Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Three times during the swimming season, our pool hosts a "mini-meet" for our six-and-unders (many of whom aren't old enough or not capable of swimming in a real meet). We set up the sound system, one of our senior guys does the buzzer, the coaches get in the water to help those who need it, older siblings (even the seven and eight year olds) are timers and help at the clerk-of-course. It's great fun :) Last night was the second mini-meet of the season - GoGo was sooooooo excited!

at the blocks, ready to go!

backstroke time.....
 (I happened to be the coach in his lane *grin*)

on his own!!!

almost to the rope!
our pool is fifty meters long, so we drop a rope in the middle for 25 m. races during meets

with his special friend Jack :)

Zuzu "fist pumping" (her version :D) with Mary

loving the baby pool! She got her new suit from Leia for her birthday last week.
this picture actually is great 'cause you can see all three pools. they look short due to the angle, but you can see Zuzu in the baby pool, then people playing in the middle pool, and the meet going on in the big pool.

Freestyle with Coach Connor

Love my little swimmer!

Tomorrow, we have a meet against Gab and Vivi's team.....they're going to cream us, but it'll be great fun :) Well, their girls will probably beat our girls, but our guys are going to put up a good fight - be warned! :D


  1. Ok. I'm warned. But just a warning for you--our guys will do exactly the same thing...;)

  2. See that gal in the first picture--orange tie-dye shirt with the blue clipboard? One of the 5/6's is so certain she's my sister. SO CUUUUTE!!

    Anyway, heard you were swimming 50 back, 100 free, and 50 free. I am READY to race you in back and long free, and you have my friend Mackenzie to go against for the short free. Let's do it!

    (btw, Zuzu is amazingly cute.)

    See you tomorrow...

  3. Sounds like today will be some friendly competition. Have fun, all you swimmers!

  4. Why is coach Kira in that picture???

  5. Oh, this is absolutely ADORABLE!!! The smallest swimmers on my team are 6 years old, but they still have to participate in a normal meet. This is a great idea! :)