Tuesday, July 26, 2011

faces of the pool

song in my head: "can you feel the love tonight" from The Lion King

I haven't put all that many pictures from the pool up here, the simple reason being I haven't really taken any. But Mama took a few at the mini-meet last night (the last one!) and I gave Marie my camera yesterday to take pictures and videos of whatever she wanted to after her practice, so I thought I'd share some their shots with y'all.
Inigo and Marie (look how *tan* that girl is! Unbelievable.... :D)

*This* girl is so adorable she has a whole fan club of her own :)

Asher and GoGo 
I coach both of these guys - they rock!

That's GoGo giving a high-five to Jensen (one of the senior girls) right before diving in for the mini-meet

Go, buddy, go!

Didn't need help from Connor this time!

Titty and Kiara

Daniel and Inigo - great friends, great swimmers! I. Love. These. Guys!

Backstroke - he improved his time by a *lot*!

Umm....this is Dad. 


Okay...now pictures from my camera (taken by Marie):
Mama and Zuzu

Yours Truly in my sunglasses :)

Part of the "train"...you'll see them again later.

Michael (a coach and one of our senior boys) helping his group of 7-8s with their flipturns

Ah, the train! Titty, the leader, with Mary and A.

The rest of the group. They rocked the middle pool for a good thirty minutes or more :)

A little coaches chat, waiting for the "12 o'clock practice" to arrive :) 
Michael, me, Gabi, Jensen, Thomas (you can't really see him - he's hidden by that little boy)

Thursday is our last practice of the season, and our championship is on Friday and Saturday. *eek!*

Go Dolphins!


  1. So sad swim team's almost over, but champs is going to be majorly awesome. Can't waaaiiittttttt....and I'm going head-to-head with Holly in backstroke, so even though I don't have a chance, wish me luck!

  2. Aww, I think I'm almost as sad as you that the swimming season is nearly over! *wipes a tear* I love reading all your swim-related posts, especially the adorable Inigo quotes. :) Ah, well, "there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens." What I want to know is why the happy seasons go by so fast, while the miserable seasons drag on and on? 'Tis a shame... 'tis life, I suppose.

    Love you!
    Elizabeth Rose

  3. Zu and Gogo are adorable, Marie has the greatest tan ever, and your dad...well, that pic is so your dad. :D

    Enjoy your last few days...wow, eight weeks goes by quick! Kinda sad but now you have next year to look forward to, right?

    Love you!