Friday, October 21, 2011

right now.

I'm sipping tea, reading blogs, and thinking about my week ahead.

I'm going to a square dance on Saturday.

I'm getting baptized (along with six other members of my family) on Sunday.

I have group class on Monday - first one of the year! Y'all know how much I <3 group classes :) I'm playing Chopin's Csharp minor waltz...not sure if it's ready, but it'll be alright :)

Tuesday? MY BIRTHDAY!!! And class, and driving up to MD to see the Wachters and spend the night because...

On Wednesday, Mama and I are going to Washington D.C. to see Les Miserables on STAGE!!!! Only slightly exciting, of course. I'm so stoic. You can't even tell....

On Thursday, we drive home in time for Spanish.

Friday afternoon is the start of our church's annual retreat - always such a sweet time.

Saturday - retreat all day long, with a church-wide football game :)

Sunday - Reformation Sunday, which is just neat.



That's what I'm looking at for the next eight days.

So if you don't see me around the blog for a little while - you'll know why :)


  1. Wait, you're getting baptized *this* coming Sunday??? Like in two days? So super exciting! I know you've been waiting for this for forever. Plus...guess what? KK is being baptized not this Sunday but the next. How cool is that? Anyway, very excited for you.

    See you...TUESDAY!!!

    Love ya...

  2. Square dance? Awesome!

    Have lots of fun at Les Mis!!

  3. :) I'm going to a barn dance Saturday, too!

  4. *GASP* YOU'RE PLAYING CHOPIN'S WALTZ IN C SHARP MINOR???!!!!! SWEET! I did that one a while back and it's an amazing piece!

  5. What an EPIC week you'll have! Seriously, you couldn't have a better one if it cost you a million dollars. You are blessed, girl.

    As for emailing, I'd personally love to, but my parents won't allow me for privacy reasons. I hope we can keep on commenting - super long comments are such fun to write and receive.


  6. Your getting baptized THIS Sunday? I thought it was next Sunday! What an amazing week you're going to have. :)

  7. How fun! Les Miz is awesome! I go about singing 'Do you hear the people sing'
    I haven't played the any of Chopin's waltzes but I love all music. I hope you have a ton of fun!