Monday, December 12, 2011

christmas memories // the ghost of christmas-past

Oh, stories from the past! They make us laugh, blush, cry, and remember the "good old days". I feel like sharing some of these memories with you - so get ready for a good load of stories this holiday season :)

Many years ago (could've been 2006, not sure), our extended family was gathered at our old house (in the neighborhood) to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. That evening was also our old church's Lessons and Carols service, and Leia was doing one of the Scripture readings. Before supper, Julia, Leia and I decided to try to do some kind of little play for Grandma. Being our crazy twelve-year-old audacious selves, we decided on A Christmas Carol. We had about thirty minutes to come up with it before supper.

We figured we could cover most of the parts, but of course we'd need Christopher's help. *cough* But, we also knew that Chris normally just wanted to ham it up, rather than actually help. But we cast him anyway and moved on to practicing Scene 1.

I was Scrooge, Chris was my nephew, and I believe Leia was that secretary person. Christopher was also going to be the Ghost of Christmas Future (who he called the Grim Reaper - go figure) and everyone else was various other characters (I don't remember them all).

So, it was time to run through Scene One. I sat down behind a little sewing bench, wrapped myself in a very old black dress coat, and begin to write furiously on a piece of scrap paper. At the proper moment, The Nephew entered, and said his line.

Kind of.

Instead of the "Merry Christmas, Uncle!" I *expected* to hear, my "Nephew" sauntered into the room and sang "Merry Christmas to you" to the tune of the last line of Happy Birthday. Losing all self-control, the room erupted in laughter, and I attempted to save the scene by responding "Bah, humbug" in my sternest tone that was wobbly with laughter.

Chris, feeding off the attention, replied with a dramatic look of shock and surprise, "Whoooo, baby! I'm outta here!" and sprinted off down the hallway.

At this point, we were doubled up and rolling on the floor laughing. Julia didn't think it was as funny as the rest of us did, but she was having a hard time not smiling.

Regaining control of myself, I stood up, and shouted, "Alright! We're trying that again!" Everyone got set up again, and someone cued Chris.

Looking up expectantly, wondering what *this* run-through was going to look like, I peered down the hallway.

No, the Nephew wasn't coming. A figure in a long black cape brandishing a yard-stick came sweeping down the way, growling in a deep voice, "I am the Grim Reaper....I am the Grim Reaper."

That was the end.

We never preformed that show - we haven't even tried another one since. But those thirty minutes went down in the annals of Crazy Christmas Memories, and the story gets repeated every year, funnier and funnier as time goes by. Christopher doesn't really remember it all that much, but takes our word for it :)

Christmas memories...what would we do without them?


  1. Haha...

    We used to try to do 'The Nutcracker'. So we'd make this huge paper Christmas tree (for Dad to pull up, since it's supposed to rise from the ground), and I'd be...Marie is it? I kinda forget her name. Of course, Jewel was always left with having to be the nutcracker. And every time we tried it, we always failed. Because the nutcracker would usually end up pouting. :P


  2. Hahaha! I can so picture all of you. :D

  3. Wow.....that was a long time ago.......

  4. Oh good heavens, I have so many memories of similar Christmas productions we've put on in the pasts. All are hysterical to think back on but seemed like the most important thing in the world then. Ha!