Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"i feel like celebrating - cheers."

song in my head: "Don't Come to the Islands" - the Merrymen

The title of this post is my absolute favorite line of Baroness Schraeder's in The Sound of Music, and what brought it mind is this exciting news:

The beautiful Katrina of Edelweiss Patterns just completed her second pattern from SOM: the Baroness's ball gown! I LOVED the Liesl pattern that she released earlier this year (yes - I did finish it!) and I'm thrilled to give this one a try! It looks like it would be a gorgeous evening gown or prom dress (not that I'm going to a prom any time soon - ever, most likely *grin*) and I *love* the color!

The really exciting thing is that Katrina's giving away this pattern on her blog this week! It ends on Saturday, so hurry on over! 


  1. If you finished Liesl's dress, you should post pictures!!! Hint hint. :)

  2. I agree with Polly - I would love to see some pictures! =)

    Ooh, what a pretty gown! I love how she made a somewhat immodest dress in the movie more modest.


  3. I had to smile when I saw your title, because that is my favorite line of hers, too! My whole family knows that movie by heart, and we can quote entire scenes at a time. One sister will say absently "I feel like celebrating-" and another will finish the line with "-cheers." :) The only thing that puts a damper on a very fun line is the fact that the Baroness is celebrating because she got Maria "out of the way," so to speak... :(

    That dress is stunning! *sigh of delight* I hope you win! Will you be posting pictures of your Liesl dress soon? I'd love to see what it looks like on you. Do you feel like a princess when you twirl around in it and watch the skirt fan out around you? I know I would. :)

    Love ya!
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Yes, definitely, Polly!

    Oh, and love your new profile picture...

  5. Hello, Jo!

    Thank you so much for posting about this! I would love to see pictures of your Liesl dress, too. : ) And your blog is just beautiful.

    Happy sewing!