Saturday, December 3, 2011

what a day for football

Oh, we had hopes.

We had *confidence* that the South's two biggest rivalries would both end in our favor.

Saturday, November 26th. Our chance had come: after an amazingly good season, our dashing Cavaliers had a chance to take down the Hokies in our final regular season game (due to our incredible preformance during the previous games, we're going to a bowl!).

Oh, how we hoped!

We spent three hours of our life rooting our guys on....

We were *so* proud of our defense....And we were really hoping our offense could take advantage of great field positions...

But it just wasn't our night.

Cavaliers (0) - Hokies (38)
First home shut-out since Clemson smashed us in 1984, 55-0. (That was my Mama and Dad's first football game at UVA, BTW. First game of the season, and they were first-year students)

But since our happiness is not dictated by whether our favorite football team wins or not, we moved on with life, had ice cream for dessert and then decided.... change channels and watch Clemson inspire us by beating the Gamecocks for the first time in three years. Well, that was the hope.
We were inspired. For a while. Ellington is amazing. That guy can RUN.

But, once again, our hopes were not to materialize.

Tigers (13) - Gamecocks (34)

Oh, such is life.

But the season ain't over yet. UVA has a bowl to look forward to, and Clemson heads to Charlotte to fight for the ACC title.

Against whom?

Whoever won the UVA vs. Tech game.

Ahhhh. was kinda important that we won that one. Whoever won earned the spot as winner of the Coastal Division. And then the opportunity to play for the title.

That would've been really exciting.

But, oh well.

So, today, we follow the ACC title game.
Clemson vs. Virginia Tech

And what do we say?


Virginia Tech is a *good* team. And that's an understatement. They have an amazing quarterback who can pass, run, and block. He's incredible. Hopefully they won't just win. Clemson beat them earlier in the season, so Tech's been looking forward to a re-match. Hmm.

Of course, whether the Tigers win or lose tonight, life will march on and we won't be the worse for it. But it sure is fun to get excited about something every once in a while, and hope that a team will win and get pumped up. It's just important to remember what *really* matters in life, and not get too caught up in it all.

But still.

I hope they win :)


  1. We couldn't watch the UVA game. It was awful. We got home and they were like "They lost. REALLY bad." :P Devastating.

    We're watching LSU tonight. Since they're probably our 2nd favorite least they're winning...


  2. you had your hopes high for UVA? really?
    GO VT! ;)
    LOL football is funny. =P