Sunday, June 5, 2011

*<:) ~ 15 years old ~ (:>*

"...all night long/ listen to the fiddle/music's going strong/heart's alive, it's Saturday night/gonna have a party all night long!" ("All Night Long" - Randy Travis)

So, as a few of you know, yesterday was Leia's 15th birthday! *hipy papy bthuthdu thuthdu bthuthdy!* To celebrate, two friends of ours came out on Friday night and we literally partied all night long. Kinda. They left at 11:30pm, didn't get to their house until after 12, and Dad and Leia didn't get home from dropping them off until 1:20am. So, yeah. Late.

Anyway, we had a blast with them! Chocolate fondue, cream puffs, Imaginiff, salad and salad dressings, pink towels, color-coded water glasses to prevent mix-ups, and a thought-provoking movie that has Spanish in it - can't get much better than that! :D *grin*

On Saturday, Leia's birthday, Mama, Leia, Titty and I went into town, picked up Grandma and headed for the mall. Leia got her ears pierced (!!!) and we all had lunch at Red Robin. (thanks, Gramma!) They all got salads, but I got a teriyaki sandwich. *sigh* I always have to the be the odd one out, it seems :P Not that I mind. I'm used to it :D After lunch, we dropped Grandma off back at her house, and then went *back* to the mall where I treated Leia to a shopping spree as her present. We found two *really* cute sundresses and found a size that fit us both! We want to do a photo shoot this week - we look a little like twins. Just a little. :)

We didn't get home until 5pm - and we weren't very hungry. Cake for supper, then us girls watched a movie and got to bed around 10:30pm. So not too bad. It was a fun day all around, I hope Leia felt celebrated :D It's pretty great seeing her with earrings. She picked little dolphins for her studs because that's our swim team "mascot" :) Adorable.
Cubic Zirconia Dolphin Stud Earrings in 14K Gold - PAGODA.COM

Happy Birthday, Leia!

Oh, at church today, my piano teacher got me to sing with the choir. Yeah, pretty last minute, but it was fine.  It was actually really fun :) I've just started getting back into singing again, my teacher is going to help me. Not sure where it's going to go, but all I know is that since I last sang (with a children's choir at our co-op - we had a *very* good teacher) my voice range has shrunk considerably. Example: when I was eleven, I could sing Christine's songs from Phantom. Now? *cough* Well, now it's a little harder. But my teacher thinks I can stretch my range if I practice. So I have begun. My current *comfortable* range is from about the G sharp or the A under middle C to the D or D sharp an octave above middle C. I wonder how far I'll be able to go this time next year. :)

I also got to sit with my "big sister" for lunch at church - made my day! Kisses your way, my dear *mwah*

I'd better get off now. We have overnight guests that are due to arrive soon and I should probably be helping *sheepish grin* I did already clean the schoolroom bathroom - including the bathtub - without being reminded. *brownie points for Jo!* LOL.

Love you folks - and have a blessed Lord's Day afternooon!




  1. Happy Birthday Leia!! I hope you had a marvelous day!


  2. Yep, had a blast. :P

    My studs looked very similar...actually, maybe they were the same. ;) You must have good taste, Leia...except that I didn't pick them because of a swim team mascot. Unfortunately, a hurricane stud is quite uncommon. *pout* :D

  3. Happy Birthday, Leia! Love the dolphin studs - dolphins are some of my favorite animals. :) Along with koalas, tigers and owls! :)

  4. Just one more time...Happy Birthday, Leia! That was so much fun. I love that you included the "color-coded water glasses". :P DO put up pictures of the y'all in the dresses soon. I really want to see them. :)

    Haha, good for you. My choir director put me on the cantor list without me knowing it. :P I have a range from the E below middle C to the C#/D two octaves above middle C. So, yeah. Definitely a soprano. I'm trying to get a 3-octave range like Julie Andrews. ;)

  5. Happy birthday, Leia. Sounds like a fun celebration.


    Mrs. W