Wednesday, August 10, 2011

observations // 8.10.11

Today is Wednesday. Supper at church tonight...and a church conference....and I have the privilege of working in the nursery. 

School starts a week from Monday. My last first day of grade school. Wow. And then graduation in just nine or ten short months. And then? Hakuna Matata :)

One of my favorite girly indulgences is painting my nails. I feel and clean when my nails look sparkly and new. Just did them this afternoon - burgundy ice. Mah-velous.

I think Adelyn and Sam are awesome fun and I miss them. :/

We went bowling a week ago with Gabi and I was determined to break 100. My first game I scored a 96 and was a little bummed. The second game, though....I bowled a turkey in frames 6, 7, and 8 and ended the game with a score of 158. Hoo-rah!!! I even beat Dad. So proud of m'self ;)

Next summer is probably going to be the best summer of my life.

Four-year-old brothers are crazy, cute, wild, annoying, funny, and priceless.

Ka-Mun-Rah is one of the greatest villains to grace a modern TV screen.

"Fly With Me" is a lovely song.

I miss my swim team friends! It hasn't even been two weeks....but when people are a daily part of your life, four hours a day, for two months, it's hard at first to move on. Countin' down till next summer!

South Carolina is one of the best states in the States (second only to ours) and Isle of Palms is *the best* beach in the US.

My favorite song that I remember from when I was little is "Skinnamarinkydinkydink" and I still love it.

I'm reading a 600+ page book on Alexander Hamilton for my term paper. (yes, *last* term....) This paper is going to demand some time from my last two weeks of vacation....bummer.

Phantom is epic.

Leia is taking French at the CC this fall! Both our classes are going on at the same time.

I know I've mentioned this before, but Julia is in my Spanish class this semester!

My little blue Nano is awesome. We're listening to the GoFishGuys right now :) Yes, "little-kid-ish", but I love 'em :)

I just finished a hemming project for a friend, and I did it on time and it only took me two days.

Leia and I are trying to convince Mama and Dad to let us do winter swimming from Nov. to March. It probably won't happen, but it's kinda fun to think about. If we don't, I'm going to really work hard to stay in shape over the winter.

I can't wait for my birthday!!! 77 days....and then Les Miz with Mama the next day!!! Siked.

The polish on one of my nails got bumped while it was still wet, so I'm going to have to redo it when I finish this. *rats*

Anyone know of a station that plays Christmas music starting in August? I'd like to tune in. Seriously.

GoFish's version of "Jesus Loves Me" is terrific.

I've decided I want "A Whole New World" from Aladdin, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from The Lion King, and "I See The Light" from Tangled played at my wedding reception. Just in case you were wondering.

"It's the Ten Commandment Boogie, gonna dance until I die/Ten Commandment Boogie, you can do it so can I/ If you follow it through, you'll be amazed what you can do!/ So get your groove on with us tonight/We'll do the Ten Commandment Boogie....."
(sorry, it's hard not to sing with these guys on!)

I'm lovin' life right now, in case you didn't notice.


  1. Dear, sweet Jo,

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours. It's so... happy!!! Starting from the beginning, I just realized also that school starts so soon (the same day as you!). Where did the summer go? I'm missing swim team something awful, but I do love school. Yes, Phantom is epic! We're probably singing a medley from it in choir this spring - I can't wait! Though I don't think it could beat out Les Mis... Yay for winter swimming! I did it for two years, and though it was brutally hard, my summer times paid off. Cheers for Les Mis!!! You will love it, I promise. I saw it this spring, and it was AMAZING. Enjoy! Oh, yes, Christmas music should be played all year round. I've found myself singing it lately.

    Yes, you most definitely are loving life, and thank you for sharing some of that love with me. :)

    In Christ,

    (I apologize for the massively long comment - it couldn't be helped.)

  2. ;) love it! =D So what are you doing next summer that's going to make it so awesome?!?! I haven't even thought past this week, let alone next summer.
    My co-op starts the 18th, and I have no clue when the rest of my scool starts! ;) I think the 21st or 28th, though. No later than that! ;) It's kind of bettersweet. I want school to start again so I can see all my bud's at co-op, but all the work that goes with it? Not as much.... ;/


  3. "Skinnamarinkydinkydink" was my favoriite song when I was little too ;)

  4. You're going to see Les Miz!!!!!!
    Yay!!! (Can you tell that I'm *really* happy for you?) You will love it.

    Since when you come and visit you will have already seen Les Miz, we'll have to go to London and see Phantom, which is epic.

    Love ya bunches!

  5. Let's do this systematically...

    -Lion King is awesome. Oh, and so is the last day of grade school. :)

    -Yep, so with ya! Nothing like bright red nails to make a girl feel girly.

    -I am terrible at bowling...but it's fun anyway. :P

    -Should I ask why next summer is going to be the best? Really, I'm dying to know!

    -Agreed! Love my boys. ♥

    -Oh, yeah, sister. Ka-Mun-Rah rocks. His accent -- priceless.

    -Gotta love John Denver. Even though I'm not big on country I do enjoy his stuff.

    -Hey! I kinda like MD! :D Isle of Palms sounds like an awesome place. When do you guys leave?

    -You poor thing.

    -Oh, yeah. I'm so seeing Phantom live sometime (even if it can't be the Michael Crawford cast...did I mention that Mom took Aunt Diann to NYC to see Phantom on Broadway for her graduation? And they saw Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman LIVE??? Soooo jealous.)

    -Leia was telling me that! Sounds like fun!

    -Epicly awesome nano, Jo. Love it!

    -Wow!!! So that's what you were all psyched out about. :) Where are you seeing it?

    -Haha...I was teasing Pa about Christmas in August when he was singing White Christmas.

    -I have a feeling your wedding is going to be a blast. Now just find yourself a man so I can mark my calendar. ;D

    -Ya know, I am too. I love "on the top of the world" times like these.

    Love ya!