Friday, October 7, 2011


Finally! Another character profile :) Changing gears a little on this one - we're lookin' at:


The epicly awesome character from the Lord of the Rings.
Legolas is one fantastic elf. I had a hard time picturing him while I was reading the books, but I don’t have any trouble now *grin* He went from being “the-character-who’s-okay-and-indispensible-but-I-could-care-less-about-him” to being one of my absolute favorite cool characters of all time *chuckle*

Honestly, though, what’s not to love? 

Light of foot - and an excellent horseman...

Beautiful bow, quiver and a never ending supply of arrows….

Incredible facial expressions (<3 those!)….

Long blond hair…(okay, maybe not the hair so much *wink*)

And, to use a frequently over-used word that for some reason I still use: Legolas is just plain cool.

Did anyone else notice that he never gets so much as a scratch during all his battles? Not even at Helm’s Deep, or Pelennor Fields? Dad thought that was interesting. 

His battle presence is actually one of the things I love best about “The Elf”. When you have Legolas in a fight, he adds class and dignity to something that really isn't either.

The agility, grace, and elegance of each movement – everything is one big dance. He’s always sliding down something or making fantastic jumps and leaps.
It's hard to see, but that's Legolas sliding down the stairs on the shield :) Neatest battle move ever. :)
But it’s his rivalry and friendship with Gimli that adds that spark of humor to Legolas' otherwise rather solemn character.

Favorite short Legolas/Gimli clip? Killing the elephant-thing during the battle of Pelennor fields outside of Minas Tirith. (2:44 to end) Watch for that cocky, "what-do-you-think-of-that" look from the Elf when he slides down the elephant’s trunk.  (3:53) And then, "That still only counts as one!" :)

Also, something that I great appreciated was his deep and abiding friendship with Aragorn from the beginning to the end.

Always there for him, supportive even when hope seemed to be gone. 

That's why I thought it was rather fitting that Legolas was the one lead this procession:

Note: It was interesting seeing Legolas with *elves* (not the Fellowship), and he looked a little out of place, but I do like the crown-thing :)


Your thoughts?


  1. well, i think legolas is beautiful. because that's just me. his hair, his friendship with gimli, his beastly bow and arrow skills, his perfect glossy hair, his outfit, his hair....*sigh*. okay i'm done now.
    -jocee <3

  2. So I've only watched the first one. But still love this guy. It's impossible not to love Orlando Bloom :P...the hair's kinda...blond and stuff (I like his brown hair better), but still. He's great. ;)

  3. Okay I agree that Legolas's sliding down the stairs- to use the overused word- is the coolest thing, like, ever.

    Seriously. :D

  4. OOOOOOOH!!! I LOVE HIM!! And EVERYTHING about him!!! I always have and I always will!!!

  5. I love Legolas! He is really cool and I love his friendship with Gimli. :)

  6. {jocee} - completely agreed! I had to shorten the post, because I could keep going on and on...and on... :) Legolas is just...well...anyway....

    {vivi} - I told Leia I'm ready to watch Pirates, just to see "my dear Orlando" (to quote an email I sent to Lizzy Rose the other day :D). *chuckle* But seriously, those are next on the list. Ready to see a brown-haired, pirate-y Orlando now... :)

    {hayden} - Like, totally. :)

    {arwen} - <3! And I like your name :)

  7. I like to pretend I'm Arwen sometimes (for complicated reasons :P) and if I hadn't been "Jo" on this blog, I probably would've chosen to be "Arwen" :)