Monday, December 26, 2011

something special

"it seems that the day holds something special/something holy, not superficial/so here's to the birthday boy who saved our lives/it's something we all try to ignore/and put a wreath up on your door/but here's something you should know that is for sure/Christmas must be something more...."
- christmas must be something more // taylor swift

for your information, i am still wearing my pajamas. yes, i am aware that it is almost bedtime again, but my pj pants are so warm and soft and brand new that i just couldn't bring myself to change. thanks leia, for the cozy gift :)

i'm also sipping a peppermint mocha - my new staple drink. four in two days. hmm. maybe not such a good idea....but all were decaf, so i will not have a headache tomorrow and thursday. (no "addiction" this time - haha.)

my poor tummy is not feeling the best at the moment - something to do with a sudden overload of sweets and food in general in a very short period of time. i think i shouldn't eat anything for about a week, just to start feeling normal again. not even thinking about maintaining weight - utterly pointless. in january. of course.

Christmas 2011 was just lovely. we celebrated with the maryland cousins on the day before Christmas Eve, and then with our in-town family on Christmas Day. lots of fun, lots of joy, lots of excitement. we missed Mark (first Christmas he's ever missed :/), but he was with us in heart and spirit, and all were pleasantly surprised when he called us in the middle of supper, using a hard-earned two minute phone call. Funny though, I thought he with us already. Hmmm. (^^see picture above ^^)

We also had Christmas on the 23rd with our cousins from out of state:

i also felt the miracle of the incarnation very strongly this year. i spent a lot of time meditating on the fact that the Holy Spirit actually worked with nature in the womb of a virgin (who was mostly likely younger than myself) to bring about the birth of God. birth of God? how amazing is that? God became man. just think about it. "fullness of God in helpless babe...." joy to the world! amen?

i think i said way back in August that i thought next summer would be the best summer of my life. i really didn't know why i said that, i just felt  it. well now, this summer seems to be shaping out to be just that. can't exactly tell you why yet, but lets just say it could involve a lovely several-week trip to new england :) plus more, of course. *excited jumping*

oh, something a little random: i spent about an hour on Christmas Eve making gift tags for presents. i'm very pleased with what i came up with. i love markers :)

and my brothers are now wearing make-up. oh joy!

okay, lovely people. i'm off to watch The Young Victoria (thanks Grandma!) and then to bed to dream away the beautiful night - because we all know that night time sharpens and heightens each sensation, and darkness stirs and wakes the imagination! *cackling*

really going now.



p.s. also got the book The Phantom of the Opera to add to my collection - been reading all day and am crazily in love with it :)


  1. Merry Christmas to the Marches! <3

    (POTC might've found it's way into our presents...*hint hint*)


  2. Wow, it sounds like y'all had a wonderful Christmas! I received several books that I can't wait to get into, including North & South and Les Miserables. I have begun the latter -- I'm about 50 or so pages into it -- and I'm loving it so far, despite the fact that it is heartbreakingly sad (yes, I did cry when Fantine left Cosette with the inkeeper and his horrid wife -- who wouldn't? "I passed a woman on the road crying as if her heart would break . . ."). I'm only hoping I'll be able to continue reading it after school starts in a few weeks; my reading time during the school year is normally occupied with required reading. :/ It's so good, though -- I'll make time. :)

    I realized the same thing myself this year, strangely enough. It's overwhelming to think that Mary could have been my age when she gave birth to the Son of God. This line in Mary Did You Know always gets me, no matter how many times I listen to it -- "when you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God . . ." He was fully God *and* fully man, at the same time. It's . . . staggering, and incomprehensible.

    I love your gift tags, especially the one with the candle. You've given me a great idea for next year. :)

    The boys are adorable in their army gear! Come to think of it, I think Ethan has those same exact boots that GoGo is wearing.

    Perhaps I should end this before it turns into a book . . . :P Hope you enjoy Young Victoria -- I love that movie. ♥

    Love ya,

  3. Merry Christmas, Jo! I'm glad that (paraphrasing) your Christmas wasn't a Christmas without any presents. :P

    Isn't Phantom amazing? I was so thrilled that the book was as good as the musical when I read it last summer.

    I have been reading and watching "chick flicks" nonstop this vacation. (I don't know if chick flicks is the proper term for books, but you get the idea. Jane Austen, L.M. Alcott, etc.) :P

    The boys look great in their army gear. I cannot believe how old they are. I still remember when Luke was born.

    I've also been thinking a lot about the miricle of the incarnation. It boggles me that the Creator of the universe wrapped himself up in human skin to save us.

    Merry Christmas, dear!

  4. Merry Christmas, Jo! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas celebration, my family and I did too. It was truly beautiful and blessed! I also got a bunch of books to read for my birthday and Christmas :), including the complete Sherlock Holmes Collection and a really fascinating series about true young women in what was the Soviet Union and the persecution they endured for following Jesus. I can't wait to get into them!!

    It is so amazing to think of God's amazing gift, that He became incarnate and dwelt among us! Imagine the awe of young Mary (yes, she must have been in her mid teens or something which is basically around my age!) and Joseph as well when they were entrusted with the care of the Son of God! We watched the movie The Nativity Story on Christmas and the wonder of it all just really hit me. I'm so thankful! Oh, recently I came upon a wonderful article by Elizabeth Elliot that I posted on my blog about Mary... It will be lovely if you could have a look at it sometime as well as my blog :).

    Many blessings in Christ,

  5. Oh, dear, I'm drinking about 8-10 shots of espresso a day. Ouch. Thank God for decaf, eh? :)

    Looks like a great all the pictures. Tell the boys they look very rugged :D

    Your tags are gorgeous...well done!

    Love ya!


    p.s. hopefully getting an email out to you within the next few days! No promises though as I'm really trying to catch up on blog design so spending a lot of time on that...