Friday, October 14, 2011

sixty-eight-degree happiness

song in my head: "dance of the cucumber" sung by Larry, translated by Bob
Oh. My. Word.
Today is absolutely gorgeous, so fall-ish and lovely. It's only about 68 degrees outside, so I'm wearing my new sweater jacket from Kohl's. The wind is up, and guess what:

the leaves are changing!!!

That makes me want to dance :) I love the fact that leaves *change color*. And not just any color. They turn red, orange, yellow, light brown, gold - all those wonderful autumnal shades that I love so much. Hey, they're my blog colors too - in case you didn't notice. :)

I just love fall.

You know, *thinking hard* I think I love fall more than I love Phantom and even Frodo.

That's probably a good thing.

Know what I love most?


'Cause only God could make leaves change color when and the way they do.

He doesn't have to do it either.

He chooses to.


Because He loves beauty, and He wants to bless us with beauty too.

I love that most. God blesses us, poor sinful us, because He loves us.



I took a power nap this afternoon (I know, my thought processes move quickly - do try and keep up :P), and then decided to take pictures of myself. I'd only been awake for about five minutes. 
Enjoy my expression. This is what 68 degree weather does to Southern girls. It makes us joyful, happy, random, sleepy and generally goofy. Well, at least, that's what it does to Titty and I. *grin*

Found this video this morning, and it has greatly contributed to my high spirits. I'm going to use in it my Spanish presentation next month:

"La Cancion del Pueblo" from Los Miserables
(the Spanish version of Les Miserables)

Okay folks. I'm going outside to enjoy this lovely God-given day.

One last thing before we go....

Only ELEVEN days left of being 16!


  1. It's just a little cooler up here (generally) and the leaves are a little more progressed. Us northern girls thrive in this weather as much as you southerners in your humidity :) With your love of fall, you must be northern at heart after all :D

  2. I just want to say that the fact that the Dance of the Cucumber was the song in your head just made my day. That is beyond wonderful!
    ~Lauren :)

  3. We actually had a *gorgeous* day here, too -- 70 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. ::sigh:: That's my type of weather. That's the type of weather that just inspires one to do great things, does it not? Autumn is my absolute favorite season... partly because right when it ends it's Christmas time, which means Christmas music. ♥ (That was an amazingly rambling sentence, but I'm feeling very happy/giddy right now :P)

    Les Miserables in Spanish is amazing. :)

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Lovely fall! My very best favoritest season of all. :) After our hot, Southern summer weather...changing leaves really are some of the most beautiful things on earth!!!

    Oh, yes, and some of my friends were randomly singing "Do You Hear the People Sing" earlier today (but in English :D)!

  5. I absolutely love Shirley Temple- yes there are some strange trends (ex. why in EVERY one of her movies is she either an orphan or only has one parent around??) yet she is the total epitome of old movies to me!