Monday, October 17, 2011

my answers

Finally getting around to posting my answers for the blog party. Join the fun HERE! (it's open till the 31st)
{1} When you think of "old movies", what immediately comes to mind?
this adorable little lady. no matter how predictable, no matter how sappy, i love all the shirley temple movies :)
{2} Who's your one of you favorite film or literary heroes (or heroines) and why?
Oh, boy. I'm not sure why I chose to ask such difficult questions...I guess it's because I don't actually answer them till after I make everyone else do it *haha* As an FYI, Aragorn is my favorite hero *ever*, but since I'm doing a whole post on him at some point, I'll do someone else right now :) Actually, I'll give you one heroine, and one hero (ironically, they're both film and literary):
Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice
Despite the fact, dear Anna, that we both love Frodo....we can't always agree on everything *smile*
Elizabeth is my hands-down favorite Jane Austen heroine, and one of my favorite "historical" heroines. Lizzy and I are very much alike in more ways than you think *mysterious grin* We both have four sisters, although I am the oldest - not second (thank goodness!), we both have long dark hair, we both love to dance, we like to read, we both have personalities more like our fathers (although my mother is *nothing* -read: nothing- like Mrs. Bennett *chuckle*) and a few other things....but I'll stop here :) I. Love. Lizzy!

John Thornton from North and South
"I believe I have seen hell - and it is snow white."
Mr. Thornton - what a character. He lost his father, he worked from the bottom, he made a life for himself and his mother and sister, he struggled, he saw pain, he saw death, he found love - and nearly lost it. Depth. Love it. (click here to read more)

{3} If you could live in a movie, which one would it be and why?
Oh, right now, Lord of the Rings.
I would love to talk and dress like the LOTR characters everyday of the week - and twice on Sundays :) I love the way Aragorn and Legolas just start speaking Elvish at critical moments - too bad no one speaks Elvish 'round here :/
But sometimes I wish I lived in Star Wars, or Pride and Prejudice (dancing!!!), or Narnia, or even Pirates (though I've never seen it - their costumes are scrumptious and I've always wanted to try being a pirate for a little while :P)

{4} Music has changed a lot since 1900 - which "modern" type of music is your favorite?

{5} Any songs you'd like to share with us? (lyrics, video, etc.)
...hey, after my birthday, it's time for Christmas music. What did you say? It's too early? Oh, posh.

{6} If your life had soundtrack, what would it sound like?
A mixture of Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean with some seventies band-like stuff thrown in at odd places, oh, and lots of regency dance music - like this:

{7} When do you start counting down till your birthday? I really need to answer this? October 26th - duh! *chuckle* Actually, more like April 14th or June 11th or somewhere in between :)

{8} What makes your birthday special?
It's a day all my own - no sharing necessary! Okay, that sounds selfish, but I really do love that one day a year when I have a "me" day - I pick the meals, the activities, and whether I do school or not :)

{9} Do you ever wish you were born in a different month?

{10} pick and post five words to describe your personality - you can add a description under each if you like.
musical - i *breathe* music. i sing all day long. there is a song for everything, and i'm working on finding out what it is :)
romantic - <3
slighty crazed - had to put this in for leia...simply because it's true *wink*
happy - i'm a generally happy person, i want everyone to be happy with me. and when they aren't....i'm not. so please be happy *grin*
leader - nat-ur-uhl-ly! being a born-leader (whether you wanted to be or not) has its drawbacks, but in general, i love it!


  1. Oh, my goodness Jo! I abseloutley adore the Shirley Temple movies! They are pretty epic! Thanks for anopther fantastic blog post!

  2. It's so nice to see your answers, Jo! I see we agree on several points. If you ever feel like wearing Middle Earth-like clothing and speaking Elvish with someone - hey, I'm right here. ;)

    Have a blessed day,

  3. Rhema Marvanne is so cute...

    Oh, took almost all the words I'd use to describe myself. *sigh* :P