Wednesday, October 12, 2011

late night musings

listening to: “Any Dream Will Do” sung by Donny Osmond
It’s been a great evening, and consequently, I’m not ready to go to bed just yet. I’ll probably be up till eleven, which means I’ll have trouble getting up in the morning…and tomorrow is “in-town” day which means we’ll be leaving ridiculously early in the morning, and I’ll be tired. But that’s okay. I can handle it :)
I’m typing this on a Word doc on our upstairs laptop. I find it much easier to say what I want when I’m in the comfort of the closet, without the scores of “rubber neckers” walking past, desperate to see what you’re typing :P Life in family of ten. *sigh* I just finished editing the final draft of a paper due in Spanish class tomorrow, this is my "reward"  :)
Today we cooked the meal for our church’s Wednesday night fellowship supper. It was a lot of work, we were baking all day long. The menu consisted of ham delights, cream of tomato soup, sliced peaches, and “Aunt Della May’s Chocolate Cherry Cake”. Completely worth the effort. It was a church conference night, and the main topic was the budget. Not the most interesting thing in the world, and we spent the evening in the downstairs sanctuary playing piano, teaching games to each other and the younger children, and having fun. Our friends’ cousins are still visiting, so it was great seeing “Matthew” again *wink*
Guess what I have tomorrow? Spanish exam! Kind of. We voted in our last class (at our teacher’s suggestions – told you he was awesome) to *not* have our test. We’re just going to do the oral/listening exercises in class, and then we take the written part home to do over fall break. Our teacher gave us only two rules:
1: Trabaje sólo.
2: Use su libro.
That’s my kind of test - open book. :)
My playlist just finished playing “Billy Don’t Be A Hero”. I don’t think I agree with the “young and lovely fiancée” in the song. She’s sorta negative. I would be depressed if my girlfriend was telling me to “keep my head low” and “don’t be a fool with [my] life”. Oh, well. He didn’t listen to her :) Moving on…
Thanks to all those who have entered my blog party/giveaway so far! The party goes on…please join in! If you’re a frequent reader, but can’t follow my blog ‘cause you don’t have a Blogger account, just comment on the party post and say who you are and that you read my blog often, and I’ll count that as the mandatory “follow me” entry. :)
 “I gave you my music/Made your song take wing/And now, how you’ve repaid me/Denied me and betrayed me/He was bound to love you/When he heard you sing…..” The undying beauty and mystery of the Webber musicals. *peaceful sigh*
Okay, I’m signing off. Time to get this published so I can head off to bed. Long day tomorrow…but hey, it’s Thursday, and that means that the week is *almost* over, and that means that my birthday is almost next week! (if that makes any sense….it probably doesn’t…but that's okay. I'm just excited, 'cause my birthday week brings my birthday (of course), Les Miz, group class, AND I get to see Nana!!! All the more reason to be excited.

Okay, really off now.




  1. I love 'Phantom'. *sigh* Weber musicals are the best, aren't they? Have you ever seen 'Phantom' live?

    Anyway, I'm still planning on joining your party. I just need to finish writing out my answers.

    Have a lovely evening!

    ("O.G." That's awesome!)

  2. Sounds like you have fun planned for next week. Are you going to be seeing Nana Watcher? If it is, make sure you give her a big hug for me. :D


  3. Aunt Della May's Chocolate Cherry Cake. YUM! I haven't had that in a long time. :)

    Open book tests are awesome. :D Unfortunately for me, none of my courses this year allow them. *groan*

  4. Mmm, that cake sounds amazing!

    An open book Spanish test? You lucky girl! We don't have that option. :P

    I'll be linking up to your blog party soon; I don't know how it managed to slip my mind until now.

    Only twelve more days! Be sure to give Brianna a big hug for me, 'kay? :)

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  5. P.S. I give up. What does "O.G." stand for?

  6. {Cassie} - No, I haven't seen Phantom live yet...*cries* But it's on my bucket list! Dad said he'd take me to NY to see it someday - lifelong dream fulfilled, should we do so :)

    {Stephanie} - Yes, my dear Nana! I will most certainly give her a hug for you :)

    {Lizzy} - "O.G" stands for "Opera Ghost", it's the way the Phantom always signs his letters :) (see Nana's comment on the camping post)

  7. {Katy} - We had chocolate cake for breakfast this morning :) Yummy!!!

  8. I love the count down to a birthday! All most more fun than the actually day itself, if you know what I mean! I had mine last weekend it was awesome, hope yours is too! Xx
    P.S I totally get how annoying it is to be typing with people walking past and looking at what your doing. It really bugs me!

  9. Andrew Lloyd Webber. *sigh* Need I say more? I should name one of my kids after him. But I don't really like the name Andrew. Lloyd isn't bad though. Okay, that's enough. I was up too late last night and it's starting to catch up to me. :)

    See you in 11 days!