Friday, September 2, 2011

oh, the memories!

Remember last summer?


Remember that I was blogging back then?


Remember the song that was stuck in my head and *would not get out*, gracing at least five Saturday Morning Daybooks?

Probably *not*.

Well, if you *do* remember, you're better than me, since I'd *completely* forgotten. What reminded me was I decided today to look back and see what I'd blogged on September 2, 2010. Here's what I wrote:

september 2, 2010

Crayons are neat. They're fun. They're colorful. They're cute. They're.....a lot of things, and I love 'em :) Recently, we bought a rather large box of them for the younger folks (and older folks :P) to use for school. Crayola has been putting out some pretty wacky colors lately, and I was amusing myself by reading the names on them the other day, and filling up a sheet with "color samples".

{click to enlarge}

When out of the blue (forgive the pun)....I saw.....

Now what do you think of that?!?!?!


  1. Forgive the COMPLETELY unrelated comment, but what two waltzes are you learning by Chopin? I learned the Waltz in C sharp minor, op. 64 no. 2...I love that one!

  2. I remember that post like it was yesterday (how can you forget such epic colors like Wild Blue Yonder?). Wow, times goes by too quickly.


  3. Trini - I'm learning both of the Opus 64 waltzes (playing them in a row) plus No.3 Etude and the Revolutionary Etude....and that's just my "Chopin study". Also on my plate for this year is Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue (either in duet or concerto form - we haven't decided which. I've started the duet) and either a Mozart or Bach concerto. And something else too, but I forgot *grin* I'll be busy....

    Nana - I know! Time has gone by *sooo* quickly....youch.