Saturday, July 23, 2011

saturday morning daybook // 7.23.11

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Date... July 23, 2011
Starting time... 10:54am
Mood...happy, just plain old happy
Outside my window..."feels like 113." No joke. Staying inside today. All day.
I'm thinking...about so much - as usual :)
I'm currently reading...Emma by Jane Austen (taking my time)
I'm listening to...Inigo and Zuzu watching a Cedarmont Kids movie
I'm wearing...denim skirt, pinkish-purple v-neck over an ivory cami
I'm looking forward to...CHAMPS NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!!
I'm hoping...that this week will just be so awesome that I'll remember it for-evah
Yesterday, I...enjoyed every minute of our last Friday practice at the pool
I'm hungry for...a milkshake *sigh*
The song stuck inside my head is..."You Belong With Me" - cute song :)
I love...swim team!
I loathe...that after this coming week, I probably won't see most of my swimming friends until next summer. :/
This week, my goal round out the swimming season well, continue to represent Christ at the pool, be a good friend
Did I meet last week's goal?...Well, I didn't talk to the person I was planning on talking to, but I did talk to someone else. God knows what He's doing, I just go along :)
Swim Team Story or Quote of the Week...after practice yesterday:
brennan: "wait, are you two related to inigo?"
jo: "he's our brother."
brennan: "what?! how did I miss that?"
ben: "even *I* knew that."
nate: *chuckling*
jo: "It's been eight weeks, Brennan."
brennan: "you don't look alike!"
leia: "who did you think he was?"
brennan: "just some kid you babysat. I thought 'oh, fun, they get to babysit him everyday.'"
jo: "Wow."
Oh, the stories from the pool..... :)
Ending time...11:02am


  1. Where God closes one door he opens another, right?

    Have a great last week of swimming...enjoy ever single moment!


  2. I thought "Oh, fun, they get to babysit him every day". Oh goodness, this made me laugh so hard. :) I even considered--briefly--adding an "LOL," but thought better of it, since that would be *extremely* against my code of comment-writing. Never fear, such breakings of grammatical rules will never even be thought of again. :P

    Love you!
    Elizabeth Rose