Thursday, December 29, 2011

jolly holiday

oh, i'm having a jolly holiday! no cares in the world, just lying around the house doing diddly-squat.

sort of.

i am having a jolly holiday, i do have no cares in the world, but my "lying around" has simply extended to sleeping in until eight or nine each morning (i'm usually a five-thirty or six am riser), and i've been cooking a lot for new year's. but it's all fun stuff.

today, dad and all us kiddos went on a seven-mile hike that was rather vigorous and took all day. we got great exercise, saw some beautiful views, explored the wreck of an old plane (crashed in the 60s), and met two hikers at the little AT shelter off the path. we were all very tired and cold afterwards, and i changed into my pajama pants as soon as we got home :) *cozy*

yesterday, i talked on the phone with my dear Katy for an hour and half, since it was her birthday. oh, i can't wait to have y'all close to us again!!!!!!!

i've also been reading. the phantom of the opera exceeded all my expectations, and i felt like i was reading the "behind the scenes" of the musical - not a new story altogether, as some might think. also re-reading jane eyre, since i have my own copy now and no one can tell me not to mark it up :P just got the part when jane's walking around outside of thornfield hall and gets her first sight of mr. rochester. *shivers*

oh, and we have friends coming out for New Year's Eve, the Cavaliers' bowl game that night, another party on New Year's Day, a possible night at Grandma's next week, a high school swim meet to attend and pool friends to catch up with.....such a jolly holiday.

also, see this?
do you know what it's called?

it's called: new sewing project. definitely a jolly holiday. more info coming soon :)

are you having a jolly holiday?


  1. Aww, Merry Poppins is so much fun! Glad you're having a jolly holiday... I am too!
    In Christ,

  2. A very jolly holiday, indeed! I love Mary Poppins.
    Isn't reading wonderful? :)
    Loved talking to you, dear!

  3. This is a long shot, but the color and texture of your new sewing project look similar to a costume featuring prominintly in a movie both of have seen for the first time recently. Is it?