Friday, July 29, 2011

pre-champs spirit

Last night at the pool....
How *do* you draw a dolphin?

Okay, that works :)

The ever adorable Quinn :D


Hmmm...JT and the marker....trouble?

Quinn and Ben

Trying to get Quinn to sing Taylor Swift for us :)

A dolphin message board of sorts :)

One last inspection by Ben....

What time is it?

We're going to rock the pool tonight! Go Dolphins!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


^^some high-school spelling for ya :) ^^

Yesterday was Coach Appreciation Day, which means that our swimmers brought us cards and *lots* of yummy things to eat :) It's nice to be appreciated. :)

All the coaches (head and junior) were going out to supper that evening at Wild Wings. Thanks to the generosity of swim team parents, we didn't have to pay for our food - thank you, thank you, thank you!

At the cafe, we sat up on the porch and pushed five rounds tables together so we could all be at the same table. We were quite an impressive looking group, taking up an entire side of the porch.

It took us a while to figure out how many wings and what kinds we should order. We went over and over the menu, I guess we have it memorized now :) First, we ordered three sets of 50 wings (150 total), in "sub-sets" of 10 or 20, depending on the flavor. Then, a few minutes later, once we'd done a little more math, David flagged our waitress and said, "After some thought and consideration we've decided that....we need 50 more." *grin* So that brought our total to 200. 200 wings for about 17 people, which is completely reasonable, since each person ate close to ten, and some of the guys ate more.....

We had a few really random conversations down at our end of the table. One of them was David telling us how he'd saved Nate's life one time when he was choking.

On a piece of ice.

That triggered a tangent on whether someone could actually choke on ice, or if it would melt first. Would you warm up the person's neck with your hands, trying to melt the ice? Caroline and I practiced on each other.

Let's just say I hope I never choke on ice.

And then we had a discussion on how to save someone from choking. We tried to imitate one of those really helpful videos that you watch in health class or babysitting certification or something like that.
The videos that tell you when, if someone's just coughing, not actually choking, you tell them "Keep coughing, keep coughing."

But of course on the videos, everyone's so calm, patting the other person gently on the shoulder, smiling patronizingly and saying in a soft voice, "It's alright, keep coughing." We decided that if someone was really that close to choking, we'd probably be a little more agitated and excited and would probably end up yelling "KEEP COUGHING!!!"

Maybe that's why we should watch the videos.


Anyway, moving on.....

Evidently, it's a tradition for first-year coaches to be "initiated" by eating the hottest wing on the menu - the "Braveheart". 

Oh yeah.

It was hot.

Very hot.

Most of the "junior" coaches who had to eat it just ate a bite or two. Leia ate three bites, Ben and I both ate a whole wing. The sauce was so hot it felt like my lips were on fire, I couldn't lick them or anything. The chicken itself wasn't hot, and the sting went away after a while. But I didn't cry, or sweat, or anything like that. Just drank a lot and kept a steady head. I couldn't eat for about five whole minutes though. As I'm sitting there, looking calm, Michael asks, "Why aren't you eating?"

"Ummm.....I can barely breath. I can't eat, drink, lick my lips, talk, anything. It's hot. H-A-W-T. Hot."

But that wasn't the end.

Dad brought cayenne peppers with him, just to see if anyone wanted to try them. BTW, they're the hottest peppers we grow in our garden.

We passed at first, just let them sit on the table and enjoyed the wings. But then, Ben, feeling pretty good about the Braveheart he'd just eaten, decided to go for it. I wish I had the videos Madi and Michael took of him eating the tip of that pepper. Priceless.

So of course, David, who'd been joking that he'd eat the pepper, couldn't be outdone by a fourteen year old. So he started eating one. That video is pretty great too - the change in facial expression is amazing.

See, these peppers spark a delayed reaction. You think you're doing great, it's not that hot, and then WHAM! Hands over your mouth, diving for something to drink (water doesn't help...neither does celery :D), saying "Oh. My. Goodness" over and over again, and "Man! that's HOT!". Ben looked pretty bad at first, said he felt like he was going to pass out. Our response, "Oh, Ben, *please* don't!" He didn't. :) He's a tough fella, and was the first to try both the Braveheart and the peppers. Brownie points for Ben!

So, since Michael was the only guy at our end of the table who hadn't eaten a bite of the pepper yet, the pressure was on. Jensen said she'd do if he did. JJ did really well, just finished off her drink in a hurry, and said she felt a little light headed :) Michael was surprised at the heat - it definitely got him. "If I had known how hot it was going to be, I wouldn't've eaten it!" Nor would I....but....

....since they were our peppers, and the Braveheart hadn't been that bad...I ate a few bites of the pepper David had.


 Lightheaded-ness coming on, I just looked straight ahead. Sinuses *instantly* clear, and then a relatively-surprised exclamation as the heat set in. It was *so* hot. It felt like there was something tingling in the very back of my throat. I started coughing and coughing, trying to get rid of it. Then David reaches over, puts his hand gently on my shoulder and says in a very calm voice,

"Just keeping coughing. Keep coughing."

And the night went on....

It was so much fun, it's such a fantastic group of people. Lots of memories and stories from our warm evening on the outdoor porch of the wing cafe.

Definitely a rockin' Dolphin Time. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

faces of the pool

song in my head: "can you feel the love tonight" from The Lion King

I haven't put all that many pictures from the pool up here, the simple reason being I haven't really taken any. But Mama took a few at the mini-meet last night (the last one!) and I gave Marie my camera yesterday to take pictures and videos of whatever she wanted to after her practice, so I thought I'd share some their shots with y'all.
Inigo and Marie (look how *tan* that girl is! Unbelievable.... :D)

*This* girl is so adorable she has a whole fan club of her own :)

Asher and GoGo 
I coach both of these guys - they rock!

That's GoGo giving a high-five to Jensen (one of the senior girls) right before diving in for the mini-meet

Go, buddy, go!

Didn't need help from Connor this time!

Titty and Kiara

Daniel and Inigo - great friends, great swimmers! I. Love. These. Guys!

Backstroke - he improved his time by a *lot*!

Umm....this is Dad. 

Right. pictures from my camera (taken by Marie):
Mama and Zuzu

Yours Truly in my sunglasses :)

Part of the "train"'ll see them again later.

Michael (a coach and one of our senior boys) helping his group of 7-8s with their flipturns

Ah, the train! Titty, the leader, with Mary and A.

The rest of the group. They rocked the middle pool for a good thirty minutes or more :)

A little coaches chat, waiting for the "12 o'clock practice" to arrive :) 
Michael, me, Gabi, Jensen, Thomas (you can't really see him - he's hidden by that little boy)

Thursday is our last practice of the season, and our championship is on Friday and Saturday. *eek!*

Go Dolphins!

Monday, July 25, 2011

...just sayin'...

Today is July 25th.

Today, in 1788, Mozart completed Symphony No. 40...
File:Mozart 40.png
It's Constitution Day in Puerto Rico...
File:Rico (1).png

Today, in 306, Constantine I was proclaimed Roman Emporer....
File:2009-04-13 ConstantineTheGreat York.jpg

In 1824, Guanacaste was annexed from Nicaragua by Costa Rica...
File:Costa Rica Guanacaste.png


It's my 3/4 birthday - which means I'm *really* close to seventeen!!!
It's also Mama's "half-birthday"...we're both 25ths :)

Just sayin'.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

{interview #4: katy-anne}

This lovely young lady is especially dear to me. We've known each other since third grade, and have been like two peas in a pod, kindred spirits, or twin sisters (whichever works best) ever since :) Since they moved, I've missed her like the dickens and nearly went crazy when I got the chance to visit her in March of 2008. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Miss Katy-Anne!

Who's Katy-Anne?
Katy-Anne is a sixteen (and a half) year old, homeschooled army brat living in Germany. She loves Jesus, plays piano, is on the varsity soccer team on base, sings *all* the time, gets the hiccoughs at *least* twice a week (I know - right?), is an aspiring seamstress and wants to be a homeschool mom someday. She also has memorized practically every quote and episode of Adventures in Odyssey - quite a feat :)
The Interview:

What songs/types of music do you listen to when you're happy? sad? frustrated? excited? at rest? feeling lovely? on any other occasion? etc.
When I'm happy, contemporary Christian, country, and musical soundtracks (at the moment the prevailing one is Tangled).  When I'm sad or frustrated, usually Marty Goetz or a playlist including "The Call" and "This is Home".  Feeling lovely?  Miscellaneous songs that I like that don't fall into any particular category, plus all the ones from feeling happy.

If you have a free evening to do whatever you want, what do you normally choose to do?
Hmm... depends on my mood.  First things that come to mind are read, sew, and watch a movie.

If someone handed you a bar of chocolate, what would you do with it?  
Do I even have to answer?  Eat it!!!  And maybe share a bite with whoever gave it to me.

What literary or movie heroine(s) do you admire? Would you want to meet any of them in real life? Why or why not? What character traits do they possess that you like/dislike?  
I could go on and on about literary and movie heroines, so I'll just name two here that I admire.  One is Marmee from Little Women.  She would be wonderful to meet in real life, because she is such a wonderful mother with so much wisdom.  The other one is Anne Shirley/Blythe/of Green Gables.  What's not to love?  She is spunky, loyal, imaginative, and not afraid to live her dreams, which include writing, going to college, teaching, and, most importantly, being a wife and mother.  The only time I ever dislike her is when she considers marrying Roy Gardner/Morgan Harris (depending on whether we are talking about the books or movie) instead of Gilbert.  Oh, and in the movie she should not have contradicted the Katherine Brooke in front of her students.  But no one is perfect *sigh*.  It would be fabulous to meet her in real life.

What color combinations do you like? Do you prefer bright, earthy, pastel, neon or dark color combinations best? Do you like different colors at different times of the year? How often have you changed your "favorite"color?  
Depending on my mood, I like bright or pastel color combinations best.  Blue and white, pink and peach, and pale blue and pale green come to mind.  I have had three favorite colors (actually it's more like favorite color families; because I never can pick a particular shade): red, yellow, and blue.   Right now it's blue.

Do you normally run, walk, or skip every other step when you're going upstairs? or none of those options? How *do* you go upstairs?  
Definitely skip every other step.

Do you ever change the words of a song to fit a particular situation, either to be serious or silly? 
Of course!  I can't think of any examples right now, though.

Which would you rather have on a hot day: a popsicle, an ice cream cone, or frozen fruit?
If the cone is mandatory, then a popsicle.  If I can have ice cream without a cone, ice cream.

What is your preferred style of footwear in the summer? Place in order from favorite to least favorite: flip-flops, bare feet, sandals, mesh pool shoes, tennis shoes
-bare feet
- I don't have flip-flops or mesh pool shoes, but crocks take the place of both and I love 'em
-tennis shoes

Which do you love most: the mountains, the prairie, the ocean/beach, the forest, rolling hills/farmland, or something other than the above? Why?  
I think that would be a toss-up between the mountains (read: Alps) and rolling hills/farmland.  I love the Alps because they give me a sense of how small I am and how big God is, and because of their breathtaking beauty.  I love rolling hills/farmland because they make me feel at home.

What makes you laugh? Do you laugh easily? Are you ticklish? 
I laugh very easily, and as a result, many things make me laugh.  A few are: my brother, my dad, hilarious episodes in books and movies, and watching my dog eat raspberries from our raspberry bush as if he's doing nothing wrong.  I am extremely ticklish. 

Favorite quotes/Bible verses (five out of dozens):

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."  Philippians 4:6-7

"She acts like summer and walks like rain: reminds me that there's a time to change.  Since the return of a stay on the moon she listens like spring and talks like June."   Drops of Jupiter (I love all the lyrics to that song: they are so full of imagery.)

 "To be happy, don't do whatever you like; like whatever you do." Mary Engelbreit

"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy.  The amount of work is the same."  Carlos Castaneda


Thank you so much, Katy! I loved reading your to write you now :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

saturday morning daybook // 7.23.11

If you want to join me, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions!

Date... July 23, 2011
Starting time... 10:54am
Mood...happy, just plain old happy
Outside my window..."feels like 113." No joke. Staying inside today. All day.
I'm thinking...about so much - as usual :)
I'm currently reading...Emma by Jane Austen (taking my time)
I'm listening to...Inigo and Zuzu watching a Cedarmont Kids movie
I'm wearing...denim skirt, pinkish-purple v-neck over an ivory cami
I'm looking forward to...CHAMPS NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!!
I'm hoping...that this week will just be so awesome that I'll remember it for-evah
Yesterday, I...enjoyed every minute of our last Friday practice at the pool
I'm hungry for...a milkshake *sigh*
The song stuck inside my head is..."You Belong With Me" - cute song :)
I love...swim team!
I loathe...that after this coming week, I probably won't see most of my swimming friends until next summer. :/
This week, my goal round out the swimming season well, continue to represent Christ at the pool, be a good friend
Did I meet last week's goal?...Well, I didn't talk to the person I was planning on talking to, but I did talk to someone else. God knows what He's doing, I just go along :)
Swim Team Story or Quote of the Week...after practice yesterday:
brennan: "wait, are you two related to inigo?"
jo: "he's our brother."
brennan: "what?! how did I miss that?"
ben: "even *I* knew that."
nate: *chuckling*
jo: "It's been eight weeks, Brennan."
brennan: "you don't look alike!"
leia: "who did you think he was?"
brennan: "just some kid you babysat. I thought 'oh, fun, they get to babysit him everyday.'"
jo: "Wow."
Oh, the stories from the pool..... :)
Ending time...11:02am

Friday, July 22, 2011

can you feel the magic?

Sometimes you forget how special something is to you until you see it in the eyes of another person - little ones especially.

Of the fifty-three animated feature films that Disney has released over the past seventy-four years, I've seen about thirty. I saw most of them when I was in elementary school, either at friends' houses or my grandparents' houses, and most of the princess ones were ones we owned. My first viewing of every single one of those thirty films was on VHS. Good times, good memories.

But I'd forgotten the magic.

I'd forgotten the unforgettable.

Well, almost unforgettable - since I did forget :)

I thought Disney was for little kids.


Needless to say, I thought wrong.

A few months ago, we began showing the younger children a few of the classic Disney princess movies.

And I found that it doesn't matter how old you are *at all*, the magic is still there.

This past Tuesday while we were coaching the 7-8s, Nate (he's seventeen) started singing (in a very growly voice) "I can see what's happening, and they don't have a clue...." In a matter of seconds, three or four of the other coaches/swimmers had joined in.
It's amazing how your brain can recall a song/words you haven't heard in ages, but are there, just waiting for you to remember....definitely doesn't matter how old you are.

More proof....

At the swim-a-thon last Friday, three of our fantastic coaches/friends (Clara, Jessie, Brenna) sang "A Whole New World" from Aladdin into the mike, just for fun. Lyrics, images, memories came rushing back.


When Julia, Chris, Leia and I were little, we played Jungle Book for hours. Julia was also Baloo (she liked to die) and/or Shere Khan (she liked to be the attacker as well) or Kaa, I was Bagheera or Shere Khan or Kaa (depending on who Julia was) and Chris and Leia were Mowgli together :) I'd kind of forgotten about those good old days too :)

Thursday afternoon, I spent *forty-five minutes* in the pool singing Disney songs with a handful of my little friends. You should've heard Keshawn and I sing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" :) 
(K. is eight years old - awesome guy, I'm tellin' ya - we're buds :D)

Nothing like singing "Under the Sea" with a four year old girl while playing Marco Polo either....

"Everybody wants to be a cat...."
Now, that *is* one thing I didn't forget :)

"Lucky, get down!" 

Sometimes, it's nice to stop, slow down, and remember what it was like to be little. Feel the magic over again. And guess what? It gets better as you get older.

And I'm not going to forget that again. :)

note: i don't necessarily advocate the disney company itself, or every film they release, but they have managed to bring the magic of the classic stories to so many generations of people, and that is always good :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

sunglasses and pick-ups

First, I'd like you to meet my new sunglasses. An early birthday gift from my aunt.

Now you need to meet the pick-up truck. Not *any* pick-up truck, *the* pick-up truck. 

The pick-up Dad drove in college.

 The pick-up that my grandpa has been using on the farm for over a decade. 

The pick-up that Leia and I want to fix up and drive as our car.

This truck has incredible character.

It's also incredibly old.

It's been a long way.

It's going to need some fixing up. Some, as in, LOTS.

But I still love it.

It's a stick-shift.

And the windows are manual.

And it has awesome little corner windows.

And it likes my sunglasses. What's not to love?