Wednesday, September 7, 2011

under the weather

Hello, dear, darling peoples.

Yours truly is suffering through a nasty cold. Stuffed up, deep coughs, earache, the whole works. I've been in bed most of the day, and am now feeling partially recovered. I may even try to sneak out to church tonight...if I don't look to ill. *coughing fit*

However, I'm left feeling slightly in the dumps, due to the fact that my schoolwork piled up while I was feeling the worst, and I have a whole hunk of Spanish homework due tomorrow and a test. And just the general ickiness that sickness brings.

So, here's what you need to do.

Well, actually, what I'd like you to do. Please?

Leave me a comment telling me something funny, asking me a ridiculous question, or leaving a link to a song or video or something else that you think I'd like, or you *know* I like. It doesn't have to be new. Just something for fun.

Pretty please?

Por favor?

S'il vous plaît?

Gracias :)



p.s. this post is written mostly in good humor, due to the fact that I *am* on the uphill swing of this and feeling rather punchy. I could probably make myself laugh if I wanted too. But I'm too tired.....*yawn* Not really. Anyway. I would probably be better if I had this medicine:

....but I didn't, so I had hot pepper jelly instead. That actually worked. No more stuffy nose! But don't tell Mom. *grin*


  1. My siblings never fail to cheer me up, so I think I'll leave you with a few of our conversations. I hope they put the roses back in your cheeks. :)

    Ava: "Breee-eee, I'm eating chunks!" (her definition for the yogurt that has fruit on the bottom)
    Bree: "And do you like it?"
    Ava: "No. But I'm eating them!"

    Ava: (to me) "So, when are you going to get those beads on your teeth?" (She was talking about braces. :))

    Momma: "Emilia, what are you doing? Please get My Fair Lady started, we want to finish it tonight."
    Emilia (10): "I'm sorry, Momma, I'm trying to get the language set correctly. Apparently someone set it to English..."
    Momma: *laughs uncontrollably*
    Emilia: "Wait... I meant French."

    Lydia (8): *holds up two cherries* "Look, they've grown together! Don't they look like lungs?"

    Bree: "Hey! Don't take my purse--it has money in it! (pause) Wait, maybe that's not the best thing to tell someone who's trying to steal from you..."

    Ethan: "Can you believe you're 14? It seems like just seconds ago you were turning 13!"
    Ava: "Are you going to turn into a mother after you have this birthday?"

    Bree: (explaining to me about the somewhat strange and loud noises coming from our bedroom) "We were trying to find my paperclip!"
    Me: "You were trying to find your paperclip?"
    Bree: "We were trying to find my very important paperclip!"

    Bree: "It's as plain as the sky is... grey!"

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Okay, I have something for you to try: Get some nice artisan bread, spread it with cream cheese and then top it with hot pepper jelly. Sounds weird, I know. Trust me. It's a favorite snack of ours. Mom comes up with the weirdest, best tasting recipes ever. (think grilled cheese with apples)

    Oh, yesterday during FBI break I showed Aunt Katrina your Southern Sabotage post you wrote on By the Way last September and she was rolling. :)

    As for something to make you laugh, how about this...
    ALW + Calypso = Awesome:

    or this...

    or even this...

    Love ya!

  3. How's this? I saw a video of identical twins laughing at each other. Captions?

    Mari: "Haha, you're ugly!"
    Ellie: "We're twins, you goofball!"

    That's a video that I found over the weekend that could make a grinch smile, so I think it could make a sick Jo smile too. :)

  4. Don't know if you've seen this one before or not: The Great Office War!

    And this one: The Greatest Invention Yet!

    Hope they give you some laughs! =)

  5. Sounds like YOU need to be watching more Horrible Histories? You've already seen my favorite, haven't you?

    And there's this that we used to start off our studies of the Middle Ages:

    More later, hopefully...

  6. We, too, have had a cold floating around for weeks and weeks... something we picked up when volunteering for VBS. No fun and will be glad to see it go.

    Something hilarious??? I feel like a duck. It has rained endlessly here for days and days.

    Something wonderful??? Soon we will be leaving for warmer and drier climates and it won't matter what the weather is here!

    Hope you are up and about soon.

    Mrs. W

  7. **looks at above comment** well, I was going to say something, but it looks as though it's already been said. :) Aparently, to Elizabeth, I'm a comedian. Who's worth quoting. Hah. :D

    Will pray for you! Colds are no fun.

    Luv ya!

  8. okay this should amuse you. I'm not a huge fan of LOTR but this is epic!!! LOTR in 60 seconds is great when your feeling sick.
    Get well soon!!!

  9. Can you buy hot pepper jelly? What do you eat it with

  10. everybody - Thank you *so* much for all the videos and stories! Y'all are awesome and made my day :)

    anonymous - You know *very* well that we *make* our own pepper jelly (you've helped) and you also know that we eat it with cream cheese (or by itself) on whatever bread-ish product we have (crackers, bread, chips, etc.) You know, you can comment with your blogger account - that's kinda what they're for....