Friday, July 22, 2011

can you feel the magic?

Sometimes you forget how special something is to you until you see it in the eyes of another person - little ones especially.

Of the fifty-three animated feature films that Disney has released over the past seventy-four years, I've seen about thirty. I saw most of them when I was in elementary school, either at friends' houses or my grandparents' houses, and most of the princess ones were ones we owned. My first viewing of every single one of those thirty films was on VHS. Good times, good memories.

But I'd forgotten the magic.

I'd forgotten the unforgettable.

Well, almost unforgettable - since I did forget :)

I thought Disney was for little kids.


Needless to say, I thought wrong.

A few months ago, we began showing the younger children a few of the classic Disney princess movies.

And I found that it doesn't matter how old you are *at all*, the magic is still there.

This past Tuesday while we were coaching the 7-8s, Nate (he's seventeen) started singing (in a very growly voice) "I can see what's happening, and they don't have a clue...." In a matter of seconds, three or four of the other coaches/swimmers had joined in.
It's amazing how your brain can recall a song/words you haven't heard in ages, but are there, just waiting for you to remember....definitely doesn't matter how old you are.

More proof....

At the swim-a-thon last Friday, three of our fantastic coaches/friends (Clara, Jessie, Brenna) sang "A Whole New World" from Aladdin into the mike, just for fun. Lyrics, images, memories came rushing back.


When Julia, Chris, Leia and I were little, we played Jungle Book for hours. Julia was also Baloo (she liked to die) and/or Shere Khan (she liked to be the attacker as well) or Kaa, I was Bagheera or Shere Khan or Kaa (depending on who Julia was) and Chris and Leia were Mowgli together :) I'd kind of forgotten about those good old days too :)

Thursday afternoon, I spent *forty-five minutes* in the pool singing Disney songs with a handful of my little friends. You should've heard Keshawn and I sing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" :) 
(K. is eight years old - awesome guy, I'm tellin' ya - we're buds :D)

Nothing like singing "Under the Sea" with a four year old girl while playing Marco Polo either....

"Everybody wants to be a cat...."
Now, that *is* one thing I didn't forget :)

"Lucky, get down!" 

Sometimes, it's nice to stop, slow down, and remember what it was like to be little. Feel the magic over again. And guess what? It gets better as you get older.

And I'm not going to forget that again. :)

note: i don't necessarily advocate the disney company itself, or every film they release, but they have managed to bring the magic of the classic stories to so many generations of people, and that is always good :)


  1. Gotta love classic Disney! (Especially Beauty and the Beast.)
    Love you, dear!

  2. Wow Jo! My thoughts *exactly* !!! :) Daniel and I had a conversation about this same subject not too long ago. Don't you love reminiscing?!! :) (oh, and Under the Sea is one of my personal favorites, as well. :D
    Thanks for posting this!!

  3. Oh, I remember all these old movies! Just yesterday Bree was singing, "Everybody look left! Everybody look right! Everywhere you look I'm standin' in the spotlight!" (from The Lion King) to which Emilia quickly added, "Not yet." :P We used to love that movie when we were younger--we would even act it out together (and yes, I would force Bree to be Simba just so I could be Nala. *blush* I believe Emilia and Lydia were the hyenas :)). And of course, who can forget Beauty and the Beast? To a little nine year old girl who was already showing signs of becoming a bookwork, Belle was the perfect heroine. She still is my favorite Disney princess. :)

    Thanks for posting about this--it really brought back a lot of old memories. I agree with you on the song lyrics and movie quotes; isn't it amazing how our minds instantly recall back those words when we haven't thought about them for years? I've had times before when I've heard a song that I haven't heard for a long time, and soon I'll be singing along as if I listened to it every day! Amazing.

    Love you!
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Love this post, Jo! Mom would say that is why it is important to grasp those moments why you have them because the magic is only there for so long. Disney. Ah, Disney. The classics hold such a dear spot in my heart. Especially The Lion King and 101 Dalmatians. So many memories there.

    Hey, singing while playing Marco Polo...sounds like around here! Only we are also terribly vicious (almost homicidal) while playing. JK, of course...sorta. ;) Another of our favorite pool games (playing with Pa is best) is tossing a ball around to each other but call them a book/movie character as we throw it. We're always picking on each other and giggling the whole time. Like Pa calling me Robert E. Lee (you'll appreciate that one :P) or Emma calling Pa Maddie Hayes (which he retaliated to by calling her David Addison) or Than calling KK Professor Z... Fun stuff like that. :)

    Love ya, sweet girl!

  5. *ugh* Of course, that was supposed to be "to grasp those moments while you have them" not "why you have them".

    Love you!
    The Ditsy Näna :)

  6. I love Disney movies! I sing them all the time :)
    This post made me smile :D