Friday, September 16, 2011

because birthdays are on my mind...

...and y'all will love this  - especially if you love contemporary music *and* classical stuff :)


  1. Haha!! I love the part at 0:35 sec, where he plays a pie from the '95 Pride and Prejudice. :) Can you tell I'm an Austen fan?


  2. I need you to pray like, now. my grandma isn't doing well at all. she was rushed to the hospital from the rehab place where she was because she was refusing to drink liquids, getting very weak, etc. my grandpa and uncle, aunt, and cousin who were down there had gone home for the night when this happened. please please pray and spread the word. <3 it would mean the WORLD to me if my Jesus worked a miracle and she was ok. thanks :) -erina (a friend of Trini's :))

  3. This is incredible! Thanks for sharing, dear. Like my sister, I too love the part at 0:35 when he begins playing a piece from the BBC Pride and Prejudice. And why wouldn't you be thinking about birthdays, since yours is only... 37 days away! :P

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose