Thursday, October 13, 2011


note: This is one of those "I love" posts, when you wonderfully forbearing readers sigh and say "Oh, Jo", because you know that the truth is, I love *lots* of things, and I have *lots* of favorite characters, favorite movies, favorite songs, etc. and you just read my "favorite character of all time" and just smile :) That's why I love you :) xoxo. Jo.

When we first started watching The Fellowship of the Ring, I was absolutely *thrilled* with Frodo. (Actually, I was thrilled with all the characters - there literally wasn't a *single* one I would've done differently.) He was exactly what I hoped he'd be, plus more.

The first thing I hoped he'd be was interesting.

Yeah, pretty simple. Just plain old interesting.

In the books, Frodo irritated and bored me sometimes. I wished the story would move off of him and Sam and get back to the action (read: Aragorn and Legolas) I got mad over the times Frodo made a bad decision (a.k.a. put on the ring) and was just plain tired of him.

But, in the movies, I didn't mind at all :) The more Frodo, the better! *grin* I was able to feel and understand his internal "war" with the ring - instead of just moaning and groaning and thinking "If I were Frodo...." I watched it take over him, and realized that if I probably would've done the same thing if I really were him.

To start, Frodo isn't quite as crazy as the other Hobbits (read: Merry and Pippin), but he does have that humorous personality that comes out in unexpected places and leaves you chuckling to yourself.

He has that quietness that makes you think, "He knows something. He gets it." And sometimes you feel a little left behind - like Frodo lives a world all his own.

I admire his character in choosing to let Gollum live. "Maybe he does deserve to die." He recognized that Gollum still had "good left in him" (sorry, that's a Star Wars quote :P) and when he has that "heart to heart" conversation with Gollum, calling him Smeagol, I almost cried. Frodo was so gentle, "That was your name once, wasn't it?" and Smeagol's eyes changing from harsh and suspicious to soft and gentle....mmm. You could see all the pain, hurt, confusion, remembrance, all of it, in Smeagol's eyes.

And of course, Frodo and Sam. I don't remember if it was here, or on in my chat status (too many things to keep up with!! :P) but I said something about the first time in a long time I've really just cried during a movie was at the end The Fellowship of the Ring when Sam joins Frodo in the boat. Dear Frodo. He so much wanted to keep anyone else from having to share in the difficulties he had to work through, but then, "I'm glad you're with me, Sam."

Last, but *definitely* not least: dear Frodo is a Hobbit. And I love Hobbits. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I think I'm part Hobbit. Frodo is some kind of relative. Well....yeah.

Hobbits are innocent. They are strong in spirit, strong in constitution, strong mentally, and hardy physically. And they're short. And they have big feet (I didn't just say that....did I?) And they are just Hobbits. *deep sigh* And I love Hobbits. And because I love Hobbits, I love Frodo. 
(and Sam and Merry, and Pippin, of course, but they get their own posts :D)

But I probably wouldn't name one of my children Frodo. Just because.


  1. Totally LOVE Frodo!!!
    I think I liked him in the Fellowship the best but I still love him and though (when I'm watching it sometimes) I'm like "Not Frodo and Sam" I still love him and I think that one of the best things about him is just how gentle and loving he is. :)
    And Sam :) And Merry and Pippin.
    Can';t wait for your other posts!!!

  2. i have an insane crush on frodo. and, in this case, height doesn't matter, because we can't do anything about it! but his eyes are just so blue and so pretty, and he understands what it's like to be in trouble, and to be in pain. so yes, we'd be perfect for each other.
    this was such a great post!! :)) also, gollum is ugly.
    -jocee <3

  3. I completely agree! Although my favorite hobbit is Sam. I'd probably be a lot like Sam. I love his loyalty to Frodo. And his humor. And just because he's Sam. :D But I love all the Hobbits. I cried really hard at the end of Return of the King. If you haven't seen it yet, you will understand when you do.


  4. {jocee} - I didn't want to say it right out, but I'm pretty much in love with Frodo myself :P It's those blue eyes :) And I'll have to disagree with you about Gollum...I think the Smeagol side of him is awfully cute :D (literally.)

    {stephanie} - Oh, I *bawled* the last fifteen minutes of Return of the King. And then walked around in a daze for the next few days. :)

  5. agree w/ ya!! :D I LOVE all of 'em but I love Frodo the most too!! I LOVE LOVE LOTR. I'm a big fan! lol :)

  6. I love this boy.

    Sadly, though, I'll admit I haven't read the books/seen the movies... YET. I just learned WHO Frodo exactly IS like, really recently, and instantly fell smitten...which has led into a desperate desire to see The Lord of the Rings.

    He's ridiculously cute and heroic. You are a kindred spirit for liking him so much, because I've heard that many people think he's a wimp, which is just awful.

    High five to fellow Frodo fans.

  7. {anna} - I know! Frodo is not, may I repeat, not a wimp! My dear Frodo. You should definitely get your hands on a copy of The Lord of the Rings and/or watch the movies. If you love this much much more afterwards? *grin*
    xoxoxo, and thanks for the comment :)

  8. I know!! If I love him this much now, I'm afraid I'll just have a heart attack if I ever see the films. LOL.

    And he is SO not a wimp. Gahhh. The nerve some people have. =P

  9. This is an immensely happy post. On multiple levels. :scream: