Saturday, September 10, 2011

con que pagaremos

Fernando Ortega has long been a favorite choice of music in our home. His songs are so peaceful, so worshipful, and beautifully arranged for piano. Also, he sings quite a bit in Spanish. Now that I can understand a lot of those songs, they become more and more beautiful. There's something about worshipping in a different language that adds to the experience in a way that I can't describe.

Con que pagaremos amor tan inmenso, 
Que diste Tu vida por el pecador? 
En cambio recibes la ofrenda humilde, 
La ofrenda humilde, Senor Jesucristo, 
De mi corazon. 

Y cuando la noche extiende su mano 
Mis ojos en llanto en ti fijare 
Alzando mis ojos vere las estrellas 
Yo se que tras ellas, Cual Padre amoroso 
Tu velas por mi 

No puede pagarte con oro ni plata, 
El gran sacrificio que hicisto por mi 
No tengo que duarte por tanto amarme; 
Recibe este canto, mezclado con llanto, 
Y mi corazon.

With what can we repay this immense love
That you gave your life for a sinner?
In exchange, you only receive this humble offering
This humble offering, Lord Jesus Christ, 
of my heart

And when the night extends its hand
With my weeping eyes, I will focus on you
Raising my eyes, I will see the stars
I know that behind them, such a loving Father, 
You watch over me 

I cannot repay you with gold or silver
The great sacrifice you did for me
I have nothing to give you, for loving me so much
Receive this song, mixed with this weeping 
And my heart

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  1. Although I have not listened to any of his Spanish song. I very much love his English ones! Children of the Living God is my fav!