Sunday, July 10, 2011

{interview #3: elizabeth rose}

Today our lovely interviewee is Elizabeth Rose, who I met almost two years ago when she was still blogging under the name "Lizzy Bennet" :) I still call her Lizzy sometimes, just because :D She's a fun young lady, I hope y'all enjoy "meeting" her this afternoon!

Who's Elizabeth Rose?
Hello! I am a young lady head over heels in love with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and I am completely dedicated to living my life to His glory. I blog at Living on Literary Lane, where I am known as "Miss Elizabeth Rose," but I also go by Elizabeth, Lizzy Rose, or just plain Lizzy. I love blogging because I can use it to express what I am learning through the Scriptures and other books I have read, share photos I have taken, and discuss topics close to my heart, but even more than that, I love blogging because of the lovely and godly young ladies I have been privileged to "meet" through it. I am fourteen years of age and the eldest in my family of eight (counting Momma and Daddy). My five younger siblings are as follows: Bree (12), Emilia (10), Lydia (8), Ethan (7), and Ava (4). I have been blessed to be raised in a Christian home, and to have been given parents who are willing to answer my many questions! :) I am an avid bookworm (I have been known to read a book in a day), I love writing with a passion (I have finished my first book, which you can read more about here), and I also enjoy baking, cooking, English Country dancing, journaling, ballet, writing letters, and, of course, blogging. I love wearing skirts and frilly blouses--they make up nearly 3/4 of my wardrobe--and I try to dressing both modestly and femininely at the same time. It has been my experience that one does not need to wear turtlenecks or big T-shirts at all times to be "modest," and I try to live that out in the clothing I wear. I am committed to a life of purity, and I plan on saving my first kiss for my wedding day. I love lace, window seats, flowers, the colors blue and grey, chocolate, Jane Austen, almost anything old-fashioned or vintage, a good cup o' Irish Breakfast tea, and rainy days. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance! 
The Interview:
What songs/types of music do you listen to when you’re writing? 
When I'm writing, I generally prefer to listen to classical music or the soundtracks to some of my favorite period dramas, like the BBC Emma, North & South (I actually haven't seen this one, but I *love* the soundtrack!), etc. The music is powerful and beautiful, without distracting lyrics, and it inspires me as I type away.

If you have a free evening to do whatever you want, what do you normally choose to do? 
Hmm... Watch a good movie with my family (and some popcorn :), chat over a cup of tea with my sister, play a game like Clue or Monopoly with my siblings, write in my journal, blog a bit and catch up on emails, catch fireflies in a jar (in the summer)... the possibilites are almost endless!

What is the most comfortable outfit that’s currently part of your wardrobe and why? 
My short-sleeved blue top and stretchy black knee-length skirt. Both stretch well and are soft and quite comfortable, they don't need ironing, and I never have to worry about my shirt being too low.

If someone handed you a bar of chocolate, what would you do with it? 
Make a s'more... that is, after I found some graham crackers and marshmallows, too. :)

What literary or movie heroine(s) do you admire? Would you want to meet any of  them in real life? Why or why not? What character traits do they possess that you like/dislike? 
I admire Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice (surprising, I know :P), Marguerite Blakeney from The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. I would love to meet Lizzy and Anne in person (we seem to have quite a lot in common), but I'm not so sure about Marguerite. She's a wonderful character, and one of my newest favorites, but she is so commanding and sure of herself at times that I would feel nervous and shy if we were in the same room. As for traits that I like/dislike about these characters... well, I do admire them for a reason, so I don't think you're going to find many dislikes here... but I digress. Lizzy is teased, put down, mocked, and an abundance of other such things, due to her family's lack of finances, and not only is she enough of a lady to keep her cool and remain proper, she also has such a quick brain that she is able to reply back with wit and intelligence. I like Marguerite for her wit as well--many times in TSP, her brain is put to the test, and she is clever enough to come up with a way to turn around a seemingly-terrible situation. Anne always views the glass as half-full: she has a bright outlook on life, and never falls prey to gossip or the like. If there ever was a heart that was truly pure and innocent, 'tis her's.

What color combinations do you like? Do you prefer bright, earthy, pastel, neon or  dark color combinations best? Do you like different colors at different times of the  year? How often have you changed your “favorite” color? 
Blue and grey or blue and brown, hands down. I generally prefer to mix pastel colors with darker colors, but if I had to choose just one, it would be pastel in summer and dark in winter. Neon? *shudders* When I was younger, my favorite colors were (not surprisingly) pink and purple. That gradually grew to include blue, too. And blue has always stayed. Oh, it's changed, for sure--Colonial blue, baby blue, navy blue, blue-grey... the list goes on and on. But it's always been some shade of blue. I also have blue eyes and my father thinks blue looks best on me, so that has something to do with it, too. :)

Do you normally run, walk, or skip every other step when you’re going upstairs? Or  none of those options? How *do* you go upstairs? 
I walk... unless something so completely and utterly wonderful has happened that I simply *have* to skip (and sing :)).

Do you ever change the words of a song to fit a particular situation, either to be  serious or silly?
Sometimes I change them so they fit my mood, but not *very* often.

Which would you rather have on a hot day: a popsicle, an ice cream cone, or frozen fruit? 
Well, we're quite the healthy family in my home, so probably frozen fruit. However, if I was feeling like a treat, definitely ice cream. 'Tis my very favorite summer dessert--mmm! :)

What is your preferred style of footwear in the summer?
Bare feet, by far. :) After that, flip flops or sandals, depending on the occasion, and then tennis shoes. I don't think I've ever worn mesh pool shoes.

Which do you love most: the mountains, the prairie, the ocean/beach, the forest,  rolling hills/farmland, or something other than the above? Why? 
Oh goodness. How can I possibly choose? It's a pretty even tie between the rolling hills/farmland and the ocean/beach. I love water, whether it be in the form of a lake, river, creek, the pool, rain, or the sea. We used to go to California every year in the summer for two weeks; we would rent a house and visit the beach often. *contented sigh* I want to live there. But then, when I visit my friend's farm, with the immense spaces of open land, some trees, and the big farmhouse... well, all those images of the gorgeous ocean "clean fly out o' me head." So, I'll just say that I love both dearly and leave it at that. :)

What makes you laugh? Do you laugh easily? Are you ticklish? What makes me laugh? 
Pretty much everything my sister Bree says... even when she's not trying to be humorous. One time we were talking in our room (it was late, mind you--when it gets late, everything we say sounds vastly amusing at the time and perfectly dull in the morning :)), and she said to me, "Why do people say Oh my goodness? It sounds proud, as if you were saying how good you are! They should say Oh my sinfulness instead!" I laugh very easily around certain people (*wink* *wink* Bree), and not so much around others. I think it really depends on the person. And yes, I can be ticklish... at times.

Oh, my delightful Lizzy! Thank you sooo much for letting me interview you!  


  1. Thank you for having me, Jo! It was a pleasure to be interviewed by you. :)

    Love you!
    Elizabeth "Lizzy" Rose

  2. Lizzy, I am so with you on Elizabeth Bennet. I loved her character the first time I saw the movie (I saw the movie before I read the book) and every time I've read/seen Pride and Prejudice I find something else I like about her. :)

    Aren't soundtracks the best when you need some inspiration? Love them.

    Again, great feature-post (???) Jo. These are so fun to read! And, of course, a darling lady featured.

  3. That Marguerite character sounds very interseting, now I have to 'meet' her!!!!
    Elizabeth Rose has wonderful answers to all the questions. Off to check out her blog!!!

  4. Oh, what a fun interview. Lovely questions and answers, sweet girls!

  5. I adore the interview idea, Jo! That may be an idea that I use on my own blog, if you don't mind...? I'm forever looking for new ideas. What blogger isn't!? haha. yurp.