Sunday, July 17, 2011


So, this weekend, I've been tweaking some things around the blog. The more observant of y'all may have already spotted some of these:

  • the sidebar's been cleaned up a bit, some more quotes added, some old stuff taken off (it was getting crowded)
  • the playlist is now on autoplay - I know that can get annoying, so feel free to comment if you'd like me to put back on manual :) 
  • more posts! *grin* Yeah, I'm starting to blog a bit more now. There are only two weeks of swim team left (I know! I'm going to cry. It flew by waaaaay to fast :/) so you will be seeing even more of me soon.
  • new pages. I avoided pages at first, but now I'm loving them :) There are now five, the newest being my bucket list. Great fun!
  • new profile photo, and updated blogger profile. My information was old and boring. It's still in progress, but it's a lot better now :) More on my new photo tomorrow :)
I'm still not sure I want a new design yet....I love this one so much! I have had it since February, though. We'll see.

Of course, if y'all have *any* suggestions for Scraps, please comment or email me!

As always and forever....



  1. Hi jo,
    I really like your blog, and am glad you will be posting more! I know this is random, but I wondered if you chose to have you star sign on your profile page?
    I really love your creativity in blogging!

  2. {Anonymous} - Thanks for the encouraging words! And yes, I did chose have my astrological sign put on my profile. I don't believe in astrology at all, it's just Scorpio sounds cool and I've always like the constellation, so I figured it wouldn't hurt :) *grin*

  3. 1. Sidebar looks great. I'm always cluttering mine up and then going through and cleaning it and then cluttering again...oh, the joys of blogging. :D

    2. I usually only un-mute my PC if I want to hear music so either way is good! You *do* have a great playlist.

    3. Yipee!!! Well, not that swimming will be over but about more posts. :)

    4. Love your new pages. Especially the bucket list one. I've been thinking about adding my bucket list to my accordion menu...what do you think?

    5. I already said I love the new profile pic but I'll say it again. Very nice and vintagey.

    Okay, so there's my two the bank closed now? :)