Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I was burdened yesterday. Heavily. Normally, that means I just don't post for a few days. But I felt that this time I should share it here - since I'd been convicted recently of not really being myself here on the blog, all y'all see is my "good", slightly crazed side....rarely my gloomy side. See, being a passionate person, you are for the most part very upbeat and running on air, but if something crops up that makes you sad - you *plunge* down into dumps. Not depression or despair (if I nursed it, that's a conceivably outcome), just deep gloom and sadness. It's a hard personality to deal with - yes, there are definitely times when I do not know myself.

But anyway.

After a long talk with Mama, and both of us giving this burden over to God, I woke up this morning free from that load. Granted, it's not over yet, but I'm no longer under the weight.

Thank you all for your sweet comments - I was encouraged to see so many friends come around me instantly. God bless y'all.

Lighter posts coming soon, I promise! I have a lot to share....


  1. I, too, am what my hubby calls a passionate person. And when I am hurting more than words can express, he sweetly reminds me that in order to feel the overwhelming joy that only a truly passionate person can experience, I must also experience the incredible sadness that comes along with it. It is a gift from the Lord best appreciated when completely embraced, for better and for worse.

    Hugs, my young friend.

  2. I definitely understand the personality - I tend to be that way myself. Most of the time I am happy and light-hearted but when something bad or hard happens, I pretty much drop. :(

    So glad your feeling emotionally better.:)

    love and many hugs,