Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the wreck

Another favorite Charleston/Mt. Pleasant tradition! We've been coming to The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene since it opened (before I was born), but didn't make a real family tradition until about three or four years ago. This year, we got to share it with Annie (my grandmother) and Uncle John and Aunt Elle...
This is everyone!

My Zu...
(notice the crayons? the tablecloth is white paper - you can doodle to your heart's content!)

We don't look alike...do we??? Maybe some....
observation: the lighting of the shots makes us look kind of shiny. not sure if I like that.... :/

I wonder what Titty's working on?

Oh, boy. No explanation necessary. Normal restaurant face. *cough*

Ah, Titty's project. By the end of the night, it had spread much further :)

My doodles. Wonder what was on my mind? *grin*

We don't look that much alike either...hmm....but we're definitely most alike in personality. :)

Marie, Aunt Elle, Annie

Annie, Leia, Luke

After supper, we stood outside on the dock and looked at the boats. (this is where I took the pictures in yesterday's post)

An interesting shot. Welcome to Luke's world, where everyone else is blur and only you *truly* exist :)

The Cooper River bridge off the in the distance. ¡espectaculo!


  1. Family traditions are the best. I love each and every one of ours and wouldn't part with any of 'em. ♥ Great photos, dear! I especially love the ones where you are on the dock--so picturesque. And that one of GoGo speaks for itself. :P

    Love ya!
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Hey Jo!
    Well, just thought I would say that I think you and all of your sisters look ALOT alike, 'cept for the hair color. Teehee

  3. I think that you and Zu look quite a bit alike! :) I love Titty's drawing! :) What was on your mind? Hmm...Les Miserables and your birthday? Maybe? Mine's on Friday!!! :DD

  4. Your birthday is the 25th of october? Mine's the 20th! :)

    You guys look so similar - expecially you and Leia.

    much love,