Thursday, August 25, 2011


1 GB used - Who'd of thunk it? My Blogger account has no more picture storage left. I can fix that by the weekend, but right now, vacation pics will have to wait. Bummer.

2 Days of Community College completed- pretty awesome. Y'all are missing out, since I have the *only* Spanish teacher worth having. :) British accent, slightly wrinkled clothes, hair boarding on the crazy side, amazing Spanish, hilarious humor, terrific teaching style, British accent. (yes, I know I said that twice - but that's really the best part :D)

1 light school load  - If I really work hard, I can be done by 2:30 on days when I don't go the CC. That rocks. It's like, totally awesome. (sorry, sometimes I feel the need to speak like that :P)

9 am piano lesson tomorrow - youch. Haven't really touched the piano since my last lesson....two weeks ago. And before then, I hadn't really played since May. And this is the girl who's majoring in music next year? Hm. *wink*

4.7 earthquake aftershock this morning around 1am. Mama and I woke up, but didn't know why until we heard about it on the news this afternoon. And I thought we lived in a "safe" state!

1 hurricane headed our way - speaking of "safe states"! Hurricane Irene may be rearranging our weekend plans. *sigh* We don't really get hurricanes either. Used not to. Times are changing...

10 toes painted purple and blue - big toe, middle toe, pinky are purple; the other two are blue. With purple polka dots. If you didn't think I was strange before now, you are welcome to that opinion ahora.

0.5 of 3 movies completed - Finally, two years after reading the Lord of the Rings books and wanting to watch the movies, Leia decided to start the books and we watched the first half of The Fellowship at the beach. I've heard so much about the movies, seen so many pictures, read the books so much, etc. there's nothing all that new about them, but it's epic and I love Aragorn, Arwen, Hobbiton, Gandalf, the Ringwraiths (I know, I know, they're evil, but they're scarily cool!) and the Ring itself. And Frodo. Especially Frodo. *shakes head briskly to clear mind*

4 little guys are watching Leapfrog in the room behind me - "Can you guess what sound the letter 'U' makes?" "Uh......" "That's right! The letter 'U' makes the sound 'uh'.".....

And my computer time is up. So I end my Thursday statistics.

Hasta luego, mis amigos! Voy a preparar pizza!


  1. We had a HUGE rainstorm today because of Irene! I haven't had lessons (piano) since July and my teacher won't be back until October! I started violin, though, and that helps. Some.

  2. Good grief! Two earthquakes and a hurracane! What next?

    I know how you feel with piano. I haven't touched mine since May (except for fun stuff - no hard practicing) and I'm supposed to be *auditioning* for a new teacher next month. *Gulp*

  3. Just a note about the toenails, you may want to know that right now my fingernails are yellow and blue. (pinky on the left is yellow, ring finger is blue, etc...) It makes me think of summer, the beach...*sigh*


  4. Irene is due to arrive in Frederick at 2 tomorrow morning. We starting storm proofing everything as soon as we woke up. I'm sure it won't be bad but just in case. But, as you said, times are changing.

  5. p.s. Funny you should mention the toes because Sunday I painted Emma and Ellie's toenails. And since I had five colors I did each a different color. Mom wasn't a big fan but they loved it. :)