Monday, July 18, 2011

sunglasses and pick-ups

First, I'd like you to meet my new sunglasses. An early birthday gift from my aunt.

Now you need to meet the pick-up truck. Not *any* pick-up truck, *the* pick-up truck. 

The pick-up Dad drove in college.

 The pick-up that my grandpa has been using on the farm for over a decade. 

The pick-up that Leia and I want to fix up and drive as our car.

This truck has incredible character.

It's also incredibly old.

It's been a long way.

It's going to need some fixing up. Some, as in, LOTS.

But I still love it.

It's a stick-shift.

And the windows are manual.

And it has awesome little corner windows.

And it likes my sunglasses. What's not to love?


  1. That is such a neat pick-up truck! I love how the windows are manual. :) I can't wait to see what it looks like all cleaned up--you'll post pictures, right? And your sunglasses are adorable! The perfect combination for taking vintage-y profile pictures. :)

    Love you!
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Absolutely LOVE it! Totally awesome (as are your sunglasses). :) I love its character.

  3. LOVE this photo of you - great shot and I like the way it looks "aged." The sunglasses definitely complete the look. Such a fabulous truck. :) That would be great if you guys could fix it up!

    Hope all is well with you; Mr. FTR and I will be in town at the end of the month (7/30) - I think my dad is sending an email to everyone; I hope we can see you!!!


    Mrs. FTR

  4. So. Awesome. What's better than an old car?
    Love those sunglasses! Mine are blueish fading into black - if that makes any sense. :)


  5. Love the last picture. That's one cool little truck. :)


  6. So this is the truck I've heard so much about. Still planning on painting it pink? ;D Very nice. Plus super sweet shades...and love your profile picture...all though it did make me laugh how serious you look. :)

    Love ya!