Sunday, June 19, 2011

to my dad.

Happy Father's Day!

You're awesome. 100%. I love how much we're alike, how we can almost read each other thoughts. I love the way you enjoy spending time with me. I love that we love the same things, and that our definition of a fun evening probably includes Star Trek or Pink Panther as well as some kind of dessert and a mess. :)

I love the way you lead our family and your love for our Savior.

Love you, Daddy.


  1. So sweet. Praise God for fathers!


  2. Awww...:) What did you guys do for Fathers Day?

  3. You like Pink Panther, too! The *best* theme song ever!(maybe with the exception of the Jeeves and Wooster theme) "She's very frugal"..." wasn't easy.". Hehe...he cracks me up. Have you seen the new ones with Steve Martin? We *love* Steve Martin but I heard that they weren't very good. Bummer. Anyway, it really is hard to top Peter Sellers!