Monday, September 5, 2011

girls and their music

Last night was rather leisurely, due to the fact that it was a birthday and day two of a three day weekend. After supper, Leia and I started playing duets on the piano downstairs. They were sort of variations of Heart and Soul and that little black-note song that everyone learns at some point (the one you play with your fist). Each time we played it through, the song would get more and more elaborate. Leia started hitting *incredibly* random notes up top (that still fit with the chord) and I sped up the bottom and made it octaves and added some extra eighths. Then Titty brought down our Broadway Hit duet books (Alfred) and we played all our Phantom Can You Feel the Love Tonight and My Heart Will Go On.

Then Leia went upstairs, and Titty hopped on. We played the duets again, and then decided to plug in the iPod. We have a speaker system with the basement computer that also plugs directly into the headphone jack on an iPod. We started playing all our favorite songs...and realizing what *very* random tastes our family has for music :) Because it was about 9:30pm, our punchy side started coming out. We ended up dramatically swirling around the basement, standing on the piano bench (splendid location for singing "A Whole New World" or Erik's part in "Phantom of the Opera").

Then, we started playing our collection of epic overtures:

Entr'acte from Phantom of the Opera
(gotta start with Phantom - no other way to :D)

Overture from The Sound of Music
(if this song doesn't make you want to dance, I don't know what will!)

Overture from My Fair Lady
(I love "On the Street Where You Live"....)

Overture from Mary Poppins
(watch me cry....this song starts soooo beautifully!!)

Our singing and dancing ended with the solemn announcement from the iPod:
"Low Battery."


But it was almost 11pm.

So upstairs we went. 

Dad said, "Sounds like y'all were havin' a party down there." He was about right. Then he asked, "When was your last Susan Boyle experience?" 

It had been a while.

So we gathered around the laptop, and were inspired all over again...
(it's not embed-able, if that's a word)

And that was my wonderful evening. *sigh*


  1. Oh, so we're not the only family who does that (minus the piano)? Hmm, I *did* always wonder... :P If you think *your* tastes in music are random, you should hear the songs we sing while cleaning the kitchen each night. Anything from old Disney songs to hymns to songs from musicals. And that's not even counting all those classic moments when someone says something casually and another girl has to reply back with a movie quote, which sets all of us off finishing the rest of the scene... We're an odd bunch. :)

    Love ya, dear friend!
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. I love to dance to crazy music late at night! Sounds like you guys had so much fun.

    Just wondering, who is Susan Boyle?

  3. Me too! Ha! Seems like there are lots of crazy late night dancers around here. What kind of friends do you have, Jo. ;)

    Love you!

  4. SO fun. :) I love listening to movie soundtracks - when I hear them, I can picture the scenes. :)


  5. Who is Erik? I'm not familiar with Phantom of the Opera

  6. I love your random music tastes: they are pretty much just like mine. :P

    Susan Boyle...that's Philadelphia Chickens and Rhinocerous Tap, right?