Thursday, June 16, 2011

ten points

song in my head: "just the way you are" by bruno mars (can't recommend the artist, but the song is sweet)

I'm getting back in the groove here - I feel like I can actually find time in the day for things. Our cousins are visiting today and tomorrow so we won't be doing morning practice on Friday. It is "fun day", but I think it will be nice for a break.

Ready for random? That's what you're probably going to get from me at 10:15 at night :D


Recently I've been thinking a lot about personality types. My personality type in particular. Here are ten things that define/describe my personality:

  • I'm energized by being around other people
  • Being bored is something I have to *work* to do - there's always something interesting going on
  • I feel most loved by someone when they will spend quality time with me doing something I like to do, or if they'll listen to me talk about things....really just enjoying spending time with me.
  • Like my dad, I take life one day at a time - each day is a new, fresh start.
  • I feel in my "prime" either late at night or early in the morning (nighttime more than morning, though)
  • I can laugh at almost anything.
  • My day is *so* much better if I start with Scripture.
  • Talking through things works so much better for me than just thinking about them. However, recently I've had to do a lot more personal sorting-out....whether that's worked well or not remains to be seen :)
  • Music is the way I can talk to myself. I think best while I'm either playing or listening to music.
  • Music is the way I can do anything I want to do. There's nothing I can't do if I can play it :D I can be a princess, a matador, a top hat, a lantern, even a pirate! I can vent my anger, frustration and pain on the piano, as well as express happiness and peace. music + me = love.
  • I genuinely believe that life is good. In other words, I'm an irreconcilable optimist.
Just thought you might be interested in knowing all that. :) How would you describe yourself?

Oh, and were you wondering why I chose to do ten points? Well, that's how many points we lost the meet by last night! Really! I'm serious! We almost beat the second best team in the league! Our whole team is thrilled, excited, pumped and ready for our next meet :)

Okay, that's all I wanted to share this evening. Love you all....nighty-nite.



  1. oh....i thought last night's meet was unscored!?!? maybe it was just us/flst.... ;)

  2. {Molly} - It *was* unscored....but our coaches counted points anyway to see how we did. :)

  3. Have you heard the song "Personality"? KK goes around singing it all the time and that's what I thought of when I saw your multicolor "PERSONALITY!" :) You can hear it here: . Cracks me up every time she starts belting it out. :D

    I love studying personality types! Even a persons' clothes tell you so much about who they are. Hmm...I can so relate to number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ....oh, well...I give up! We must just be a lot alike! :P

    Love ya...

  4. p.s. just noticed the comments I left yesterday and the one I just submitted were under the wrong account. *ugh* Sorry 'bout that...