Monday, June 27, 2011

hey tommy.

Hey Tommy.

I feel the need to write you today. All week I've been unconsciously, reluctantly mentally counting the days until today. You've been gone three months now. Three months. There have been a lot of hard moments in those three months. Every time I hear "Give Me Jesus" or one of the songs we sung at your Celebration Service, when I see your email address in my contacts list, when we're looking through old scrapbooks or Christmas cards, when your brother had his fourteenth birthday earlier this month, when we drive by that building each week - every time something triggers a memory, I miss you Tommy.

But this isn't going to be a sad note. This is a thank you note. A thank you note for being an example to us. For being a big brother to us. For loving us, giving us attention, playing with us, and just being there for us. Thank you most of all for modeling Christ to us. You're still influencing us, Tommy, even from your heavenly home. You've changed my life in many ways.

We still love and miss you - we'll always love and miss you, you crazy boy, and we'll see you again...soon!


  1. Jo, this is a beautiful note and tribute. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Much love,

  2. p.s. just sent you two very long rambling emails...I'm apologizing in advance. :P

  3. How beautiful. Jo, he must have been such a person to know. And to know that he is with the Lord must be so good to know.

  4. Come on, Jo...please post! We miss you here in blog world. :P

    Big hug your way,