Tuesday, October 11, 2011

why i love the country

we can camp. without paying for a campsite. just grab some friends...

...set up tents...

...and wake up gloriously early in the middle of God's creation...

....prepare the food...

...eat well...

...freeze, since it's cold outside in late September (these are my feet, btw)... 

...chill (literally) with friends...

...run around a little...

...or a lot...

...(our new "after church sport" is soccer)...

...you have loyal dogs to guard ya...

...(I can't believe how much my puppies have grown! Remember THIS post almost exactly two years ago?)...

....lotsa little munchkins to play with...

...one can be creative with drink cups (guess whose this is? *sheepish grin* brownie points to anyone who knows what it means!)...

...and then we put out the fire...

...and it's over. 

IMHO, you can never camp too often, so maybe we can do another one before the frost sets in :) *crosses fingers*

This particular campout was about two weeks ago. It's about half the size of our normal campouts (only three other families, and all from our church), but it was still fun.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love camping, but we don't live in the country like you do.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Ah, I love camping too! These pictures look almost IDENTICAL to a camping trip I took with my friends a year ago. Even down to the soccer part. Soccer is AWESOME. :)

  3. Hmmm...I REALLY wanted brownie points but I can't think of it :P Whos is it?

  4. Soooooo much fun!!!!!
    Is you cup..........Opera Ghost????????
    Brownie points!!!!!!!!
    Great pictures!

  5. So sorry I missed it. Hopefully next time...?? ;)

  6. That looks like such fun! I love waking up early. :) "The day feels so unused..." Can you guess who said that and what book it's from?

    This is going to shock you, but... I've never been camping before. *huge gasp* Yes, yes, I know. I really wish we lived more in the country, but we don't. :/ However, we can just add "camping" to the never-ending list of things we're going to do when you, Brianna, and I *finally* meet one day. :)

    Love ya, dear! And thanks for the sweet comment on Unsinkable. ♥

    ~Elizabeth Rose~

  7. That looks like great fun.
    Unfortunately its not the kind of thing we can do easily over here in London in the UK:(

  8. That looks like a blast!

    I know Titty already said it, but I knew before I saw her comment: O.G. = Opera Ghost. What else? :0)
    So do I still get brownie points?

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    I just found your blog, and I love it!
    I followed you!
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  10. This must be a southern thing because not only have I never experienced on of these I've never even heard of anyone doing a camping/party/thing :)

    Any self respecting ALW fan knows what O.G. is..."They are both signed O.G. who the [for the sake of your readers] heck is he? OPERA GHOST!" Hehe.

    Love ya and see you on the 25th!!!

  11. Is your cup October Girl/Gal?

    What fun! I love that about the south. :)


  12. {Titty, Katy, Nana} - Brownie points!!! :) And thanks for...um...editing the song lyric, Nan :P

    {Lizzy} - !!!!

    {Bree} - good guess, and very logical!

  13. Ah, I was going to guess Out Going or Oscar the Grouch. heehee! Didn't think it would be the last one. ;)

  14. I hate you for living in the country, just so you know. :P :P Your dog is beautiful, btw. I saw your memorial post. Animals are such special gifts from God--especially dogs. :)