Monday, August 1, 2011


 The March family had to be at Champs for Sessions 2-4 of the four sessions, so it was a whole weekend deal for us :) Leia and I swam on Friday night; Titty, Marie, Peter and Luke swam on Saturday. Friday was so much fun. Our senior girls freestyle relay dropped four seconds and came in tenth - really nice for us :) Our guys performed very well, and overall, our weakest session put our team in 10th place. The evening ended with a late-night pizza party nearby, rounding off the senior swimming season on a great note. 

On Saturday, we arrived at the Aquatic Center around 7:20am. While Peter and Luke got ready for their warmups, I checked in as a team leader for our team, and got geared up for a full day of work.
Annette and Titty


While I spent all morning and afternoon working on the pool deck, making sure our swimmers were coming on time for their events, running errands for Jessie, encouraging younger team members, enjoying a complimentary Five Guys lunch with the six awesomest people ever (Clara, David, Jessie, Allyce, Michael and Brenna - in case you didn't know already :D), and supervising our swimmers in the warm-up lanes, Leia spent most of the day at our spot outside or in the corner of the bleachers inside on the balcony that was "claimed" by our team :)

Notice that little blue thing-a-jig that they're playing around with? More on that soon :)

After the last session ended (5:30pm or so), we all drove to *our* pool for the awards banquet and potluck.

Yours Truly, Gabi, Leia

FYI: It was pretty hot inside - no AC. :)

Handing out the 6&Under awards

Go Dolphins!

9-10 awards...

Hardest Worker award for the 7-8 boys went to Peter this year!

Leia received the Hardest Worker award for the 13-14 girls, Titty got the "Fab 4 Senior Girls Relay" paper plate award for all the times she was pulled up to swim in the 15-18 B relay this summer. (three of the other 11-12 girls also got the award). Luke received the Most Improved award for 7-8 boys, and I received the "Unsung Hero" award for the 15-18 girls. Actually, all four of us got the award, sort of an "Unsung Age Group" award :) 

And here's the *really* cool thing:

Marie got to be on TV. 


On the local news cast for the championship, there she was swimming backstroke in the very first clip! 

Cool stuff.

We all were excited to learn that we'd moved up to 9th place, beating our "main" enemy in the league - a great feeling :)

So that concludes our swim season. It's been awesome fun, we've made awesome friends, and we've all gotten stronger and more in shape than ever.

Counting down the months until it's Dolphin Time again!

p.s. I did a post back last Thursday about our coaches night out, but never got around to publishing it till yesterday. However, I wanted to keep the chronological order, so I set it up to look like it was published on Thursday. Click HERE to read it! - JM


  1. Aah...I wish I did swim team!!! (P.S. Love the Emily Bear on your playlist!!)

  2. Great job, guys! Give my congrats to all the Marches. :) Btw, Jo, loved seeing all the pics. It's almost like being there. :P

    Love ya, girl!

  3. Congratulation on all your awards! Is that little blue thing-a-jig an ipod nano?