Thursday, October 27, 2011

i love....

....signing into my email account this morning to see a whopping 10 birthday emails waiting to be read! a daze after my Les Miserables experience last night

...signing into Blogger and spending forty minutes reading blogs - many of which had a "stolen" picture of myself at the top of them :) Thank you for all the lovely posts and messages and comments! Y'all are wonderful, fantastic, awesome, kindred spirits :) at Tyson's Corner all morning yesterday

...eating at the Kennedy Center Cafe before the show

...J. Mark McVey singing "Bring Him Home" in the barricade

...finding a new scarf and new boots at Nordstrom's (Tyson's Corner)

....Justin Scott Brown. He. Is. Marius.

...spending the night with Nana and Co. 

...the amazing background projections for "Javert's Suicide" and the sewer scenes

...holding Winnie for the first time!

...the Les Miz costumes - all of them. (well, *almost* all of them *chuckle*)

...pumpkin spice lattes

...Marius and Cosette in "A Heart Full of Love" - absolutely adorable :) Seeing live was much better than the soundtrack :)

...the Roger Moore Muppet Show at midnight. "But I don't *want* to make it work!"

...having an absolutely out-of-this-world birthday and trip to D.C. with Mama. Will never forget it. Ever.

"...It is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes!" 


  1. Birthdays are awesome, aren't they? (but I know I really didn't need to tell you that lol) I'm glad you had such a great time!

  2. What a birthday! On top of turning 17, you spent the night with friends, spent the day in D.C. with your mom, and topped it off with Les Mis! That's a dream birthday. :)

    What is the Roger Moore Muppet Show??

  3. It sounds like you had a pretty amazing day, Jo! You're now 17, you spent the day with Brianna & Co., you visited D.C. con tu mama, and to top it all off, you saw Les Miz live! Wow. For what more could one ask? :)

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Happy, happy, birthday!