kickboards today and yesterday 'cause the ground was so wet. From now on, I am always doing exercises on a towel - no more kickboards! They're all so slippery and wet and hard and just generally not nice. Also, we did "invisible wall sits" today and even our coaches thought they were hard! Awesome. :)
6. Mac or PC?
Oh, this is a no-brainer. Mac all the way!
7. What's your favorite song right now?
Christian song: "Oh Love that Will Not Let Me Go" by Indelible Grace; other: "Forever in Blue Jeans" by Neil Diamond
8. Do you get very tan during the summer? Doing what?
Oh yeah! Doing what? Just being me. :) Thanks to my Cruzan grandfather, our skin tans very fast :) Okay, seriously, I do lie in the sun a lot because it feels so wonderful...and I get even more tanned :)

9. How long do you consider too long for hair to be?
For a girl, it depends on her own particular taste *and* how well she takes care of it. But guys....*tsk tsk* If they have to shake their head to get their hair out of their eyes - problem.
10. Big earrings or small?
It really depends on the earring. I prefer dangly earrings over studs (except my pearls), and most of my danglies are an inch to an inch and a half long, so I guess all I have are small earrings right now :)
11. Do you like lowercase?
in certain situations, yes. if someone sends me a text message without any capital letters, though, i don't like it so much. but for blog names, sidebars headers, and that sort of thing i like it. most of the time. in summary: when used properly, lowercase is awesome.
12. Is there anyone famous that you (or any part of you) looks like?
Uh, not that I know of. Ask Leia.
13. What is the weirdest thing you've ever photographed?
A pile of dishes in the drainer
14. What is something you say more than five times a day?
"Good grief." "Ugh." "Mama!" "Zuzu - enough." "Dad....."
15. Which do you think is better or worse: Facebook or twitter?
Considering that Facebook is just glorified twitter, it's hard to say. But I would probably say that twitter is better because you aren't giving out so much info about yourself. But Facebook is more practical if you're trying to connect to people. Since I have neither, I'm not really an authority on the subject :)
16. (time for a super-typical question) What's your favorite food?
MILKSHAKES!!!!!! If you want to be my best friend *forever*, buy me either a chocolate or a cookies and cream milkshake from Chick-fil-A. *mwah*
17. Do you like... Antique Stores or Thrift Stores?
Neither. I'm allergic to used clothes and furniture. Sometimes my allergies let up and I'll go into Goodwill and buy something - but that's rare.
18. What is something you've always longed to do or try, but never did?
Another good question (this is great, Stella!). Let's see...I'd LOVE to sing/act a main part in a musical sometime (read: Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Phantom, Les Miz, Seven Brides, etc.)
19. Do you love or loathe peace signs? Why?
Peace signs irritate me. Maybe because many of the same people who walk around wearing them are also environmentalists and occasionally socialists who also irritate me. And that's probably because I'm growing up in a *super*-Conservative household :)
20. What's a guilty pleasure of yours?
Planning out my birthday *months* in advance just because I'm crazy about getting older :)

This tag was written by Stella as a little birthday celebration - her birthday's today! Head over and join in the fun :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

to my dad.

Happy Father's Day!

You're awesome. 100%. I love how much we're alike, how we can almost read each other thoughts. I love the way you enjoy spending time with me. I love that we love the same things, and that our definition of a fun evening probably includes Star Trek or Pink Panther as well as some kind of dessert and a mess. :)

I love the way you lead our family and your love for our Savior.

Love you, Daddy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

life defined // 6.18.11

glorious is...sleeping in this morning - no swim practice! :)

sweet is...The Young Victoria: "You are the only wife I've got and ever will have. You are my whole existence and I will love you until my last breath." *sniff*

prolific is...the word to describe our zucchini plants. We're getting three or four a day! Titty is up to her ears trying to process them all - good thing we love zucchini bread! (and zucchini brownies...and zucchini pizza...and zucchini flat bread....and dehydrated zucchini chips....and.....)

fun is...what tomorrow is going to be - we're hosting Father's Day at our house! 

yummy is...Chick-fil-A milkshakes! We had supper "out" yesterday evening 'cause practice was sort of canceled due to rain so we didn't stay long, but no one wanted to go home. Because pretty much everyone was wet, we couldn't go in anywhere so we did the Chick-fil-A drive-through :)

beautiful is...The Young Victoria. I just had to mention it *one* more time before I end the post :) I'm going to review it ASAP (that and the four other great movies we've seen in the past two weeks :P)

in trouble is...what I'm going to be in if I stay on too long :) We have unexpected visitors coming and I have to get the whole entire kitchen and first floor tidied up in about an hour and a half. Wish Mary Poppins lived here.... :D 

EDIT: no guests coming after all! Freedom!!! :) But I still cleaned up anyway *pats herself on the back*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

ten points

song in my head: "just the way you are" by bruno mars (can't recommend the artist, but the song is sweet)

I'm getting back in the groove here - I feel like I can actually find time in the day for things. Our cousins are visiting today and tomorrow so we won't be doing morning practice on Friday. It is "fun day", but I think it will be nice for a break.

Ready for random? That's what you're probably going to get from me at 10:15 at night :D


Recently I've been thinking a lot about personality types. My personality type in particular. Here are ten things that define/describe my personality:

  • I'm energized by being around other people
  • Being bored is something I have to *work* to do - there's always something interesting going on
  • I feel most loved by someone when they will spend quality time with me doing something I like to do, or if they'll listen to me talk about things....really just enjoying spending time with me.
  • Like my dad, I take life one day at a time - each day is a new, fresh start.
  • I feel in my "prime" either late at night or early in the morning (nighttime more than morning, though)
  • I can laugh at almost anything.
  • My day is *so* much better if I start with Scripture.
  • Talking through things works so much better for me than just thinking about them. However, recently I've had to do a lot more personal sorting-out....whether that's worked well or not remains to be seen :)
  • Music is the way I can talk to myself. I think best while I'm either playing or listening to music.
  • Music is the way I can do anything I want to do. There's nothing I can't do if I can play it :D I can be a princess, a matador, a top hat, a lantern, even a pirate! I can vent my anger, frustration and pain on the piano, as well as express happiness and peace. music + me = love.
  • I genuinely believe that life is good. In other words, I'm an irreconcilable optimist.
Just thought you might be interested in knowing all that. :) How would you describe yourself?

Oh, and were you wondering why I chose to do ten points? Well, that's how many points we lost the meet by last night! Really! I'm serious! We almost beat the second best team in the league! Our whole team is thrilled, excited, pumped and ready for our next meet :)

Okay, that's all I wanted to share this evening. Love you all....nighty-nite.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

two weeks

song in my head: "i see the light" from tangled

So, it's been two weeks since swim team began. Fifteen days, to be precise. Morning practices started this past Monday, we had a practice meet ("intra-squad meet") on Monday night, and we have our first real meet tonight. It's actually not a counted meet, since the team we're swimming is in the first division of our swim league and we're in the second division. I'm sort of glad it's not counted, since the team is number two in the whole league....and we're number ten. *grin* Go figure.

Ariel view of the pool
our wonderful 50 meter/25 yd. pool!

I'm really, really sore. My abs are so sore that I can't even cough without cringing. Ouch. But it will go away - eventually. Our practice starts at 8:30 in the morning and goes until 10. We do land exercises (stretching, abs, etc.) until about 8:50 or 9 so we don't have to jump in right away. It feels great - but it hurts. *stretches* And.... *ouch* Never mind.

Random fact: Leia and I swam 70 laps at practice yesterday. That's roughly 1750 yards. Just to give you an idea.

Okay. In other news....

I've been working on the list of interview questions in all my *cough* spare time. I've already had two gals request to be featured, so as soon as I have the questions ready I'll send them to the two of you. I'm still open for a few more, if anyone else would like to be interviewed. Shoot me an email at missjosephinemarch [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know!

I've already planned what I'm doing for my birthday! I'm incredibly excited, but for lack of time (we have to leave for the meet in just a little while) I will refrain to telling you. You're welcome to guess, of course. Hint: larkin and anna have done it already this year.

Love y'all - and I will *hopefully* be blogging more often now that our schedule is evening itself out.

{{{{{hugs}}}}} (*ouch*)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

behind the scenes

This is the part of Leia's birthday photo shoot that I *didn't* post up on Friday:
the camera turns on the photographer! Uh oh...

 The "Inigo" look - he makes this face *all the time*

 Trying the jump like Eldarwen

and ending like most of our outside excursions end - getting loved on by the dogs :D

Friday, June 10, 2011

{photo shoot - leia's fifteenth birthday}

To start the shoot, we stepped out on the front porch...
I love how her necklace (a present from Marie - made by Annette) matches her new dress perfectly!

Then, as the dogs weren't around, we headed for the back yard for some "walking" shots:

It was a lovely day for pictures, and I had a lovely model :D Happy Birthday Leia!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

because everyone needs a laugh

"We're not chickens, we're geese!"
"No! I thought you were swans!"
"Oh, flatterer! Your husband is very charming and very handsome."
"Well, uh, you see, I'm not exactly her husband."
"Exactly? You either are, or you're not."
"Alright. I'm not."

We were quoting this at lunch today (I know, I movie quotes at the table! Just this once, cut us some slack :D). Leia and I were laughing so hard, I just had to spread the laugh. You can see the lines quoted above at 4:00 (four minutes) on the video.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"i feel like celebrating - cheers."

song in my head: "Don't Come to the Islands" - the Merrymen

The title of this post is my absolute favorite line of Baroness Schraeder's in The Sound of Music, and what brought it mind is this exciting news:

The beautiful Katrina of Edelweiss Patterns just completed her second pattern from SOM: the Baroness's ball gown! I LOVED the Liesl pattern that she released earlier this year (yes - I did finish it!) and I'm thrilled to give this one a try! It looks like it would be a gorgeous evening gown or prom dress (not that I'm going to a prom any time soon - ever, most likely *grin*) and I *love* the color!

The really exciting thing is that Katrina's giving away this pattern on her blog this week! It ends on Saturday, so hurry on over! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

*<:) ~ 15 years old ~ (:>*

"...all night long/ listen to the fiddle/music's going strong/heart's alive, it's Saturday night/gonna have a party all night long!" ("All Night Long" - Randy Travis)

So, as a few of you know, yesterday was Leia's 15th birthday! *hipy papy bthuthdu thuthdu bthuthdy!* To celebrate, two friends of ours came out on Friday night and we literally partied all night long. Kinda. They left at 11:30pm, didn't get to their house until after 12, and Dad and Leia didn't get home from dropping them off until 1:20am. So, yeah. Late.

Anyway, we had a blast with them! Chocolate fondue, cream puffs, Imaginiff, salad and salad dressings, pink towels, color-coded water glasses to prevent mix-ups, and a thought-provoking movie that has Spanish in it - can't get much better than that! :D *grin*

On Saturday, Leia's birthday, Mama, Leia, Titty and I went into town, picked up Grandma and headed for the mall. Leia got her ears pierced (!!!) and we all had lunch at Red Robin. (thanks, Gramma!) They all got salads, but I got a teriyaki sandwich. *sigh* I always have to the be the odd one out, it seems :P Not that I mind. I'm used to it :D After lunch, we dropped Grandma off back at her house, and then went *back* to the mall where I treated Leia to a shopping spree as her present. We found two *really* cute sundresses and found a size that fit us both! We want to do a photo shoot this week - we look a little like twins. Just a little. :)

We didn't get home until 5pm - and we weren't very hungry. Cake for supper, then us girls watched a movie and got to bed around 10:30pm. So not too bad. It was a fun day all around, I hope Leia felt celebrated :D It's pretty great seeing her with earrings. She picked little dolphins for her studs because that's our swim team "mascot" :) Adorable.
Cubic Zirconia Dolphin Stud Earrings in 14K Gold - PAGODA.COM

Happy Birthday, Leia!

Oh, at church today, my piano teacher got me to sing with the choir. Yeah, pretty last minute, but it was fine.  It was actually really fun :) I've just started getting back into singing again, my teacher is going to help me. Not sure where it's going to go, but all I know is that since I last sang (with a children's choir at our co-op - we had a *very* good teacher) my voice range has shrunk considerably. Example: when I was eleven, I could sing Christine's songs from Phantom. Now? *cough* Well, now it's a little harder. But my teacher thinks I can stretch my range if I practice. So I have begun. My current *comfortable* range is from about the G sharp or the A under middle C to the D or D sharp an octave above middle C. I wonder how far I'll be able to go this time next year. :)

I also got to sit with my "big sister" for lunch at church - made my day! Kisses your way, my dear *mwah*

I'd better get off now. We have overnight guests that are due to arrive soon and I should probably be helping *sheepish grin* I did already clean the schoolroom bathroom - including the bathtub - without being reminded. *brownie points for Jo!* LOL.

Love you folks - and have a blessed Lord's Day afternooon!



Thursday, June 2, 2011

taking the plunge

The black curtains quiver. The fans hold their breath. The curtains part and....ta da!!! Jo March emerges, ready to blog once more!

Okay, maybe that was a *little* dramatic, but I'm glad to be back blogging after a rather hectic week. My summer life pattern is falling into place, so time has once again availed itself for....less pressing things, such as blogging.

It is sooooo hard to believe that my junior year of highschool is just about two weeks away from being over. OVER. Done. Finished. And guess I'm going to be in August - a senior. Wow. Still not sure I like the sound of that, "junior" sounds cooler :D But I'm sure I'll love being a senior once I actually *am* one. :) Isn't it amazing how life just whizzes by??? I remember the day I started first grade. I even remember doing preschool and kindergarten at church. That was about thirteen years ago - which is a long time, if you were wondering. [image source]

Another summer development that will explain my blogging absence for the next *two months* is swim team. Yup, we're back! After a six year break (that was really great for our family life), we have returned to the world of strokes, sets, timers, chlorine, caps, meets, bathing suits, towels, lifeguards, championships and whistles. We're taking the plunge!
No man drowns if he perseveres in praying to God, and can swim. - Russian Proverb
Chlorine is my perfume. - author unknown
It's a good idea to begin at the bottom in everything except in learning to swim. - author unknown
What goes around comes around, just like a flip turn. - author unknown
When the earth floods from global warming, the swimmers will rule the world. - author unknown
Chlorine: the breakfast of champions! - author unknown
Seven days of no swimming makes one weak. - author unknown
And this one sums up my feelings about finally getting back in the water and being on a team for the first time since I was 10 years old:
H2O: two parts Heart and one part Obsession. - author unknown
And yes, the modesty issue has come up (a reason we've waited so long to go back to swimming) and I'd be more than happy to share our solution with y'all if you'd like. (I'm a little crunched for time at the moment). [image source]

Practices have been pretty challenging so far. I *thought* I was in shape...but maybe I'm not so much :D It's been awesome, the exercise is amazing! It's still hard though. After practice yesterday, I climbed out the pool, turned to our friend and said, "Cheers!" He just looked at me and said, "What?" "I said, 'Cheers'. We made it." "Oh, yeah, really." *grin* The water is really warm right now, and we actually get sweaty in the water and if you're not hydrated or you overwork yourself, you could suffer from heat exhaustion. Yeah, dangerous :D We're glad to be alive. LOL

So......I hope to keep up blogging as much as possible this summer - I'd like interview some people here on Scraps as well as maybe have a few guest posters, we'll see how all that plays out. If you'd like to be featured/interviewed here, send me an email (you can find it on my FAQ page) so I know how many folks would like to do it.

*sigh* Life is soooo busy right now. Some days I sit back and think, "So *this* is why we stopped sports." *grin* But I'm lovin' it, don't worry :)