Friday, November 25, 2011

this makes me happy

I was just looking through some pictures from this past month or so, and found this one:
good times!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


"Let all things now living a song of thanksgiving
To God the Creator triumphantly raise
Who fashioned and made us
Protected and stayed us
Who guides us and leads to the end of our days
His banners are o'er us
His light goes before us
A pillar of fire shining forth in the night
Till shadows have vanished and darkness is banished
As forward we travel from light into light"

today, I am thankful for many things.

immediate and extended family
my family is amazing. i love how close we are, how we do so much together, how much we enjoy each others company. my parents love each other and love us. my siblings and i enjoy spending time together and doing projects and activities together. my dad's side of the family lives here in the same town and we see each other very often. my cousins are my friends. my aunts and uncles on both sides stay in touch. my grandparents love us and spoil us.

what would my life be without Jesus Christ? nothing. absolutely nothing. of all things, i am most thankful for His sacrifice so that i can live in Heaven with Him forever. Jesus died for *me*. how awe-some is that? it's incredible. thank you, Lord.

our church is one of the biggest blessings in my life. we love to fellowship together, to learn together, play together, sing together, and just enjoy each other. we love Jesus, and we love each other. Christ is the focus of our gatherings. iron sharpens iron.

i'm blessed with an incredible network of friends spanning continents, countries, states, cities and neighborhoods. i have friends in all walks of life, all ages and stages of life. i love my friends.

my life would be very dull without music. i am so thankful that God gave us this way of expressing ourselves. my life is a song - with ups and downs, crescendo and descrescendos, major and minor transitions, key changes, and lots of forte and fortissimo, piano and mezzopiano. oh, life is song!

random things
i'm thankful for food, red leaves, cold water, soft grass, beautiful animals, fluffy clouds, summer days, crisp nights, fuzzy socks, stripy sweaters, the color purple, movies (*yeah*), period costumes, and love.

i'm thankful for many, many things. and it feels good to be thankful.

¡feliz del dia de accion de gracias!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

{fall fashion: in-town day - outfit one}

"In-Town Days" are difficult when trying to decide what to wear. A "normal" In-Town Day begins very early, as we have to have the car packed (lunch, coolers, piano and school books, backpacks, eight children, etc.) all before Departure Time at 8am so we can get to piano lessons on time. Normally our piano lessons are on Thursdays, so Leia and I also have to pack for the CC since we'll be dropped off on the way home.

Since we live approximately thirty minutes (more or less) from town, quite a bit of time is in the car. Five of us take piano lessons, so while one or two are having lessons, the others run errands with Mama. More time in the car, but also time in public in stores. And then, of course, you have school remember. That's an hour and twenty minutes in a chair, and then about thirty minutes of "free time" while I wait for Leia, and then we both wait for whoever's picking us up.

That makes outfit planning hard. How to dress "up" for town, but be comfortable for up to six hours away from home? Sometimes "fashion" is sacrificed for comfort. But now that I'm in my third semester of juggling this extended In-Town Day, solutions are in sight! And since I'm pretty happy with some things I've come up with, I thought I'd share them.

Today is a little different, since we canceled our lesson last week due my pneumonia and are doing our lesson today instead. (no lessons this Thursday - or school either - because of Thanksgiving)

FYI: I hate having my picture taken. As Leia was taking these, she commented, "Photo shoots are awkward." Couldn't agree more!

scarf: nordstrom's (tyson's corner)- sweater: old navy (75% off sale yesterday!) - skirt: j. jill  - cowboy boots: bootville (christmas present three years ago) - earrings: sonya's (st. croix, usvi) 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

it has begun!

Today our local lite rock station started playing Christmas music! Of course, not really...just a "preview" all day today and all day tomorrow in preparation for *next* weekend when it starts for good.

Some people may be content just to wait until it *really* starts, just stick with Thanksgiving for now. But not *cough* yours truly....oh, no, I'm not waiting. :)

"Five---gold---rings! (ba da bum bum bum...)"

I'm wearing my Christmas socks. Cheers!

Friday, November 18, 2011

interesting facts about: pneumonia

- contrary to popular assumption, one does *not*, in *any* way, feel COLD when one has pneumonia.

- your abs get as much exercise as they do the first week or so of swim team (if you haven't swam for several months). least they feel like it.

- you cough *a lot*.....and it *hurts* mind.

- you can get pneumonia in one lung or the other, or both.

- people still frequently die of pneumonia (don't worry - I won't. That's mainly in third world countries, or among the elderly or the very young)

- On a personal level, I fell into that all elusive 1% of people taking my medication who chose to quit because of how serious the side effects were. I am not coming within a MILE of that drug for the rest of my life. Last night was the most miserable of my existence to this point.

But after night comes day! And I'm feeling *much* better at the moment. Everyone else is off galavanting or working, only Titty is hanging out with me. So we have my playlist going full blast ("Oh what a beautiful morning!" - what a song to be listening to... :D) and she's doing her science test (Apologia...everyone, let's give her our sympathy) and I'm trying to relax and stay comfortable.

I'm actually pretty much completely dehydrated. I have to fight to stay hydrated even during a normal day, just because I don't think to drink anything. I've started having my glass always full and making myself drink when I go through the kitchen, and that helps. But I'm used to the crushing headaches and emptiness that comes with being dehydrated. But being in that condition at the present moment is anything but "okay". Dad kinda hinted at the fact that if I get too "dried out" I'd have to be on IVs...zounds! I just don't want to get sick again....and my stomach doesn't seem to like water very much at the moment.

This is funny: I slept *maybe* two hours last night (that's *not* funny - no laughing!), but one during those six other sleep-less hours, there was a time when I was not getting sick and not in excruciating pain, and I was just thinking...."Wouldn't be nice to have a nice glass of tomato juice right now?" TOMATO JUICE!?!?! Good *grief*. And my next thought? "Or maybe grape juice." Oh, really, my dear? Tomato....or grape? Those are your top two?

What *is* this pneumonia DOING to me?

Listening to "The King's Birthday" from The Young Victoria. <3 that movie! I haven't seen it in months, though. Separation anxiety....*giggle*
BTW, this is post is to make *me* feel better. Which is why it's rather long and very scattered about. But it's doing it's job. Hey, I almost make being sick sound like *fun*! That takes talent. *bows deeply amidst rousing applause*

What's everyone else doing this fine, November, fall-ish Friday? Any of my college football fan friends looking forward to the second-to-last weekend of normal-season play? Any plans for the weekend?

"Friday, friday, gotta get down on Friday, Friday...." Sorry, just felt like tormenting you by trying to get that song stuck in your head. I'm listening to "Scales and Arpeggios" so I'm in no danger :P

Okay, love you all, and if you have a moment, just send up a prayer that I'll be on the mend by tomorrow. I have a weekend full of things I *really* want to be able to at least participate in - and if I have another night like last night, I'm not gonna be doin' nuffin' atall.


Yours truly,

who feels like captalizing and putting periods after her initial this morning *grin*

Thursday, November 17, 2011

another pity party

Saturday afternoon, sitting at the computer, minding my own little beeswax. Feel a flush literally creep up my face. Mama is standing by washing machine. "Mama, my face is hot." Checks it. Sure enough. Five minutes later, still there. "You have fever."

Five days, two missed church functions, endless nights of fever and coughing, endless days of exhaustion and sore stomach muscles (coughing *hurts*) later...

"Your temperature's 104." Calls doctor.

Today, missed first half of Spanish class to visit Doc. Listens to lungs for *maybe* two minutes.

"You've got pneumonia in your left lung."

Right. Awesome. Splendid. *Exactly* what I always wanted!

Prescription filled in town. At my request, Dad drops me off at CC to finish class.

Leia's class lets out ten minutes late.

Mama doesn't pick up till 3:10.

Medicine kicks in - with all the side effects listed on label. All.

Still sick, still miserable, with added pain and cramps...and on an empty stomach.

My life, friends. My life.

But I will survive! Yes! I will last this illness out. I will not die. (hopefully :P) I will not....give up. I will live with my misery until it is gone - hopefully by Monday at the latest. (Doc said end of the weekend...)

My humor has not died, but my stomach pains are excruciating. I do not feel very funny - although I am cracking myself up at the moment :)

Love you all, and don't worry about me. I'll pull through. *wink*




Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I was burdened yesterday. Heavily. Normally, that means I just don't post for a few days. But I felt that this time I should share it here - since I'd been convicted recently of not really being myself here on the blog, all y'all see is my "good", slightly crazed side....rarely my gloomy side. See, being a passionate person, you are for the most part very upbeat and running on air, but if something crops up that makes you sad - you *plunge* down into dumps. Not depression or despair (if I nursed it, that's a conceivably outcome), just deep gloom and sadness. It's a hard personality to deal with - yes, there are definitely times when I do not know myself.

But anyway.

After a long talk with Mama, and both of us giving this burden over to God, I woke up this morning free from that load. Granted, it's not over yet, but I'm no longer under the weight.

Thank you all for your sweet comments - I was encouraged to see so many friends come around me instantly. God bless y'all.

Lighter posts coming soon, I promise! I have a lot to share....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

what do you do

...when life throws you too many quick punches in a row?

...when people you love and thought you knew, change?

...when things come to light that show gaping wounds, ancient scars, and a salt shaker up-ended above them?

...when people you trusted aren't trustworthy?

...when people have two sides - one side with all the appearance of goodness, the other revealing a corrupted heart?

...when people profess to be Christians - but show anything but Christian behavior?

...when parents neglect children and teenagers who need love above all else?

...when you see people you've come to love and care about deeply wounded by other people you both love(d) and care(d) about?

...when all of the above are taking place around you to people you love and you didn't know?

...and then you learn all of it in less than two days?

what would you do?

what am i going to do?

i'll tell you:


'cause that's all that's left.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

my babies

pictures taken by mama at our across-the-street-neighbor's house.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Since today is Veterans Day, I extend my thanks to all those noble Americans who have served our country in the past and now, in war and in peace, in combat and behind the scenes. This country would not be what it is today without you.

And on a more personal level, I would like to thank my Grandpa for the thirty-two years he faithfully served the United States of America in our Navy - joining in 1952 as enlisted seaman, and retiring in 1988 with the title of Commander. Thank you for your service and for setting an example to your grandchildren of determination and patriotism.

God Bless America.
nota bene: this is my 500th post!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

amazing grace

this is one of those movies that I don't think I've mentioned all that often, which is a little strange since it's one of my favorites. I can't count the times I've seen it....I actually watched it twice when Leia and I spent the week at our neighbor's farmhouse. *sheepish grin*

William Wilberforce. A man of God. A noble man. A man who knew right from wrong, and was willing to stand up for what he believed - even if no one else agreed with him.

"why don't you ask them?"
And his friend William Pitt the Younger, aspiring political activist who was determined to harness Wilberforce's passion to conquer the major social injustices of his day.

Oh, I watch Amazing Grace when I need to be inspired. When I need to reminded of what *we* can do in God's name to change the "unchangeable".

"do it, wilber."
Random Note: For some reason, I only like to watch it when the room is completely dark - and always at night. One of those snuggle-up-on-the-couch-with-a-blanket-and-do-school movies. 

Yes, the film does tackle a sobering topic, but what a glorious picture of men uniting for a common cause under God!
"Your life is a thread. It breaks, or it doesn't break."
It's a story about young people.
"No one of our age has ever taken power."
"Which is why we're too young to realize certain things are impossible. So we will do them anyway."
It makes me laugh. Often. Amazing Grace is very quotable - and the fact that everything is spoken with a British accent just makes it better. Say "patriotism" like so: "pat-tri-ah-ti-sum" and it sounds much more legit. :)

"Something for the...uh...war effort. Patriotism and all that."
"And since when have you been interested in the war effort, patriotism, and...all that?"
"Well....I'm not."
Love the "Jacobite"....good old Thomas Clarkson. Can't you see him in the barricade beside Enjolras? (sorry.....I'm still in Les Mis world :P)

It's a love story, too. I love how Barbara believed in Wilber, was always there to back him up. She inspired him to start his work again, she held him up through his battle to overcome his addiction to opium, she was a true helpmeet.
"Yes, he will have a fine voice like you!"
It makes me cry or tear up - either one without fail. Even if I've seen it ten times. Definitely chills up my spine at the final scene.

"Noblesse oblige."
"What the bl**dy h*ll does that mean?"
"It means my nobility obliges me to recognize the virtue of an exceptional commoner."
And I always come away ready to change the world somehow.
"Remember that God made men equal!"
I love that it's a true story about a real man who had a real idea and a real goal....and he really did it. He overcame all the odds. Granted, it took a long time, but he pulled it through.

"Because after night come day."

It took courage.
"I never change."
"Well, hurrah for you."

"God has set before me two great objects."
I *highly* recommend Amazing Grace. Just be aware that it is about the slave trade, and that isn't pretty. So maybe not suitable material for those under twelve or thirteen or so. Believe me, you will not wish back the two hours you spent watching this. In fact, the time will fly. It's a true story, it really happened, and with God, all things are possible.

"When people speak of great men, they think of men like Napoleon - men of violence. Rarely do they think of peaceful men. But contrast the reception they will receive when they return home from their battles. Napoleon will arrive in pomp and in power, a man who's achieved the very summit of earthly ambition. And yet his dreams will be haunted by the oppressions of war. William Wilberforce, however, will return to his family, lay his head on his pillow, and remember: the slave trade is no more."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

we now have...

...three teenagers in the house! Yikes! Today, Titty turns thirteen years old.

the March girls: November 1998.

Outer Banks, NC (actually, it was Bald Head Island...not sure if that's in OBX or not)

Favorite picture *ever* of "Ta-ta" (her nickname 'round here). If that face doesn't make you choke with laughter I don't know what will. :P

With Grandma out at the farm (remember the cart?)

notice the dark spot above Titty's eye? Stitches. She cut her eyebrow falling on shoe shelf when she was just over a year old.

Snow bunny! xoxoxo

Titty is Something Else. Always was, still is, always will be.

Now Zuzu wears that little dress :)

Classic Titty face. Love the relaxed posture. (FYI: That's Uncle Roy with her, and Grandpa's leaning against the door)

More mess. Are we surprised? Never! *chuckle*

Sixth birthday, I believe.

I love you a *lot* Titty, m'dear. We are so much alike, share so many similar interests and likes and dislikes. I'm thrilled to be here watching you grow up, and I pray that God will continue to work on your heart and mold into the young lady He wants you to be!

Oh, my crazy, beautiful, goofy, wild Titty.

Life with you is never dull.

presentación: martes, 8 de noviembre, 2011

¡Hola! Mi presentación esta tarde es sobre mi experiencia en Washington D.C. cuando mi madre y yo fuimos allí por mi cumpleaños el mes pasado. Música es una parte muy importante de mi vida, y me gustaría muchos espectáculos de Broadway y otras tipas de música también. Pero, hasta que recientemente, no vi ningún espectáculo de Broadway, en Nueva York o otro lugar.
Pero, en veintiséis de octubre, mi madre y yo fuimos a Washington para ver el espectáculo Les Misérables en el JFK Auditorio de Los Artes. El auditorio de Kennedy es muy magnifico, con mucho carpeta roja y arañas cristales grandes. Comíamos en la cafetería que domina la ciudad. Pudimos ver muchos monumentos, el río Potomac,  unos puentes, y el plantación Arlington.
         Mientras esperamos por el espectáculo empezar,  fuimos a la tienda cerca de vestíbulo. Entonces, eran las siete en punto, y permitimos ir a nuestras sillas. El espectáculo empezó a las siete y media y continuó a las diez y media de la noche.
            Les Misérables  es un cuento romántico, pero es un poco triste y muy emocional también. Hay seis caracteres principales: Jean Valjean, Fantine, Javert, Cosette, Marius, y Eponine. Cada carácter es muy humano, con características real. El cuento es sobre la vida del Jean Valjean, y también una rebelión de los estudiantes en una universidad en Paris en 1832. Ahora se llama “La rebelión de junio.”  Lo nos enseña cerca de la vida de los pobres en el centro de Paris durante ése tiempo.
Hay muchos caracteres muy buenos en la musical, pero mis favoritos son Marius, Cosette, y Eponine. Marius es un estudiante en la universidad en el centro de Paris. Un día, él era con su amigo Enjolras en el centro, hablaban sobre una revolución querían empezar. Vio Cosette y fue una amor a primera vista. Cosette es la hija adoptada de Jean Valjean (otro carácter). Eponine es la amiga de Marius. Ambas Cosette y Eponine aman Marius, pero Marius solo ama Cosette. Por eso, Eponine canta la canción “Soló para mi” sobre su amor por Marius que él no tiene. Marius y Cosette cantan la canción “Un corazón lleno de amor” juntos.
En adición a música, me gustaría disfraces y trajes. Porque Les Miserables le ocurrió en el siglo diecinueve, la ropa de las personas es muy diferente. Los hombres llevaron chalecos y chaquetas todo al tiempo, y las mujeres llevaron vestidos con faldas largas. La traje de Eponine es un poco diferente y muy reconocido, porque incluida un sombrerito café y un abrigo trinchero.
Los canciones y la libreto de Les Miserables es muy inspirativa y fuente. Los compositores Claude-Michael Schönberg y Alain Boulbil hicieron un trabajo espectáculo. La orquestra grande consiste de veintidós personas, y casi veintisiete actores/cantadores.
Actualmente, quiero que ustedes escuchen a una canción de Les Miserables. Se llama “La Canción del Pueblos”  y la canta por los estudiantes que quieren empezar una revolución. Encontré una versión de esta canción en español, y Uds. tienen la letra enfrente de Uds.

Letra en Español
Canta el pueblo su canción, nada la puede detener
Esta es la música del pueblo y no se deja someter.
Si al latir tu corazón oyes el eco del tambor,
Es que el futuro nacerá cuando salga el sol.

¿Te unirás a nuestra causa? ¡Ven y lucha junto a mí!
Tras esta barricada hay un mañana que vivir,
Si somos esclavos o libres depende de ti

Canta el pueblo su canción, nada la puede detener
Esta es la música del pueblo y no se deja someter.
Si al latir tu corazón oyes el eco del tambor,
Es que el futuro nacerá cuando salga el sol.

Ven dispuesto a combatir, hay una lucha que ganar
Muchos hoy van a morir,
¿Estás dispuesto a derramar
Tu sangre en las calles de Francia por la libertad?

Canta el pueblo su canción, nada la puede detener
Esta es la música del pueblo y no se deja someter.
Si al latir tu corazón oyes el eco del tambor,
Es que el futuro nacerá cuando salga el sol.

I'm giving this presentation in Spanish class this afternoon - the text and pictures are ones I'm using. Pray for me! *grin* I think it will go great. I'm also using my souvenir booklet for photos of the cast - but you can see all those on the post I did on Les Mis last week.
Something else is going on in our house today - but I'll be posting abou that when I get home from school :) You get two posts in one day this time! *chuckle*