Friday, June 24, 2011

the young victoria

I've been longing to see this movie ever since it came out - and finally, this past Friday night, we saw it. 

Victoria. The perfect mix of innocence and intelligence....and slight spoiledness.

Her outfits were stunning.....
I'd make one if I was guaranteed the opportunity to wear it somewhere...otherwise it would probably be a rather impractical project :D

...and her hairstyles I didn't like them all - but Emily Blunt wore them well :)

While I felt almost a little sorry for Victoria's mother, I felt no compassion whatsoever for Sir John. *growly growly* Lehzen was exactly as I thought she would be like from all the history books I've read.

The Duchess of Kent. (Victoria's mother) I spent a lot of time wondering how much she was concerned about Victoria or how much she was concerned about herself. A mixture of both, I would think.

Oh, Lord Melbourne. *evil chuckle* Okay, so he wasn't exactly evil - just a little manipulative.

"Don't you recommend I get a husband to play it for me?"
"I should find one who'd play it with you, not for you."

Enter Prince Albert.

Albert. What's not to love? He had an accent, humor, strength of character, and he truly loved Victoria for herself, not because she was the queen or rich or anything like that.

Their love story was so sweet, innocent and almost childish....

*romantic sigh*

"For pity's sake, smile woman - people will think we've quarreled."
"Don't talk to me."

That scene was a little dramatic - and one of the only not-quite-so-historically-accurate parts of the film - but it still didn't seem out of place. I think Victoria needed that wake up call more than the public did. She was getting a little....arrogant.

The sets and costumes were lavish. Everything was so sparkly and extravagant and the colors were so brilliant. *sigh*

Definitely a keeper. 

for those who are wondering: yes, there are quite a few rather romantic scenes (we skipped some), but since Albert and Victoria were married, it's not that bad. Just as an FYI. No language to speak of, the violence is dramatic but not graphic, and it's only one scene anyway. A splendid movie.


  1. You liked this?!??! didn't it have a little too much love/stuff in it? like, there was at least one bed scene! i couldn't even get through the first 30 min. of it! all the kids watch these movies, or just you older girls?
    you dont need to post this comment... :P
    email me! i haven't heard from you in a while...

  2. What hairstyles! When I looked at them, I almost thought there was something wrong with my eyes. :)

    Ooh, looks interesting! I may have to look into that.

    Love ya!

  3. I haven't seen this movie before, but oh, it looks absolutely splendid! And the costumes? *sigh* I know what you mean. I see dresses in period dramas all the time, and I will think, "Oh, I want to make that!" Then I really sit down and think about it, and I normally find that I have no occasions to which I would wear such gowns. :( Alas, I fear I was born in the wrong century.

    Everything except the romance sounds lovely... of course, the fact that Albert and Victoria are married makes up for it. Still... hmm. So, did it make much of a difference in the film when you skipped the more romantic scenes? Did you feel like you were missing something?

    Love you, dear!

    Elizabeth Rose

    P.S. Four words: Your hometown is beautiful. *sigh* I want to live there. ♥

  4. Oh, yes, I LOVE this movie!! One of my favorites ever! I agree with you on basically everything. I did not like all the hair styles, and wouldn't want to be seen dead in them. While on the other hand, I ADORE Victoria's gold/red rose ball gown and wedding dress (and most of the others as well). :) I used to not think that I liked romantic movies - but now I do... if they're done "right", if you know what I mean. :) Some can be a bit too mushy, and have too many inappropriate parts.


  5. I really like this movie! :D And I love Albert! I do feel kind of sorry for Victoria's mother though :(

  6. Prince Albert is so nice. Thats kind of a lame way to describe hime but he's just so. Caring and loving and supportive. Love him.

  7. I really enjoyed this movie. Dad and Oliver were rolling their eyes most of the way through, though. :P I agree with everything you said: Albert was wonderful, and Victoria's hair styles were interesting, to use the nicest of the words I could use describe them. I, not having the skills as a seamstress that you do, didn't even dream of making one of the dresses, but I loved them, just the same.

    I don't know about you, but I didn't feel like I missed anything by skipping the romantic scenes.

  8. Both KK and I really, really want to see this! Sounds sooo good and we both love Queen Victoria.

    Hmm...yeah, way extreme hairstyles but they actually almost look good on her. Isn't it weird how some people can wear a totally strange hairstyle and still look beautiful and elegant? I can't even wear the most basic of style: a ponytail. :D

    Love you lots,

  9. I loved this movie (and actually, Mr. FTR really liked it too)! I was sad at the end when it was over; I wanted more! (Then Mr. FTR reminded me that it's called YOUNG Victoria for a reason...)

    Sounds like you are having a great summer! We will be visiting the last weekend in July and really really hope we'll get to see you!!


    Mrs. FTR