Friday, November 18, 2011

interesting facts about: pneumonia

- contrary to popular assumption, one does *not*, in *any* way, feel COLD when one has pneumonia.

- your abs get as much exercise as they do the first week or so of swim team (if you haven't swam for several months). least they feel like it.

- you cough *a lot*.....and it *hurts* mind.

- you can get pneumonia in one lung or the other, or both.

- people still frequently die of pneumonia (don't worry - I won't. That's mainly in third world countries, or among the elderly or the very young)

- On a personal level, I fell into that all elusive 1% of people taking my medication who chose to quit because of how serious the side effects were. I am not coming within a MILE of that drug for the rest of my life. Last night was the most miserable of my existence to this point.

But after night comes day! And I'm feeling *much* better at the moment. Everyone else is off galavanting or working, only Titty is hanging out with me. So we have my playlist going full blast ("Oh what a beautiful morning!" - what a song to be listening to... :D) and she's doing her science test (Apologia...everyone, let's give her our sympathy) and I'm trying to relax and stay comfortable.

I'm actually pretty much completely dehydrated. I have to fight to stay hydrated even during a normal day, just because I don't think to drink anything. I've started having my glass always full and making myself drink when I go through the kitchen, and that helps. But I'm used to the crushing headaches and emptiness that comes with being dehydrated. But being in that condition at the present moment is anything but "okay". Dad kinda hinted at the fact that if I get too "dried out" I'd have to be on IVs...zounds! I just don't want to get sick again....and my stomach doesn't seem to like water very much at the moment.

This is funny: I slept *maybe* two hours last night (that's *not* funny - no laughing!), but one during those six other sleep-less hours, there was a time when I was not getting sick and not in excruciating pain, and I was just thinking...."Wouldn't be nice to have a nice glass of tomato juice right now?" TOMATO JUICE!?!?! Good *grief*. And my next thought? "Or maybe grape juice." Oh, really, my dear? Tomato....or grape? Those are your top two?

What *is* this pneumonia DOING to me?

Listening to "The King's Birthday" from The Young Victoria. <3 that movie! I haven't seen it in months, though. Separation anxiety....*giggle*
BTW, this is post is to make *me* feel better. Which is why it's rather long and very scattered about. But it's doing it's job. Hey, I almost make being sick sound like *fun*! That takes talent. *bows deeply amidst rousing applause*

What's everyone else doing this fine, November, fall-ish Friday? Any of my college football fan friends looking forward to the second-to-last weekend of normal-season play? Any plans for the weekend?

"Friday, friday, gotta get down on Friday, Friday...." Sorry, just felt like tormenting you by trying to get that song stuck in your head. I'm listening to "Scales and Arpeggios" so I'm in no danger :P

Okay, love you all, and if you have a moment, just send up a prayer that I'll be on the mend by tomorrow. I have a weekend full of things I *really* want to be able to at least participate in - and if I have another night like last night, I'm not gonna be doin' nuffin' atall.


Yours truly,

who feels like captalizing and putting periods after her initial this morning *grin*


  1. Tomato juice? Yikes, Jo...I knew you were a *little* weird, but that seems kinda...drastic. :P

    GO HOOS! No, I'm not plannin' on traveling to florida to see, them, but we saw their caravan of buses getting ready to leave this morning. :)

    Get well! In other words, be a good girl and sleep a lot, take your medicine (though I don't think I've ever had to take medicine quite like that), and...get well. :)

    Lots of love from the Coulter home, <3

  2. Poor Jo! :(

    I'm definitely praying for you. On my Mom's behalf, I would like to ask if you are taking a different medication now? (She wants to make sure that you aren't one of those people who will die of pneumonia.)

    You do make being sick (almost) sound like fun. You are extremely talented. :P

    What am I doing this lovely fall day? Bombing AP Calculus test and thinking of all the school I'll have to do tomorrow to make up for the work that I didn't do today. That's almost as fun as having pneumonia.


  3. Haha, Jo! Tomato juice?! I actually like the stuff...but I got a REALLY bad cold (we're guessing it was actually the flu) back in January...and I went through a TON of orange juice the first day my illness...and normally, I HATE orange juice.Yeah...103.5-104 fevers do that to you.

    Prayin' that you feel better!

  4. Eww... Tomato juice! My goodness, what is that pneumonia doing to you? I don't even like tomatoes, let alone the juice. I like grape juice though.

    And you just had to mention that "Friday" song. My dad showed me the video for that a couple weeks ago - on a Friday, of course. I had that song stuck in my head. For. The. Rest. Of. The. Weekend. Ugh.

    You just had to mention it didn't you, Jo? ;)

    Get better soon. I'm praying. :)


  5. Oh you poor dear! I will be praying for you. And this post was very delightful to me. :) And its spring here in Australia. And I am waiting for Summer.


  6. Hey! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the pneumonia - that's not fun :( I got a really sick in Ukraine, where I couldn't breathe, and I seriously stayed awake most of the night afraid that if I went to sleep then I wouldn't be able to breathe. I hope you are going to feel MUCH better soon.

    Much Love,

  7. I am so sorry about This "pneumoniae" hope you feel better soon dear..