Monday, August 8, 2011

night at the museum

"He looks like a weirdy!"

Enter Larry Daley, an entrepreneur who's trying to find stability in his life, and gain his son's respect. The ultimate decision he has to make is....get a job.

The only offer he gets is the role as night guard at the Museum of Natural History.
Gus, Cecil, and Reginald.

The three guys he's replacing are really friendly and pretty funny. Not surprising if you know who they're being portrayed by. I was tickled pink to see Mickey Rooney, Dick Van Dyke and Bill Cobbs all acting together as these three "old men" :)

Back to the story.

Well, the old night guards "forgot" to mention to Larry the peculiar phenomenon that the museum has experienced each night since 1950. 

"The T-rex is alive!!!"

Not only is the dinosaur alive....but the whole museum is as well. Every exhibit.

Larry makes a new friend, who helps him handle what seems to be an out-of-control situation, and encourages him to find strength inside of himself. This friend is none other than Teddy Roosevelt.

The miniatures provide some problems....

"Fire up the iron horse, boys!"
"Hey, blondie!"
"Name's Jedediah."
"Alright, Jedediah, stop the train, please!"
"Big no can do, crackerjack."
Jedediah and Octavius....friends or enemies? Or a little bit of both? :D They both happen to be my personal favorite characters.

Larry has to find a way to make the museum exhibits get along with each other so that each night won't be a continual nightmare. Larry begins to brush up on his history so he knows how to talk to each of the characters on display in the museum.

"Was she deaf? She seems a little unresponsive."
"That's because she's a statue..."

Obviously, not everyone is the night guard. :)

"My explorer friend, who's name escapes me...."
"It's Columbus, Dad."

Turns out, someone doesn't want the museum to keep coming alive at night. A chase is on for the thieves who steal the magic Egyptian plate!

The search leaves New York a little baffled.....the T-rex tracks make the news the next morning :)

They say the love knows no boundaries...even a few hundred years, apparently :D Teddy finally got up his courage to talk to Sacajawea :D

Nicky's Night at the Museum (see him on the dino's back?)

Leia and I saw this movie for the first time at our Gab and Vivi's house this past weekend. Actually, we had a movie marathon and watched both Night at the Museum and Battle of the Smithsonian back-to-back. I haven't had so much fun watching a movie in a long time! Thanks for having us over girls!

I don't want to spoil the story for those of y'all who haven't seen it yet (read: my sisters who will be reading this post). But I will leave you with a few more quotes, since that's my favorite thing about movies anyway :)

Jed: "No problemo, Gigantor."
Larry: "Um, my name's Larry, first of all okay, Jed? See, I call you Jed, I don't call you tiny, right?"
Jed: "What's that supposed to mean?"
Larry: "Hey teeny, how does that sound?"
Jed: "I...I don't like it. It hurts my feelings."
Larry: "Okay, well Gigantor makes me feel like some sort of freak."
Octavius: "I don't. I just call you Larry."
Easter Island Statue: "Oh, you in trouble, Dum-Dum. You better run-run. From Attila the Hun-Hun."

 My personal favorite. *sigh* The truth is tough sometimes....
Larry: "Civil war dudes...You guys are brothers, for God's sake...You gotta stop fighting...North wins, slavery is bad...Sorry....don't want to burst your bubble, but South, you guys get Allman Brothers...and....NASCAR. So just chill!"
Larry: "I'm not a giant, guys, alright? You guys are really little."
Octavius: "We may be small, but our hearts are large....metaphorically speaking." 
Easter Island Statue: "QUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT! ..... My dum-dum want to speak." 
Overall, a fantastic movie. Definitely a keeper. I can't wait to show it to the younger ones! It shipped from Netflix today....


  1. I love that you love this movie!!! So good! One of our family's all-time favs. We know all the lines (and quote them all the time) and have seen it more time then I'd like to admit. :) Did you like the first or second better? While they are both fantastic I kinda lean toward the second. Custers is so awesome. And Amelia. And the bobble head Einsteins. And pretty much everything. :)

    Love ya!
    Nana (the Night at the Museum obsessed one ;))

  2. Oh, we own this one and love it. I gotta agree with on the quotes... to funny!! :)


  3. I love this movie!!! I like both of them, actually...:D

  4. You're totally welcome, Jo. ;) Glad you liked them...

    Love this part. McPhee is perfect. :P

    "I cannot tolerate this type of chaos. I mean, this is a museum, not a...?? Do you know what museum means? It doesn't mean, 'Ooh, Daddy! It's a big Tyrannosaurus thing! Can I touch it's leg?' No! Work it out please?"..."Control your young, please!"


  5. “Seriously, Brandon—”


    “…Brundon. You do not know who you’re dealing with. You think you know what it means to be a guard? Huh? Trust me: You don’t know the meaning of the word. I’ve seen things that you could not imagine.”

    “Like what kind of stuff?”

    “I’m not gonna tell you, but you’re gonna drop the flashlight—“

    “The way you said it, it just sounded like you were gonna say something cool.”

    “Yeah, well you don’t get to hear it. Drop the flashlight.
    Ya cool?”

    “That was actually pretty cool what you just did.”

    “Thank you—no hard feelings? Sorry.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    “No, no—it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have touched—“

    “No. It takes two opposing forces to cause friction.”

    “You’re just doing your job. Alright, take it easy, man.”

    “That guy’s great.”