Saturday, December 31, 2011

last post

of 2011!

this past year has flown faster than i ever imagined it would. it's held many exciting events, as well as sad ones. i still cry, tommy. it's held a lot of firsts, and set up a path for many new adventures. i've had more emotional ups and downs this year than ever before. oh, it's been crazy - but crazy is fun.

this next year is going to be awesome.

really awesome.

i can feel it in my bones.

God, thanks for 2011. thank you for showing me what's really important in life. thank you for tommy and his testimony. help his family and all of us as we approach the one year mark. thank you for all the opportunities you've given me this year. thanks for the pool and the people i met there. help me continue to build those friendship and reach out. thank you for our wonderful church and our declaration of intent and baptisms this year. thank you for our farm, thank you for the time we got with caspian. thank you for our friends. thank you for our lives. thank you for love.
please let 2012 be just as amazing. teach us more, open our hearts, open our minds.
in Your holy Name.


  1. Happy New Year, Jo!
    I feel that too... that this next year is going to be wonderful and that God will do great things for us all! I'm so excited! Oh, I love the prayer... :)