Tuesday, December 13, 2011

tuesday randomness

This not a very "themed" or even coherent post, it's more of a ramble...so think hard and try to keep up with me :D

Lots of things going on in my mind these days! The Christmas program on Sunday night was *fantastic* - it was adorable and couldn't have gone any better. Lots and *lots* of pictures to share...but I have to download them all first, so it might be a few days :)

*sniff* I'm still missing my Caspian-boy....and will for a long time, I know. It's sooo hard to say goodbye, especially that fast and unexpectedly.

Group class was last night - Christmas group class. It was a very busy day, what with ferrying people back and forth from our teacher's house to Grandma and Grandpa's, shopping in between, dashing across the street to practice our duet with Julia, and then group class itself. But it was fun, and I had a hard time winding down :)

Christmas music is so awesome. I've been listening to the radio or my iPod non-stop really since Thanksgiving. Seems like every song brings back more memories than I can handle! :)

This is silly, I know...but recently I've had this ridiculous desire to buy a fancy dress. Like, a really fancy dress. Prom-ish. But where would I wear it? And why? *sigh* I'll just content myself with trying on all the dresses at Penneys - and that's almost as fun as buying one, because you can still twirl in the mirror...and you have like twenty to try on instead of one :) Come March, you'll know where to find me *giggle* Maybe I'll convince Leia and Gab and Vivi to join me...hmmm....

I FINISHED MY ODYSSEY TONE PAPER!!! You have *no* idea how exciting that is. ONE MORE WEEK OF WRITING AND THEN I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay, just had an idea. Below is a bit of a "Dear Boys" post - but not really, since I don't like the blog that hosts it and don't feel like linking up. Haha :)


I've had a lot of "little thoughts" running around in my mind and wanted some way to "vent" them - and since my blog is an extension of my brain, I decided to up them on you. It wasn't until I started writing them out that I realized that the idea of the "Dear Boys" blog meme fit them perfectly...for obvious reasons.


Here's a peek into the crazy jumble that is my brain:

dear recruit,
i miss you!!! you can make it - don't ever give up.
thinking of you every day...
your cousin.

dear bethlehem star,
you stole the show - one of kind performance!
never to be forgotten
big hug,
the director

dear jacob,
i'm coming to a meet in January - i promise.
fist pump,
your big sister

dear phantom,
it's just a purity ring - don't get jealous
last night was awesome - we need to laugh more often.
your oldest friend

dear dad,
thanks for telling me i'm being a good daughter
it's hard sometimes, but i'm trying.
i love you more than you know

dear polar bear,
i miss you more and more everyday
it's hard to believe you're really gone.

dear scott,
this whole post is just weird.
agreed? thought so.
see you tomorrow. =)
guess who.
Free as a bird! Off I go to do something fun....


  1. Lol, yep, a fancy dress is on my Christmas wish list. :P
    And I won't need much convincing. ;)

  2. {Vivi, Gab} - Splendid! Let's plan a trying-on trip for the spring when all those fabulous prom dresses come in :D We can take the camera and makes general fools of ourselves :P

  3. ...and then we can make a slideshow and set it to some weird music....I mean, if Micah can make movies on guns, then we can make one on prom dresses!

  4. I'd love a prom dress as well. Must be a girl instinct, eh?
    Praying for you about Caspian - I know this must be hard. :(


  5. {Gab} - my thoughts exactly! We could make a pretty good movie about prom dresses...let's do that :D

    {Bree} - Oh, it's most definitely a girl instict :) Probably the same instinct that makes girls want to dress up and play princess too :D
    Thanks for praying...

  6. I might come and crash the prom-dress-trying-on-party. Unless I'm extended a late invitation. :)

  7. I love the "Dear Boys" style posts but agree with you about the hosting blog...I'll have to do my own "Dear" post sometime soon...they're just too fun :)

    Well, if you do go prom-dress-trying-on, you MUST promise to post/email or somehow share pictures!!! Sounds like just too much fun...

    Love ya lots!

    Guess who? (you get three guesses;P)