Thursday, December 1, 2011

happy december!

only 24 days till Christmas!

I feel like I owe y'all a life update to make up for my lack of interesting posts lately.

Truth is, lots has been going on, and it's been hard to stop and put thoughts into words and add pictures.

First of all, school is wrapping up! I can hardly believe this semester is almost over. It feels like yesterday that it was August and I was bouncing around the community college campus in lightweight short-sleeve tops sporting sunglasses and a dark tan, still living in the swim team world :) And now it's Christmas again. Time flies. We had Spanish oral exams today, two of my friends and I did a skit about the "Academy Awards" :) B. was the TV anchor, I was the reporter, and S. was the movie star. It was great fun. We had a "red carpet" (kitchen rug :D), S. wore glasses and a boa, and we had a microphone. Oh, the drama :)

New addition to the "farm family": a four-week old kitten we found looking very forlorn on the side of the road. The little fella had a vet visit on Tuesday and they didn't find any internal problems, and only had to treat him for mites in his ears and those nasty worms that kittens generally get. He's gained some weight, and has quite the personality. 

<<< Meet Simba

He's really Leia's kitten. She's been wanting and praying for one for a *long* time - and this was a completely unexpected answer :) 

As you can see, she likes him up a little. He's currently living in our bathroom. It took one hour to house train him, so life runs smoothly :D

Life's been throwing me some interesting situations lately. Besides the more difficult things I mentioned a little while ago, there have been some more humorous things going on. :)

I think I may have mentioned this already, but Leia, Andrew, and I took over the church's Christmas program this year, and yesterday was our second-to-last rehearsal. I think we made some great progress, and the actual things is going to be quite splendid. Titty and KEK are singing a duet solo together (sorry, inside joke :P) of "O Holy Night" with me accompanying. It sounded beautiful yesterday - their voices really sound splendid together.

Randomly: on Sunday, a dear lady at church (also one of the funniest people I know :D) offered to be my wedding planner. For free. Which is fantastic of course....but I'm not getting married anytime soon as far as I know. Did y'all know anything about that? Hm. Didn't think so.

Our Thanksgiving feast at Grandma's was marvelous, as usual. Because the FTRs weren't there (they'd come down the week before - more on that in a minute), Julia and I got to sit at the "adult" table again - always fun :) It was also our last holiday with my cousin Mark before he's off to bootcamp. Yes, he's joined the Navy! It's quite exciting, but a little sad. He'll be gone over Christmas, and we can't call him or send him a package or anything. He can write to us and we can write back...but that's really it. Nine weeks with no contact. Our family doesn't really work that way :/ Especially around Christmas time. *deep sigh*

Though, because his birthday was on the 19th *and* he leaves in just two or three days, my aunt and uncle hosted a birthday/good-bye for him on his birthday two weeks ago. Jess and Tom came down, and we took the opportunity to take a picture of the *entire* clan for the first time since the FTRs wedding (and Zuzu wasn't even born then!):
This is us! And we most of us live within thirty minutes of each other. It's a splendid life. :)

Also, someone else in the family just had a life milestone. Titty turned 13 on November 8th, and, following our family "custom", we had a Blessing Ceremony/Bat Mitzvah for her on the 13th. That actually was the second day of my pneumonia, and I didn't go to church that morning. I felt well enough in the afternoon to come in and join in the party, but that was just the beginning of it all :) Anyway. Pictures from the day:

Hard to believe how fast my little siblings are growing up!!!

Since school's been tapering off (just a week before I'm done until 1/16!!!!!), I've been doing some more "free reading". Rose in Bloom, Jane Eyre, Pride and favorites just get better as time goes by :)

And of course, with Christmas season upon us, the Advent wreath is out, Christmas music is playing 24/7 (at least in our bedroom *grin*), Christmas shopping is being planned, everyone's working on piano pieces for Christmas group class, and the decorations come out this weekend! 
"It's the most wonderful time of the year...." 




  1. Little Simba is so cute!

    Wow. A free wedding plan offer. You really oughta hold her to that, Jo. :O)

    Rose in Bloom! I really need to re-read that. Maybe over Christmas, along with the zillion other books I want to read for fun. :P

    Did I tell you that I'm playing Chopin's Walz in A Flat for my piano recital? Tomorrow. *gulp*

  2. Little Simba is absolutely darling! And I'm lovin' the ribbon too. ;)

    You are so blessed to have so many family members so close to you. My family is spread out over several states, so our time with them is limited.

    I totally know how you feel about Christmas - just knowing that it's THIS MONTH is enough to make me dance with glee.

    With love,

  3. Simba is so cute!!! Your family is Jewish? You said Titty had her Bat Mitzvah, but you celebrate Christmas?? I'm confused! :P

    I am dancing in a Christmas parade (1.4 mi.) the entire way tomorrow!!! Wish me luck!

  4. I probably mentioned this already, but Emily Bear has music for her arrangement of Silent Night! I have it and it is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Why do you always pick the pictures of me making weird faces???????
    It is not appriciated.
    But wonderful post Jo dear..........