Sunday, November 20, 2011

{fall fashion: in-town day - outfit one}

"In-Town Days" are difficult when trying to decide what to wear. A "normal" In-Town Day begins very early, as we have to have the car packed (lunch, coolers, piano and school books, backpacks, eight children, etc.) all before Departure Time at 8am so we can get to piano lessons on time. Normally our piano lessons are on Thursdays, so Leia and I also have to pack for the CC since we'll be dropped off on the way home.

Since we live approximately thirty minutes (more or less) from town, quite a bit of time is in the car. Five of us take piano lessons, so while one or two are having lessons, the others run errands with Mama. More time in the car, but also time in public in stores. And then, of course, you have school remember. That's an hour and twenty minutes in a chair, and then about thirty minutes of "free time" while I wait for Leia, and then we both wait for whoever's picking us up.

That makes outfit planning hard. How to dress "up" for town, but be comfortable for up to six hours away from home? Sometimes "fashion" is sacrificed for comfort. But now that I'm in my third semester of juggling this extended In-Town Day, solutions are in sight! And since I'm pretty happy with some things I've come up with, I thought I'd share them.

Today is a little different, since we canceled our lesson last week due my pneumonia and are doing our lesson today instead. (no lessons this Thursday - or school either - because of Thanksgiving)

FYI: I hate having my picture taken. As Leia was taking these, she commented, "Photo shoots are awkward." Couldn't agree more!

scarf: nordstrom's (tyson's corner)- sweater: old navy (75% off sale yesterday!) - skirt: j. jill  - cowboy boots: bootville (christmas present three years ago) - earrings: sonya's (st. croix, usvi) 


  1. Great outfit! And I LOVE the scarf; it looks cozy but delicate and pretty all at the same time.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I really like the scarf too :) I have one just like it!

  3. Que bonita! This outfit is ah-dorable . . . did I mention I love your earrings? It looks a lot like what I wear on a regular basis -- you must have good taste. :P (Sorry, couldn't resist teasing you, especially since you're older than me, and thus have been dressing this way longer than I, rendering my comment invalid . . . okay, I'm stopping now. :))

    Love ya,

  4. Because your cute and I love your scarf. Just sayin'. :)